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    Visiting poet to read from 'Muscular Man' collection
If you’ve got the talent, you shouldn’t
hide it
A high school teacher gave this advice
to Terrance Hayes more than a decade
If not for that advice, Hayes probably
wouldn’t be visiting Nebraska for the first
time today to read poems from his book,
“Muscular Music,” at the Dudley Bailey
Library on the second floor of Andrews
Hayes, a 28-year-old assistant English
professor at Xavier University in
Louisiana, wrote his first poem during
high school. His writing was a secret
hobby until a teacher encouraged him to
show people his work.
“I actually didn’t decide I was a poet
until the book came out,” Hayes said.
But now, Hayes travels to different
cities twice a month to read from
“Muscular Music.”
The book was published by Tia
Chucha Press in May 1995 and has sold
1,800 copies.
“Muscular Music” is 70 pages and
includes 28 of Hayes’ poems.
People like “Pegasus" and “Boxcar” -
the first and last poems in the book, Hayes
said. But he doesn’t have a particular pref
“The most recent one that I write is
usually my favorite,” Hayes said.
Although lately he has been more
interested in older forms of writing, the
style of verse he uses depends on the
Contemporary poets Yusef
Komunyakaa and Toi Derricotte are
among Hayes’ influences. Hayes also said
he reads a lot of John Keates' work.
Hayes has been teaching composition
courses at Xavier University in New
Orleans since 1999.
Though he sometimes includes poet
ry in his courses, Hayes doesn’t require his
students to write verse.
Hayes occasionally writes prose and
essays, but poetry is his main interest, he
"I would love to be able to write fic
tion,” Hayes said, “but every time it turns
into a poem.”
He writes a lot of poetry and is good at
it, but Hayes’ real passion isn’t poetry or
even literature in general.
His real passion is art.
Though he received his bachelor’s
degree in English, he said most of his time
at Coker College was spent in painting. His
minor was in fine arts. He did the cover art
for “Muscular Music.”
Hayes is one of a series of guest writers
at the Dudley Bailey Library.
Liz Ahl, a teaching assistant with the
University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s English
department, said the department often
brings in people to read.
Ahl went to graduate school with
Hayes at the University of Pittsburgh. She
asked Hayes during a spring writing con
ference to visit UNL this fall.
“He has a great first book out,” Ahl
said. “He’s a great reader.”
Following the poetry reading at 7 p.m.,
Hayes will be available to answer ques
tions and autograph books. “Muscular
Music" will be available for $10.95.
Terrance Hayes j
—Cwhat: Poetry reading
.-Dudley Bailey
~C Where: Library on second
floor of Andrews
—Cwhen: Tonight @ 7
—CCost: Free
CD strips band of happy facade
Just when you got the thick
pop melody of “One Week” out of
your head, Barenaked Ladies are
bouncing all over MTV again in
promotion of their newest album,
It’s all back: Stephen Page’s
throaty voice, the stuttering
acoustic guitar and the endlessly
poppy vocal harmonies. The
Canadian quintet had found a
successful recipe tq^selling records
and packing stadiums around the
world, and “Maroon” contihues
the cycle with 12 new catchy,
danceable songs.
TWo years ago, the future of the
band was in jeopardy. Kevin
Hearn, the Barenaked Lady
responsible for all keyboard
tracks, missed the band’s first
arena tour of the United States
because he was being treated for
leukemia. But they say laughter
can cure all ills, and the immeas
urable happiness of the
Barenaked Ladies helped bring
about a Ml recovery.
This near-death experience
seemed to affect the last song the
band’s new album, “Tonight is the
Night I Fell Asleep at the Wheel.”
The music paints a carnival
with a minimalist calliopesque
waltz, but the lyrics deal with a
very different picture. Page sings a
portrait of a man who died in a car
crash: “I guess it’s over
now/because I’ve never seen so
much/never seen so much
The band known for its
upbeat, pointless music (and
incomprehensible lyrics) writes a
breathtaking line into the song. At
the beginning of the song, the
driver admits, “You’re the last
thing on my mind,” as if the lady
he is driving home to doesn’t
receive so much as a fleeting
But the same line is sung
repeatedly at the end of the song,
meaning that she was the last
thing the dying man was thinking
about. This subtle artistry and
sudden introspective sadness was
surprising, but it was very refresh
ing after the attack of 11 insanely
happy tunes.
I have a new appreciation for
the band. I saw members who
don’t just make faces and film
brightly-colored videos. They are
Barenaked '
-C Title: "Maroon"
-(Label: 2000 Reprise
of 4 stars
wordsmiths and artistic musi
“Maroon” is worth listening to
for the experience of discovering a
deeper side to a seemingly one
dimensional band.
ail ■
From acting to directing movies Neorasna
TORONTO - The cliche about actors is that what
they really want to do is direct But there’s little in the
way of cliches about the films directed by noted actors
playing at the Toronto International Film Festival.
The lineup for the festival that ends Saturday
includes films directed by A1 Pacino, Liv Ullmann,
Sally Field and Ed Harris. Each deals with the tribula
tions of art and performance, from Harris’ sober biog
raphy “Pollock,” about abstract painter Jackson
Pollock, to Field’s lighter look at an obsessive beauty
queen wannabe, Minnie Driver, in “Beautiful.”
