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    Financial planners, Web site managers top list of best, worst jobs
SANTA ANA. CaB£—Looking
for a good job? Manage money
instead Of mnHwm
Low stress, high income and
plenty of time Off puts financial
planners at the top of the list of the
best and worst jobs in the country,
according to the latest edition of
“Jobs Rated Almanac **
Web site managers, at the top
ofthe list a year ago, dropped only
a notch to No. 2. Financial plan
ners were No. 17 last year.
“So many people have
become Web site managers,
there’s a glut in the market,”
author Les Krantz said
“When jobs get hot they even
tually get too hot and have to
Using data from the U.S.
Department of Labor, trade
groups and telephone surveys, the
book due out this weekend, ranks
250 jobs according to six criteria:
income, stress, physical demands,
potential growth, job security and
work environment
Some high profile jobs, such as
race car difon (No. 188) and pres
ident of the United States (No.
167), were deemed less desirable.
"What will surprise most peo
ple is that the jobs they always
aspired to - movie stars and ath
letic stars - aren’t the best jobs.
They have little job security and a
high level of stress,” Krantz said.
For those thinking of becom
ing teachers (No. 119) and police
officers (No. 200), the book offers
this message: Low pay, high stress
and less than desirable working
The worst-ranked were man
ual labor job6 in traditionally trou
bled fields, with lumberjacks, oil
field roustabouts and fisherman
at the bottom
But don't tell that to Mickey
Rose of Eugene, Ore., who spent
nearly 50 years as a lumberjack
(No. 248).
"1 was bom and raised in a log
ging campt and I had to go to work
at 13,” he said. "We used to say, ‘If
you wasn’t a logger, you weren’t
Rose, 89, credits the desire for
"those desk-type jobs” with a
change in work ethic.
"People used to go out and
work hard to support their fami
lies. Now they look for the (least
amount) of work they can,* he
Fisherman David Greenly of
Portland, Maine, agrees his job
coukl be the least desirable in the
“You have to have a lot of
stamina to do the job. It's hard
work and it's dangerous,’’ he said,
“ybu dont fish unless you love it"
job satisfaction seems to be in
the eye of the beholder
Financial planner Peggy They
of Wheaton, 111., says part of the
reason her job is in demand is
because of the impending retire
ment of baby boomers. m
“They need expert advice,
she said. "Ifwe can help our dients
earn, for example, an extra 1 or 2
percent a year their nest egg can
grow substantially faster”
The book is intended as a
guide for people considering
career changes or wanting to
know more about specific jobs,
"The moral of the story is that
not every job is what it seems,” be
M G* B (402)472-2588 $5.25/15 words
m RVX: (402) 472-1761 $3.50/15 words (students)
B BB™B B^% $0.15 each additional word
I $0.75 billing charge
' $0.75/line headline
_____Deadline: 4 pan. weekday prior
AM 2000 Models On SALE
. Ttok
Cycle Works. 27to A VfeW,4784*83 800084-2345.
Fui and Quean alza mattraaa eats. New and In
plastic. Never used. 10 years warranty. Ratal tor
•430 and 8830. Sal tor 5186 tor the FtM, Quean
COOL Mexican Blankets
>12.95 + SAH. Perfect for dorm rooms or
apartments. Visit or
cal 818831-7914. Go Bg Radi
I lost 40fbe in two months, 100% natural guar
anfaad. Cal 1-986-683-8289
Parking >50 par school year, two blocks North of
stadtom, cal Dan at 477-3552.
6 Nobs Dama vs. Nebraska ttokata tor sale. On
goal Ins. 9200 minimum o6w par tfckat Beat of
tor accepted. Emal
Pour ttokata to sal for the Nebraska Nobs Oama
gama on the thirty yard Una. $1000 each. Cal
Cosmo at (219)2771-675.
Naad 10 tickets (preferably saatsd together) to
Baytar Gams on October 2T. 512-284-0456.
Naad 2 football ttokata to Missouri, Baylor or
Kansas. 9% worth tha cat (202) 237-6822.
Need a place to staytor NO/MJ game?
Notra Dama apartment lor rant TWo mfles from
stadium, parting pass Included. Sleeps 5, fun
Mlohan and balhroom. Jkn (219) 243-07$1.
