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    Wesely, Johnson win primary
ELECTION from page 1
tant to Lincoln’s citizens.
These issues, he said, include
placing more police on the streets,
balancing die city’s rapid growth, and
dealing with an overcrowding of pub
lic schools.
Meanwhile, Johnson said, if elect
ed next month, she was eager to tack
le the flood plain issues and traffic
congestion problems.
Johnson said she, too, was
pleased with the results of the elec
“It feels good,” she said. “I’m
glad to have the first step done and
Johnson said she also had a great
de^l of experience in her comer.
“I’ve been there, done that,”
Johnson said about her time with the
council. “We need experienced lead
ership to get the job done.”
The other candidates who partici
pated in the primary election were
Randall Reichert, Terry Kubicek and
Jim Wrenholt.
Each one said they were disap
pointed with the final outcome.
“I’m very disappointed with the
results,” said Reichert, a University
of Nebraska-Lincoln student, who
collected 1,043 votes.
“Obviously, honesty and integrity
have no place in results.”
Jim Wrenholt, the only indepen
dent candidate in the primary elec
tion, said although he was disappoint
ed, he felt his time and campaign
efforts were well worth the trial.
“I was able to express the senti
ment of a lot of people,” Wrenholt
said. “We,raised a lot of issues, made
a lot of friends. That, alone, made it
well worth it.”
Wrenholt finished with 2,175
Kubicek, who collected 1,241
votes, said he planned to stay politi
Total number of people voting 29,341
Total number registered 125,345
Percent turnout 23.41%
Unofficial final results
cally active by attending city council
and county board discussions.
“This is my town,” Kubicek said.
“So, yes, I’ll be back.”
Man in critical condition
after getting shot in groin
A 42-year-old Lincoln man was still
in critical condition Tuesday evening
because of a gunshot wound to the groin
he received during an altercation
Monday afternoon.
Lincoln Police Officer Kathy
Finnell said officers were called to an
apartment at the 300 block of South 25th
Street about 2:10 p.m. Monday. Upon
arrival, they found the 42-year-old out
side the home with a gunshot wound.
A 20-year-old Lincoln man who
lived in the apartment building was
arrested for attempted first-degree mur
der, Finnell said.
Police had contacted the alleged
gunman about 10 p.m. Sunday for a
domestic disturbance in which he
threatened his girlfriend’s mother with a
handgun, she said.
His girlfriend, Finnell said, told
police she took her 15-month-old son to
. a neighbor’s house and returned home,
where her boyfriend grabbed her by the
hair, pushed her to the ground and
kicked her in the back of the head.'
When the girlfriend’s mother, who
shares the same address as the shooting
victim, arrived and left with the 15
month-old boy, her daughter’s boyfriend
threatened her with the gun, she said.
T he shooting Monday occurred at
the 20-year-old man’s home because of
and ongoing dispute, she said.
The victim was transported to
BryanLGH Medical Center West, she
said, and police found the alleged shoot
er inside the apartment building.
Neighbors had called 911, she said.
Compiled by staff writer Shane
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