Many actors have moved into directing successful
films, notably Clint Eastwood, whose "Space
Cowboys” opened last month, and Robert Redford,
whose golfing fable “The Legend of Bagger Vance"
debuts this fall. Robert Duvall’s self-financed “The
Apostle” screened at the Toronto festival in 1997 and
came away with a $5 million distribution deal.
“For some actors I know, in a sense, directing is
kind of a natural outgrowth,” Harris said. “You act in
film after film over the years, and ultimately, you real
ize it would be nice to be in control of your own des
Uiimann, veteran oi mg^nar tsergman lums sucn
as “Persona” and “Scenes from a Marriage,” directed
“Faithless.” It's a harrowing account of infidelity
based on a script by Bergman. The movie unfolds
through flashbacks as an aging writer works on a
script about a tragic love affair.
Pacino's movie “Chinese Coffee,” based on a play
Pacino starred in six years ago, recounts the uneasy
friendship of a failed writer desperate for affirmation
from a mentor (Jerry Orbach).
Harris and Pacino both star in their own films,
while Field and Ullmann stayed behind the cameras.
Field, making her feature-film directing debut
after previously directing the TV movie “The
Christmas Tree” and an episode of “From the Earth to
the Moon,” said she might act in something she
directs in the future.
“Not now, though,” Field said. “It’s too difficult a
task, this directing task. I don’t know if somewhere
down the line I might feel more comfortable with
directing and figure out how to do it, but right now I
can’t imagine it
“I can’t imagine how the actors who have done it
are capable of doing that,” she said.
Harris had not directed before. He originally
planned only to star in “Pollock,” a project he has tried
to get on film for nearly 10 years. About a year before
shooting started, Harris decided to direct it He said he
had personal attachment to the film and a sense for
how he wanted it made.
“The big reason was, I realized that I didn’t want to
share whatever vision I had. I would be hard pressed
to say what that vision was at the time, but I knew I
had my own thoughts about it” Harris said. “I needed
to find out and have the freedom to explore that on my
“Faithless” is the fourth film directed by Ullmann.
It’s her second based on a Bergman script. Ullmann
said she has given up acting altogether, partly because
good roles for older women are scarce.
"There’s not that many good directors, nor scripts,
and the few that are don’t necessarily come my way,"
Ullmann said. “That has to do with age. They make
very little interesting for older women, and I don’t
want to be pathetic and do pathetic things, because
I’ve had such a wonderful life in acting.”
When she started directing in the early 1990s,
Ullmann said, “The first week, I thought, ‘Oh, my God,
I know this is what I can do.’ This gives me so much
more pleasure. To make the frame and have all the
best talent in the world filming with me. It gives me as
much pleasure to give the actors the trust and the
framework, the scenery, whatever they want and see
that blossom.”
For Pacino, directing is a matter of discovering
small projects outside the big-budget studio system,
films where he feels he has some personal statement
to make. Such films fit his directing skills, which he
describes as modest, movies that are cinematic equiv
alents to off-off-Broadway productions, Pacino said.
“I have had the opportunity and luck to work with
some masters,” Pacino said. He previously directed
the documentary “Looking for Richard,” a contempo
rary examination of Shakespeare’s “Richard III.”
“I just don’t feel near that or in their league at all....
I feel like a novice. I don’t feel it’s my talent,” he said.
What he has discovered about his directing skills,
Pacino joked, is "that I should stay away from it."
acclaim as a novelist and a pho
Other programs include
“ Willa Cather and Quilts” and
“Reading Neihardt Accompanied
by Guitar.”
Although the literature festi
val is open to the public, Riedesel
and Connor encouraged students
to take part and learn about
Nebraska authors in a manner
"outside of the usual academic
“I don’t think it's like anything
students would normally see.
People are there for the sheer joy
of talking and hearing about
Nebraska authors,” she said.
Connor added that there are
also programs about book
designing and writing workshops.
“There are things for students,
teachers and the general public,”
she said.
Your blood plasma donations
are urgently needed by
hemophiliacs, bum victims,
surgery patients & many more!
Call or stop by:
Nabi Biomedical Center,
300 S. 17* Street Lincoln
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Missouri native is
'on the upswing'
RAGLAND from 8
can’t help but be excited about having Ragland back after she rocked
the house during her St. Patrick’s Day visit.
“She’s the only act we’ve ever had where I think everyone in the
bar was screaming for an encore,” Reagan said. “She had to come out
and do two encores.”
The St. Louis native has already gained a following with her home
She is No. 1 in the charts in Missouri on, with
her most popular songs being “People You Know” and “Peace in the
Water,” a song that received play on the popular W.B. television series
“Dawson’s Creek."
“I write all my stuff. It’s about my life,” Ragland said.
She’s opened for several top acts, including Barenaked Ladies and
Sixpence None the Richer. She also sang on the Lilith Fair tour.
And if her success in Lincoln is any indication, Ragland, who
plays acoustic guitar, and her four-person band are on the upswing.
“I love traveling around and promoting regionally. Word of mouth
is always the best way. Lincoln is one of my favorite places to come,”
she said.
Reagan sees no reason why Ragland couldn’t make it big and no
reason why she won’t attract at least 200 people on Friday night.
“Of all the bands we’ve had here, Grasshopper Takeover rocked
the place, but Robynn ranks right up there.” Reagan said.
Word of mouth is spreading. She’s doing mama proud.
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