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plays host
to Huskers
Some sporting events are so
huge you need to watch them
with 14,000 of your closest
Such is the case with the
Nebraska-Notre Dame football
game Sept 9.
Athletic Director Bill Byrne
announced Tuesday that fans
will be allowed to watch the 1:30
p.m. Notre Dame game on the
HuskerVision screens inside the
Bob Devaney Sports Center,
rhere will be no charge for
Byrne said events like this
have been in demand.
"Ever since we installed the
big screen replay boards at the
Devaney Center, many fans
bave been asking for an oppor
tunity to watch a game together
with other Husker fens,” Byrne
said. "We like to think of it as an
extension of the knothole sec
The knothole section was
the common name for the
bleachers behind the end
zones, which were of minimal
cost to spectators.
The doors to the Devaney
Center will open at noon for
first-come, first-served seating
for the telecast. The broadcast
will be a live feed of the nation
ally televised game from
Omaha’s NBC affiliate WOWT. It
will also feature pre- and post
game shows hosted by WOWT
news director Dave Webber.
Fans will be able to purchase
food, drink and souvenirs dur
ing the event, and free parking
will be available on the state
Proceeds beyond staff and
facility costs will be donated to
the Husker Athletics Fund.
5ALTP06S from page 10
cot name '‘Saltdogs” defeated the
“Prairie Rre* and the “Larks."'Ihe
three finalists were chosen by a
vote of Lincoln residents. Meyer
also unveiled the name of die
new ballpark that will play host to
the Saltdogs and the University of
Nebraska men’s baseball team
Haymarket Park, which has
been under construction since
May, is expected to be ready for
the2001 spring season.
The 6,000 plus-seating stadi
um will be located at 6th and
Charleston, within walking dis
tance from the Haymarket and
Memorial Stadium
New coaches
ready to win
ISSKTANTSfrom page 10
to be great, a chance to go to the
Final Four right away,* Skinner
The journey to such goals
begins on Friday night, when the
Cornhuskers open at home
under a new regime against
Northwestern University.
Wolfe is just glad the noisy
NU Coliseum fans in red are
behind her these days.
“These fans are the best. It
was so fun to play here, to coach
here on the other side of the
ball* Wolfe said.
“And now to be on this side of
the ball with Nebraska, and have
the fans behind you.... I can't
Rituals mentally charge-up Huskers
RITUALS from page 10
hotel before every home game.
Walker said staying in a hotel
was a big advantage.
"It keeps us off our feet and
keeps outside distractions
away,” he said.
Once 6:30 a.m. on Saturday
rolls around, Stark said he had
certain expectations of the play
“If you eat the same food,
shave the same way and even
the little tiny things get your
mind ready and prepared,”
Walker said. “It is critical.”
Crouch said visualization
was a big part of his preparation.
Repeatedly thinking about what
he will do in the game actually
makes it easier to do.
“It’s kind of like a pass or an
option pitch,” said Crouch, who
would drive himself to games in
high school to get in a game
Most of the players inter
viewed said they had a certain
routine they followed once they
received a wake-up call at the
Volk said he immediately
jumps in the shower after awak
He then goes to chapel with
other players and heads off to
eat breakfast. If he has time, he
will go back up to his room and
Some like it quiet; some like
it loud. Walker said he prefers a
quiet environment
“I like to visualize things I
am going to do on the field,” he
said. “You just have to focus
mainly on what you have to get
done as an individual.”
NU’s starting quarterback
prefers not to be in solitary con
The junior said he doesn’t
mind kicking back in his room
to the complimentary hotel
Reading gives Crouch an
alternative to what most players
do prior to game time - strap on
the head phones and get
pumped up.
The various types of music
known to be blasting over head
phones across the locker room
Brown said he listens to
everything from country to
Guns N’ Roses, while Volk said
heavy metal such as Deftones
was on his list. Russ Hochstein
said AC/DC was his choice.
"A lot of guys put the head
phones on and don’t blink
because they are focusing so
hard,” Brown said.
Most of the players use the
music to get psyched up, but
linebacker Carlos Polk uses it for
the opposite affect
"Most players like listening
to something heavy,” he said.