Nnd ona student ticket for Ionmi oama on Sap
tambar 23. Ca9 994-2393.
neeoea. c tooid&ii tiCKeis roc game on oeptem
bar 23 and September 30. Cal4B8 0430 ask tor
TWo great Notra Dama football tickets! Lower
lever 15-yard line. Sand offer to
1990 Jaap Cherokee Laredo. 4wd, auto, VB,
4.0L, Rad, Power Windows. Good Condition
1991 Mitsubishi Mirage 96K, auto, AC,
moonroof. (tone groat $3000 obo. 421-7062.
‘88 Toyota Corolla DLX. 4-door, auto, A/C,
aulas. Rune ysat $2400 OBO. 467-3142.
‘92 Ford Escort. 4-door hatchback, light blue,
AM/FM with caaaatta. Good school car. $2500
or beat oftor. 438-9407.
j t
Loae weight toal groaL and gat fit now. Cal to!
Natural Herbal
Breast Enlaraamant
Safa, affective, and afforoabie. Please visit, 1-686-603-9800. Disbtbu
torrtips ateo available.
Tutor needed to assist high school Junior with
Algebra II, TMg and Chemleby. Protor same tutor
tor both subjects, but can be flexible. Cal Mary
471-0307 (work) or 467-2404 (home).
Auto Accidents A DWI
Other criminal matters, cell Sanford Pollack,
15 year experienced elementary teacher hae
openlnjjiMrMi^daj^greechool. If Interested call
For el you’ Insurance needs: auto, home, health,
Ufa and business, cal Jim Walace at American
Famly Inauranoe, 1340 L St. Uncoln. NE 6860B
or cal 402-474-6077.
Pregnancy Test
nvnpR o a connoemiai neiping nana. riease
call for appointment or more information,
463-2608. Check out our website
urn HkkPW
3 roommates needed for South Lincoln home.
M/S M/P. Cdi 327-0706 for more information.
Seeking mele/femele roommate to share nice 3
bedroom apartment in SW Uncoln. $235 per
month and1/3uMMes. Cel 477-6354.
Hey! Share answer furnished two bedroom
home. Has washer/dryer and is one mis front ei
ther campus. $265/month call Dave at
Lost roommate. Looking for college student or
young professional guy to share our half of du
plex. Residential area. 2-car gangs, laundry. 5
minutes for UNL $275 ♦ utilities. Cal Brian or
Kenton at 474-6267 or our Iwtdtord at 474-4674
for appointment
Male to shen 3 bedroom, newer home in SE
Uncoln, Includes room and board and many
extras. 10 minutes from campus, on bus and
bike trail. AvakabisNOWI Cal 421-0677 tor de
taka. Leave msssage.
Seeking roomete, female, non-smoking. $225
per monh.CM 477-6881.
Sleeping study room, N/S femele, free ceble,
utilities, your own phone line $170
2 bedroom houee cloee to both campuess. Re
cently renovated. Off-street parking. Dapoait,
$350, rent $625. Available September 1.
1615 N 64th. 3/4 bedroom, 1/5 bathrooms. CA.
NP. $825 pius deposit 483-4887 or 480-7803.
4700 South t Immaculate 2/3 bedrooms, c/a,
flntahed beaamant, garage. $650+deposiL refer
ences, no pets. 483-4887
Large 4+2 bedroom. 3 bath. Central air, dish
washer, porch. 836 & 12th. $066.450-1013.
Three and four bedrooms near stadium. Central
air. Washer/dryer included. Lawn mowed.
4 bedroom, 2 bath, 1 car garage. Brand new,
does to campus. $840, no smoking, no pets.
Call Julian, 432-7030 or Rembolt Homes,
NEW) 3438 A, 3 bedroom, 2 bath, W/D. C/A,
DZW, DBL Pangs. Cal HIP at (402)465-8811.
Cloee to oraue, nice, 3 badtoom, 3 baft, garage,
W/D. at appktnose, $785. HP, 466-8811.
Nice 2 bedroom duplex, 527 South 47th. Central
air, washer/dryer hookups, kitchen appliances,
dryer, quiet neighborhood, $525/month plus
gas. electric 6 deposit. 485-4851 leave a mes
Walk to campus. Large, remodeled 2 bedroom.
