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Parking and Transit Services
is surveying students this
semester about their use of the
city bus service.
Instead of giving every park
ing-permit holder a bus pass,
parking services is requiring
people to ask for the passes.
The parking office will con
duct a survey in the fall with stu
dents who use the free StarTran
bus passes provided by the uni
versity, said Tad McDowell,
director of Parking and Transit
The survey will ask bus pass
users to rate the bus system and
provide information about how
often they use the service, he
University officials want to
know how many students use
the bus system to get to campus
instead of driving, McDowell
McDowell said he estimated
the bus system prevents about
400 to 500 cars from cluttering
campus streets each day.
“We want to determine
where enhancements and
changes should be made,”
McDowell said.
To conduct the bus survey,
university officials are asking
students and faculty members
who want StarTran bus passes
to call Parking and Transit
Services to request the passes,
McDowell said.
Last year, Parking Services
distributed bus passes to every
student who purchased parking
permits, he said.
Three thousand students
and faculty members have
requested bus passes so far this
fall, he said.
When users pick up their
passes, Parking Services puts
“We want to determine where enhancements
and changes should be made."
Tad McDowell
director of UNL Parking and Transit Services
them on a survey mailing list,
McDowell said.
In November, bus pass hold
ers will receive a brief mail
questionnaire asking about the
bus system, he said.
“We strongly urge everyone
to please fill it out so we can
improve services,” McDowell
StarTran began providing
bus services for students with
free bus passes from UNL five
years ago, said Larry Worth, a
StarTran transit manager.
Last year, StarTran provided
390,000 rides for people from
the university, said Jan Bolin, an
accountant for StarTran.
In addition to evaluating the
bus system, parking and transit
services is also trying to
improve campus parking and
traffic by building a new park
ing garage, McDowell said.
The university is beginning
work on a parking garage with
over 1700 stalls at 17th and Vine
streets, he said.
Twelve hundred stalls will
be built by Aug. 1,2001, and the
500 remaining stalls will be
complete on Oct. 1,2001.
“Parking and transit is tak
ing a hard look at its programs,
the financing of its programs
and permit fees,” McDowell
Cadet earns prestigious ROTC award
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at MDS Harris and help in the development
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Last year, Katherine Rush
watched in admiration as Rich
Waters became the first UNL
cadet honored with the Legion
of Valor Bronze Cross.
On Thursday, others
admired Rush in the same way.
Rush, an Air Force Reserve
Officer Training Corps Cadet at
the University of Nebraska
Lincoln, received the Legion of
Valor Bronze Cross for
Maj. Tammy Lundborg of
the Air Force ROTC stressed the
importance of the award.
Lundborg said it is the sec
ond highest-ranking award in
the nation given each year to
four superior leaders with out
standing academic achieve
Col. William MacElhaney,
commander of UNL’s attach
ment, made the surprise
announcement Thursday dur
ing the beginning of the weekly
leadership lab in the Military
and Naval Science building.
Rush said the award hon
ored the program.
“It is not only a reflection on
me, but on an attachment of the
UNL program,” Rush said.
Waters and Rush are the first
two recipients of this award
from UNL.
“I was fairly excited to
receive this award because I
thought Waters’ award last year
was something really great,”
Rush said. “Now I am proud to
be recognized for the same.”
The award is given out by
the Legion of Valor organiza
tion, which is made up of recip
ients of the Medal of Honor, the
Distinguished Service Cross,
the Air Force Cross and the Navy
Founded in 1890, the organ
ization has given out awards
annually to high school and col
lege cadets in the Navy and Air
Force programs.
Cadets eligible for the award
must be in the top 10 percent of
their ROTC program and uni
versity department courses.
Rush is a four-year Air Force
ROTC scholarship winner and
senior math major at UNL.
She holds the No.l leader
ship position in the cadet corps,
is president of Alpha Delta Pi
Sorority and is president of the
University Honors Program.
Rush recently returned
from Tyndall Air Force Base in
Florida where she was selected
to train other cadets during a
summer field-training pro
Rush said she credits her
attitude and work ethic for her
“I am always willing to give
my all,” Rush said. “I try to be
involved in everything and
give 100 percent dedication.”
There are no definite plans
for Rush in the future, she
said, but she does expect to
graduate in December 2001.
“I want to have some
career in the Air Force - a posi
tion in acquisitions, intelli
gence or public affairs,” she
said. “I now have a real desire
to serve.”
Lincoln man charged in recent stabbing death
■Judge alleges tnat Charles
Eagleboy did not premeditate
murder but is still responsible.
A Lancaster County Court
judge set a $500,000 cash bond
Friday for the man charged with
second-degree murder in last
week’s stabbing death.
After reviewing evidence from
the early Wednesday morning
stabbing, county attorneys allege
that Charles Eagleboy, 24, did not
plan to kill Jason Daniels before
the fight broke out but did so
On Friday, Eagleboy was
charged with second-degree mur
der and the use of a weapon to
commit a felony
The murder charge carries a
penalty of 20 years to life in prison,
and the weapons charge carries a
maximum penalty of one to 20
V x
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years in prison and a $25,000 fine.
A public defender was
appointed to defend Eagleboy,
who told the judge he had been
working odd jobs a few hours a
week since his Aug. 11 release
from prison. x
Daniels, 29, was found outside
908 N. Eighth St. last Wednesday at
4 a.m. by police, who had received
reports of a stabbing.
Preliminary autopsy results
show that Daniels died from loss
of blood from a stab wound in the
chest, according to Lancaster
County Attorney Gary Lacey and
documents filed in court.
Court documents filed after
Eagleboy’s arrest detail the events
leading up to the fatal fight:
Witnesses told police that
Daniels had insulted several peo
ple at the party and was asked to
On the porch outside the
home, Daniels hit two men before
he and Eagleboy started fighting.
Witness accounts differ on the
details of the fight At some point,
Eagleboy pulled a knife taken
from the home and stabbed
Eagleboy threw the knife away
to the south and ran. Police found
him with blood on his hands and
shirt two blocks away from the
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