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Erin Gibson
Cliff Hicks
Nancy Christensen
Brad Davis
Sam McKewon
Jeff Randall
Bret Schulte
“We live in a country where you need
to purchase a permit to tell the truth.”
Tom Manthey on his “subliminal
advertising” with handwritten T-shirts in
front of the federal building
“It’s not always a scam. It’s just that
students fail to read the contract care
Marilyn Bath, consumer specialist, on
the large volumes of students who are
scammed over spring break
“It is elitist in every sense of the
word. The honors program only serves
as a shelter for academic elitists.”
Kevin Francis, a freshman honors
actuarial science student, on the honors
“I reject the elitism charge. It is
false. It misconceives the honors pro
gram and its mission.”
UNL Chancellor James Moeser on the
university’s honors program
“This bill is so bad that I did not
know exactly where to start.”
Omaha Sen. Ernie Chambers before
introducing one of many amendments to
LB 126. a bill aimed at curbing teen drink
“Take one week and turn on the
radio every' couple of hours.”
Doc Mullet, a.k.a. Doctor Blues, on
“We do more than just go to class in
Richard Marunda, junior, on ROTC
“UCLA is a very good basketball
team. But we’d like another chance with
them to show them that we can play
with them.”
NU guard Amanda Went, on NU’s get
ting into the women s NCAA
“We went into this as a team and
came out as a team. A blow to one of us
is a blow to all of us.”
ASUN president-elect Andy
Schuerman on running mate Vernon
Miller s loss
“Derek’s just different, all right?
H«’s just weird. For one thing, the guy
doesn’t stop talking about his fish. He
gives us daily updates on his fish!”
Junior gymnast Blake Bukacek on his
teammate, Derek Leiter
“All I can do is think about those 20
votes - just 20 votes.”
Second vice president-elect Trisha
Meuret on the Focus candidates’ defeat
“What my client did was not
manslaughter. It was first-degree mur
Scott Helvie, Timothy Hopkins’ lawyer
“He was the last great director of
that era. He was the big daddy.”
Actor Malcolm McDowell, on the
death of famed director Stanley Kubrick
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Al fOt A MiMOTE-.
anniversary of a
daughter’s death
(Editor's note: This Sunday marks
the first anniversary’ of the death of
Laura Cockson, a 21 -year-old
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
junior from Friend, who was killed by
a drunken driver in Lincoln on March
14, 1998.
This poem, written by her mother,
Eva Cockson, commemorates Laura s
In memory of Laura
Marie Cockson
July 17, 1976, to March
14, 1998
A million times we’ve
needed you;
A million times we’ve
Our hearts are broken
and torn apart;
Our minds are'weary
from asking, “Why?”
Sometimes we wonder
if you really knew
How extra-special you
truly were.
Your big blue eyes and
shining smile;
A life without will be
hard to endure.
A million times we’ve
missed you;
A million times we’ve
Birthdays, holidays,
and “family times”;
Such sad reminders that
you have died.
We’d give the world and
even more
To be with you in the
same old way.
To hear your voice and
see your face;
We can only imagine
such a day!
A million times we’ve
grieved for you;'
A million times we’ve
No marriage, children,
future here
’Cause with you all this
We hope you see us
and always know
How much we love and
think of you.
You were our pride and
joy and future here,
Daughter, sister, and
friend so true.
A million times we’ve
prayed for you;
A million times we’ve
’Cause your heart of
gold stopped beating
And with God you now
We ll love you forever,
-Dad, Mom, Steue,
Sarah and Erin