Washer, dryer, central air, off street parking.
$625.2410 vine, 432-5478.
Walk to campus. Large, remodeled 1 bedroom.
Washer, dryer, central air, off street parking.
$425.2410 Vina 432-6476.
I Alpha Gamma Nu Fraternity is looking for
a graduate student to serve as an in-house
advisor. Benefits include free room and board
(a single room at no cost and all meals).
Apartment style rooms are available which
include 2 bedrooms, a living room and a
bathroom with bath and shower. Other
financial opportunities may be discussed.
Interested candidates should submit a cover
letter and or/resume A.S.A.P to:
Paul Woodward, President
3248 Starr St.
Lincoln, NE 68503
Close to City Campus
Water. Hast, aria Gas Paid
AvaNable now. Cal 477-4480.
1 badroom basement apartment, partly fur
nished. own entrance residential neighborhood
$250/mo plua 2 hours a week yard work,
t Badroom, 2338 E St., mostly graduate stu
dents, all new paint, appliances, microwave,
oafling tana. Raaarved parking, no amoMng^pata.
$395. Cal 432-3686.
2 badroom fumiahad. Clean, doaa to UNL. Can
tral/air, laundry. $400.831 G. 435-0806 after
Two 2-bedroom condos for rant In historic Hay
ward Place. Within walking distance from
downtown UNL campus. AN appliances, secure
building, 12' ceilings, parking and on sits laun
dry. Available September 5, $650. Call
421-2316. Leave massage
4 bedroom, 161/2 both. 6 blocks east of main
campus on bus routs. $8S0/tnonth plus utNWss,
deposit $600. No pats. 525-6771.
“Surfs up...
Welcome Back**
640 South 20-2BR $430 up. Pool
2301 A Street-1 BR $438 up
700 S. 17th ♦ FURNISHED
2BR in 14-plex. $410. including utilities, a/c,
cade. 4888707,4508885.
1810 H Street/Secure Bldg.
1 BR/5-plex. $410 plus electricity. Includes
utilities/cable. Balcony, laundry, parking.
1938 Garfield
2 bedroom, mwir apaftvnenL No ptb. no smok
ing. $425.486-1267.
# # Close to Campus# #
•2312 South 148), fireplace, W/D hookup $388
•2301A Street-1 Bedrooms *348 up
•640 Soulh 20-2 BBk $429 up 475-8262
2400 R St 3 badroom 1 bath, doaa to campus,
central sir. $510.421-7141.
4620 M St, basement apartmanet 800 aq. fast
two badroom. plus garage, W/D, plus cable, all
uNNHaspakl N/S, no-pets. Barb. 4668467.
I Studio apartment off street parking. Rant I
I *325 central air conditioning. Rant $365 I
1 One badroom across the street from Wee-1
| leyen. E.O.H. 4758778"I
Apartment on
UNL Campus
Studio unit evekeble now. No tmoking. no pots,
controlled access, laundry, assigned parking!
UNL shuttle slop, $325. Brick Yard Apartments,
17th 6 Holdrege, 477-6578/475-4453 ask for
East Campus large 2 berimr*". *TTrfsrt. appN
ancas, balcony, parking. 4210 Huntington
i r
1.2 and 3 Bedrooms
1630 6 1640 North 56th Strsst 2 bedrooms
$4608475 electric only - off strsst parking
N/P. EO». 4758778.
Claremont Park Apartments, 3 bedroom, 2 bath.
$720/month, $600 deposit. Utilities paid.
Apartment «E2.477-3662 or 310-7567.
Spacious layout, appliances, dishwasher,
bAnds, 3 closets, paved parking, laundry, can
tral sir, gas hoat/watar/trash paid, central Iocs
tion between campuses, outdoor pool, 3 or 6
month lease, $355. 1109 N. 28th Street.
Lama 3 plus 1 bedroom, central air aN utilities
paMTOssn 948 South 12. $675435-2552.
2 Bedrooms, 2 Full Baths to Sub-Leaae ASAP.
Fireplace, Cathedral Callings, Laundry Room
W/WD. A/C, WSNc-m Closet, D/W, Secure Bukd
Ing. Moving. MUST RBffl 4358903/202-3466.
One, two, three bedroom apartments available.
