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    Slack no more: UNL gives boot to online notes
NOTES from pagel
The Web site has a disclaimer
that says the notes listed are not
the professor’s notes.
They are not to be used as a
substitute for attending lectures,
the site says.While some teachers
were unaware students in their
classes were making a profit, oth
ers were upset by the practice.
History Professor Gary
Moulton said he had a student
taking notes for his History 202
class last year on
Moulton said he asked the
student to identify himself or
herself, but he or she wouldn’t.
The notes the student posted
were full of factual and spelling
errors, Moulton said.
“I told my class to go ahead
and look at the notes but to not
take that as the gospel,” Moulton
said. “I would advise students to
be careful about these (online)
Moulton said his lectures
were his intellectual property,
and he would have liked it if
somebody had asked him if he
wanted to share in the profits.
“(Selling notes) is a commer
cial operation,” Moulton said.
“And nobody paid me.”
He likely would have cooper
ated with the student had he or
she approached him about it
beforehand, Moulton said. That
way, the facts could have been
Janice Lawrence, an associ
ate accounting professor, said
she did not agree with online
note-taking services and said she
hoped none of her students were
participating in the online trade.
A Web site check of studen, showed a student did
take notes for Lawrence’s class in
the 2000 spring semester. The
note-taker received a top score of
five stars for the quality of his or
her notes.
Lawrence said it was crucial
for students to attend class.
Online notes make it easier for
students to skip, she said.
“There’s value added from
being in class,” Lawrence said. “I
don’t want someone to take
notes for a fee and then let
another student think they can
get the same thing without com
ing to class.”
Lawrence does everything
she can to help her students out
side of class, she said.
There are copies of her notes,
study guides and past exams in
Love Library because she wants
students to have resources avail
At the same time, it’s impor
tant for students to attend class
and take part in the critical think
ing exercises they do there, she
“ (Teachers) know what we
want the students to learn, and
hopefully there’s some value in
“Unless / can consent to it being on the Web,
then it shouldn’t be there.
Emily Greenwald
history and ethnic studies professor
us giving it to them," Lawrence
Assistant history and ethnic
studies professor Emily
Greenwald had a student taking
notes for one of her classes last
year, as well.
She said students should not
be able to post lecture notes on
the Web without consent from
the professor first.
Greenwald was never asked
by the student and eventually
contacted herself
and asked that her page be taken
down. complied, she
"This is material that I have
put together and developed
myself," Greenwald said.
"Unless I can consent to it
being on the Web, then it should
n’t be there. My intellectual
property rights had been violat
Waterloo Regent Nancy
O’Brien agreed that students'
selling notes to an online compa
ny violated the right to intellectu
al property of a professor.
“The basic feeling is that
intellectual property belongs to
the university and to professors,”
O’Brien said.
"It does not belong to stu
dents, and students should not
sell it for money.”
VEDRAL from pagel
"She never indicated that she
didn’t want sex,” Vedral testified.
On cross-examination, prose
cutors tried to shake Vedral by ‘
quizzing him on his account, but
he did not falter.
Later in the afternoon a med
ical expert, Sanat Roy, challenged
the idea the woman could have
awoken to find Vedral already
having sex with her.
Roy, a psychiatrist who spe
cializes in sex offenders, said it
would not be possible for a
healthy, 21-year-old, sexually
active woman to be penetrated
sexually without waking up.
“ (There must be) lubrication *
and cooperation or else it would I
not be possible,” Roy said.
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