"But I am usually wound up so
much that I listen to rhythm and
blues to wind me down a bit”
The middle linebacker
becomes so in tune with the
game he begins to break down
plays in games he watches
before kickoff, he said. *
Hochstein said the coaches
try their best to make sure that
no players get over-hyped on a
game. Stark’s plan is also
devised with those same goals
in mind.
fatigued on a normal
day. But on a game
day, you wake up and
feel pretty dam
Erk Crouch
NU quarterback
"They should be able to
block everything off and it
should come down to a V with
them being mentally ready,”
said Stark, who is in his 13th sea
son as the team psychologist
No players interviewed
revealed any strange quirks
about any of their teammates -
something Hochstein was
thankful for.
"I don't think we have any
body that spits in each others
mouth before a game like they
used to,” he said. "Or anybody
that throws up. I don’t think we
have anybody like that any
Even without fluids leaving
their bodies, the players admit
waking up on a game day is
heads above rolling out of bed
for a 8:00 a.m. political science
"You know you got to go out
and play,” Crouch said. "I nor
mally feel fatigued on a normal
day. But on a game day, you
waike up and feel pretty darn
"I don't know what it’s from.
It is probably from some of the
chemicals. But you do have a lit
tle extra bounce in your step.”
Miami back makes
hard-running return
MIAMI — After almost a
year of watching, waiting and
working out, Najeh Davenport
unleashed most of his frustra
tion on his teammates.
He also saved some for the
McNeese State Cowboys.
Davenport, a Miami
Hurricanes running back who
missed the majority of last sea
son with a knee injury, ran
roughshod over the defense in
fall practice.
Tough to catch and even
tougher to tackle, Davenport
showed the No. 5 Hurricanes
what they missed while he
recovered from a tom ligament
in his right knee.
"It’s like you’re standing on
the tracks and he’s the train ?
and it’s coming. There’s nothing
you can do to stop him,” safety
A1 Blades said. "When he’s back
there, you’re just hoping for a
pass play.”
McNeese State won’t be so
lucky. The Hurricanes plan to
get Davenport — a 6-foot-2,
248-pound junior who ran the
40-yard dash in 4.34 seconds
this summer — plenty of play
ing time in tonight’s season
opener against the Division I
AA Cowboys.
"I want him to have success.
It’s important for him psycho
logically and emotionally,”
Miami Coach Butch Davis said.
"He’s been romping and
stomping in practice. But once
he gets in the game, gets hit and
gets tackled and gets this game
behind him, he’s going be fine.”
Davenport carried 13 times
for 83 yards before injuring his
knee late in the fourth quarter of
last year’s opener against Ohio
State. He missed the rest of the
season and did not participate
in full-contact drills during
spring practice.
In die meantime, Davenport
added 15 pounds, lowered his
body fat and increased his
strength and speed.
He did it all while counting
down the days until the season
"I thought about it every
day,” said Davenport, who led
the Hurricanes with a 7.0 yards
per-carry average in 1998.
"It’s a hunger inside of me
that grew and it’s still growing.
Thinking about playing kept me
”1 think my first snap the
defense will have to be scared
because I’m going to unload all
this frustration from the last
Davenport rushed for 387
yards on 55 carries as a fresh
man, playing behind Edgerrin
James and James Jackson.
He will share time again this
season with Jackson, Clinton
Portis and Jarrett Payton.
"When they get their shot,
they better be ready,” Running
backs Coach Don Soldinger
said. "It’s just like coming out of
the bullpen or off the bench.
They better get the strikeout or
hit the home run when they’re
in there. They have to make
their reps count”
That shouldn’t be too diffi
cult against McNeese State,
which finished 6-5 last season
and is playing its first Division I
A team since 1990. The
Hurricanes have outscored its
last five Division I-AA oppo
nents 280-29.
"We understand that coach
Davis and his staff have done a
great job of getting the program
back to competing for national
championships every year,” said
first-year McNeese State Coach
Tommy Tate, who replaced
Bruchhaus after Bruchhaus
resigned in June following an
investigation that he gambled
on professional football
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SW1NEY from page 10
sophomore left cornerback
Craver's direction, thanks to
Graver’s inexperience.
Craver took the fire and fin
ished the season a respected
veteran. Now, teams are expect
ed to throw away from him and
in Swiney's direction.
“He’s ready to play great
football,” Coach Frank Solich
said. ”Ihams can pick on him all
they want, but I think he’s going
to surprise them.”
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