Need an apartment? 2 bedroom, $420, A/C,
474-4064, rsfotancaa rsqukod.
oave m. naax para, campus ciosa, 1 Deoroom,
dean, no pato. Only $300,474-6327.
Studio and 1 BR
Vintage-studio and 1 BR dose to both campue
Studio South 48th & High Straat. $280, no
smoking, no pets. Call Julian, 432-7030 or
Rambdt Homes, 488-8222. www.mmbok.oom.
TWo bedroom. Close to UNL. With fireplace.
Available July 18. For details contact 4384)777
or 486-8181.
We provide:
♦ Locationsthroughout Lincoln
♦ 24-Hour Emergency Maln>ananca
♦ PtorewpnWa Paraonabjal saakig Staff
500s MK ^
If you anTmahlng monMwNla^raSLg out
aide on your own, than this Job is for you.
TtuGroen ChemLawn la looking tor 3 to 4 people
to fertilize and coreaarate lawns this faC Prior
experience la a plus. Call our 24-hour hotline,
1-888-834-1203 or apply at 4141 N.27*i9t
SO-$12 Per Hour for
Delivery Drivers
Domino* Pizza Is now hiring for day and eve
ning shifts for delivery drivers mid Imltad eve
ning insids help. No axpftsoos necessary. AN
you need to start la a good driving record, relia
ble peraonel vehicle, liability insurance, and a
good attitude. Apply at any of the Domino* lo
ENJOY STAND-UP COMEOY1 Now hiring wait
and bar staff for Star City Dinner Theatre and
Comedy Cabaret in the Haymarket. Call
477-6277 tor appicetiona and interview.
Are you e handy person?
Are you interested m Part-time work? Chances
are you have some talents Jones Properties
codduae. If you have expertise In any of the fol
lowing: Painting, Plumbing, Lawn mowing, etc.,
Carpentry, Homing or A/C contact our office to
eat an appointmem to complete an employment
applcation. 486-3000. Aakfer^L_
TEED. Pro Shop Assistants at Ashland
Country Club. Duties include working
counter area, merchandising, golf cart stag
ing area and other golf course related du
ties. 15-25 houra/week. Hours can range
from 7am-8:30pm. Benefits includs free
golf. 25 minute drive from campus on Hwy.
6. Position evakeble Immediately. Seasonal
depending on weather. Prior golf experi
ence preferred. Positions In snack bar/din
ing room areas also available. To apply caH
844-3388 tor Intenilew.
Work from homo. Up to $2S-$75/hour.
Pwl-tima/M-ttms. Mai order, 800-878-9152.
Need 31 people who seriously want to lose
weight. Great business opportunity. Flexible
hours. Cal (402)730-3745 orT-886-396-5645.
Clinical Rasaarch
MDS Harris has tacking opportunities to be in
volved in clinical rasaarch for many of the top
pharmaceutical and biotech companies In the
world! MDS Harris has several positions
available in our cknic:
Phlabokomlst Part-Thws Perform timed blood
draws and precast samples from Study Partici
pants. Phlebotomy experience is required.
Hours vary: weekend avaflabMy requbed.
Clinical Conduct AaaocMa-Paft-Thna Assist
with the participant chsck-ln proceaa, han
dle/procaea sample#, monitor study participants
and record raw data. Soma poet High School
education In the life sciences or medical envi
ronment preferred. Hours vary, weekend
Human (resources CM
621 RoaaStraat ,
P.O. Box 80837 v
Unookt,NE 88601
FAX: (402)476-7598
F mek*
An even greater
place to work.
Now accepting applications for part-time
and full-time tellers. Contact Carolyn at for details.
Pinnacle Bank
Member FDIC
The way banking should be.
An Equal Opportunity Employer_
Broadmoor Development la seeking an outgo
ing. detailed, professional individual to Mine
position of a pat time Mating consultant (20-25
noursaweak). We am wMng to work with your
Apartments. 4607 Old Chaney Road.
Now hiring all position#. Apply m person be
twsen 2pmarrd 4pm. 6440 *0*r9trest
Buzzard fifty* In now Wring wait staff. Getaway
from al the corporations and oome work in a tun
anvlronmant that M doaa to campus. Our serv
ers make on average $10415 an hour. We wM
train thoaa without aaparisnce. If you hava good
work ethics, a nloe smile, need a Job does to
campus and need something that is flexible
anouid your dees schedule, come by and apply
anytime at 247 N. 8th BL In tha Haymeekat
Buzzard Billy's M now Wring fUB and part-time
kitchen help. No experience necessary. You just
need to have a good work alWc and a desire to
earn $8410 par hour. You'll work In a fun envi
ronment close to campus, meet now people,
have a fMxMe schedule, and bo abM to snpraae
your friends by cooking Cafun-CrsoM and Ja
maican cuMine. Apply In person anytime at 247
N. Bth St. in Ihe Haymarfcst
Come work for usl TranflquraBon provides reet
danttol and vocational services to children and
adults with developmental dMabllitMo. Male
staff needed M-F 3:30-10pm. to work with adult
males In a group homo setting. Early Birds
nooded for morning ahifM at sevoral locations.
Weekend overnights needed for Friday, Satur
day, and Sunday 10pm4am. Oat Paid to Steep!
We have a variety of kff and part time positions
availabM. Applicants must be 19 years of age;
have a good driving record, and a reliable form
of importation. Apply In paraon at ItansHgura
tlon, 1316 'N' St., Suita 102, or call Amy at
ing iaag ■ _< _ _ _ _
w <*300 iur mOrv RffuuwMi.
Construction framing laborers needed, full or
part time. Cal 580-1425.
Deliver Papers This Fall
Do you Ilka to exorcise daily and got paid for It?
Deliver Daily Nebraskans. You can deliver a
route In about an hour. Must have own vahicM,
be a UNL student with at least a 2.0 G.RA, not
be on academic probation and not hava daaass
before 9 am For mote Information or to apply,
contact Dan at 472-1789,20 Nebraska Union.
EARN GREAT food $ $$$ by helping serve
meals. 17th 6 Roomer or 436-7DQ2.
Velocity Express M looking for courtar/driver a for
aftemoon/evening part-time routes. $8/hour
Company vehicles and uniforms provided. Good
driving record requited. Applicants must demon
strate the ability to safely lift up to 70 lbs.
Pie employment drug screen and criminal check
required. ODL not required for most rouMe. EOE.
Stop and M out an applcation.
VWodty Express
2200 WostAdams
Lincoln. NE 80524
Aims airport. In tha Altfaoma Express Bldg,
YounkerY Department Store M currently hiring
for a rnarchaodias handler position. Hours are
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 5am-9 or
10am. Flexible with class schedule. Apply in
person, YounkerY Lower Laval Customer Serv
Stephenson School Supply is looking for
part-time help 1-530 pm, 2-3affarnoons a weak
and some Saturdays. Great atmosphere helping
teachers and parents with their educational)
product nsed^Apply in person at Stephan
The Lincoln Parka and Rscraetion Department M
taking applications for Recreation Loaders. Lo
cations are Calvert Roc Confer. 4500 Ckn ksei.
Belmont Roc. Cantor, 1234 Judoon and various
elementary schooM in Lincoln. The times are
6:45-fc00am for tire Before School proyam and
2:30-5:30pm for the AfMr School program, eve
ning and weekend hours are availabM at Bel
mont and Calvert. The programs begin August
21st. This M a great experience for students
wanting to gat into tha atfucatioo fiaid. Cal tha
playgroundofflce, 441-7952,2010 Van Dorn,
Belmont, 441 -6789 or Calvert 441 -8480 for
more information. AA/EOE.
C—Mwi needed part tima m lanes and jww.
Information daok and cafa. WIN work around
your class achedule. Must Ilka working with
paople^Agplyreom 314 East Union Mon
Employmant at Unlvaraity Child Cara. Work
around your class*,. Need paopla Mon
da^-Fridey, morning houm. Apply now. Cal TMt
FBQ Service Corporation
Immediate openings for fuN-time end part-time
cuetodW positions. Flexible houm end competi
tivyaye. Apply at 3615 Touzslin Avenue,
Flexible Hours!
Now hiring gusst sarvlca mpmaantativaa at tha
VUIsmt Courtyard. 5200 'O' St. Full and
part-tima evening shifts and lata rtight auditor
shift svaMeble. Aao daalring room attendants
and wait staff at Sadia's Saloon and Spike t
My*. Please friply In person.
Foreign language/sign language teachers
needed for elementery school's before/efter
school enrichment program. Teecher should be
proficient in the Isngusgs end work well with
1st-5th grade chldran. Prtor leeching experience
e plus. Mery: $400 for a 40 week session. For
move information, cal 483-7047.
Immediate pert time day, evening (Overnight end
DwwanBoNM-F 6-4 at 476-2222.
Tha Unoobi Journal Star is looMna for IndMdu
els to M helium beloone before all home foot
ball games. 68/hour for approximate 4-hour
NVft If tntamalad, contact KriaB at 473-7376.
Great Part-time Job
Child Cara Staff needed for before and after
school program In Elementary School. Varied
day, avMMm CM 475-0806.
Italian naatairanl Is now hiring energetic food
servers, cooks, buaaam and isihwaehsr, Wa
offer flexible hours, competitive wages, Insur
ance and paid vacation. Apply In person at 0820
O Sweat
Brow-in 27 hots goff omasa. Ml tima and part
tima seasonal help naadad immediately.
narveei nwp mo oeptemoer, ju equipment, ex
parlance necessary. Jerry 402-766-2266.20
mtixAmftom Uncotit
Hashers/ bus boy wantad. 36.50 plus moats on
weekday*. Lunch and Dinner help. Call
436-7065 or 436-7064. aak for house mom or
HMcrest Country Club
Hffcmat la a private dub that Is boktiig for Incfl
viduala who am leaders, seif motivated, mid
who can solve problem*. We ms taking app8oe
tlono tor the positions of Ml and part 3me aarv
ars, hfngiwf attendant*, and panfry staff. W* of
fer great pay plus Health. Dental, and 401 K op
tions. If you Uriah to work in a environment that
pays you for your positive can do attitude
j*>mejipp^M8801 O Sheet Tuesday through
Ilona's Colossal rookie, til south Lincoln look
ing for dependable part-tima help. Day hours
Monday-Saturday. Four and six-hour shifts
airMMli CM421-6606toaati4)anlnlmvlaw.
Opportunity In our 8bI— Division to suit In 8
censing, appointments end contracting. Duties
include: raqussffng currant licenee copies, re
cording new Ncenss biNinge or ranewen. Poei
tion requirements: One to two years’ collaga
education, oertHICBlion or equivalent; one fo two
years office experience' word processing end
spreadsheet software proficiency; professional
orelend written communication skills; key
Human Resources
1526 K Street
Lincoln. Ns 68506
Campus Recreation is currently hiring officials
for rag football. Storting pay Is $6.0Qmour, 8-15
flexible hours per week, if interested, pieeiw at
tend the official*' matings Tuesday, August 29.
Wednesday. August 30 and Tuaaday, Septem
ber 5 at 4:30pm each day in the Nebraska Un
lon. Cal 472-6363 or www.iBff.adti/Biaa/1m for
mom information.
PT Spirits Clark - eves ■ 1am fafrt. agactl)
PTCaNtiam-aft/avaa flak*, age: H|
Tuition Raimbursamant; soma wkand avail.
Rail’d. W, am mi EOE offering 401K. proflt shor
ing. HaaNh/Dantal ins.. dbact depoak, and much
mom. Stop In and apply today, or contact Chrie
Krayon Campus Eaat and West is now hiring
part time and lull tima tsacham. Plaaa, can to
apply 438-4048,486-4847 or 421-8337. EOE.
Now taking applications for AM/PM servers,
50% meal discount. Insurance plan and fun
work environment Apply til parson. 321 North
La Petite Academy is accepting appicatione for
Mi mid part-time (eschar*. If you sn|oy working
with children, please pick up an appitoation 3
2700 Jameson North.
5020 N. 27th Street
Lincoln’s Family Store’s
College Tliltion
Assistance Program
Now offering part time employment opportunities wtth the
following benefits.
* College tuition assistance- earn up to $40.00 per credit
hour per semester
(maximum annual pay out of $1200.00)
* 10% discount on purchases
* Flexible scheduling - with a variety ot shifts and starting
times, we work around your schedule.
For more information and applications, contact Chris
Hamilton at
Hy-vee 5020 N 27th Street