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Erin Gibson
Cliff Hicks
Nancy Christensen
Brad Davis
Sam McKewon
Jeff Randall
Bret Schulte
“No one told Thayne Glenn that
long-haired freaky people shouldn’t
apply for Criminal Clinic.”
Tim Sullivan, a Daily Nebraskan
columnist, on County Attorney Gary
Lacey keeping a law student from taking
a course because he had long hair
“They forced me to leave. They are
obligated to bring me back.”
Former Political Science Assistant
Professor Valerie Schwebach, who filed a
sexual harassment lawsuit against the
university, on the political science
“Personally, I haven’t seen or heard
anything that can be considered
First-year political science graduate
student Nancy Heltzel, on her depart
ment’s climate for women
“It’s a shame.”
NU Athletic Director Bill Byrne, on
the decline in student attendance at men’s
basketball games
“If I’m part of the problem, I’m
going to be part of the solution.”
Husker Coach Danny Nee, on atten
dance at men s basketball games
“The crowd was chanting ‘overrat
ed,’ and we probably are.”
Roy Williams, Kansas coach, on his
No. 22-ranfyed team’s loss Wednesday
night to the Huskers
“I don’t even think it occurred to
me I could do anything different.”
English Professor Marly Swick,
author of the acclaimed new novel
“Evening News,” on her work as a writer
“At long last, MIP will no longer be
something to laugh about.”
Sen. Dwite Pedersen of Elkhorn on
LB126, which would stiffen penalties for
underage drinkers and liquor retailers
selling to minors
“Most of the iceberg is under the
surface someplace, and we have to deal
with that problem.”
Sen. Paul Hartnett of Bellevue, on LB
126, responding to evidence that minors
get 20 percent of their alcohol from
retailers and the restfrom friends and rel
atives who are of age
“I firmly believe we can’t send stu
dents to government class and teach
them what a brilliant document the
Bill of Rights is, and then have them
come to journalism clas6 and say that
because an article is not positive, it will
not be printed.”
Doris Martin, Beatrice High School
newspaper adviser, on LB 182, which
would increase students’ freedom of
“Everybody in America loves ballet.
They’re very open.”
Sergei Radchenko, Russia National
Ballet artistic director, on the company s
U.S. audience reception
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I r v
No more Nee
The fact that Danny Nee’s recruiting
goals are even in question signifies that
it is time for the debacle known as
“NEEbrasketball” to end. Danny Nee,
in his 12 seasons, has given the fans one
NIT Championship; Now we all should
know by now that the NIT does not
count. So what? We were once the 64th
best team in the nation. That is all. No
real tournament wins added to no major
NBA products equals no job.
It is shocking to me that Nee
recruits players without even seeing
them play. Hey Danny, do you think that
Kentucky coach and national champion
Tubby Smith “picks” players without
seeing them play? Even if he is “pick
ing” players, he at least sees if the kids
have skills.
I am reminded of something I heard
Bobby Knight from Indiana say during
an interview. He said that he knew of a
great player in Yugoslavia. This kid had
mad game. You know, Danny, the kid
could shoot, jump and play defense.
Well, within weeks he was listed
as a prep blue chip. Problem is
that Knight made this kid up. You
know the scary thing is that Nee
probably offered him a scholar
ship. I can see him now, “Get me *
that Yugoslavian kid, my sources m
say he’s great” This type of careless ~
recruiting shows that Danny is not
doing what we are paying him to do. j
How long do you think I would last at
my job if I just guessed at my work?
Well, if I was Danny Nee it would be 12
Listen up, Husker fans. In order to
rid ourselves of “NEEbrasketball,” we
need to get to the man in charge. What
would make Bill Byrne take notice
of this problem? MONEY. Stop
going to the games. If you do
go to the games, make a
sign and have it say
something such as
“Nebraska Students
for Kansas,” and then ,
Friday’s Daily Nebraskan and saw my
picture at the top ofthe front page. Upon
closer inspection, I realized that it was
Thayne Glenn, although many of the
students I talked with that day com
mented on how much we resembled
each other. Feeling a certain cama
raderie with Glenn, I read the opinion
page, and I’ve continued to read related
articles this week.
As a public servant who wears his
hair long, I have to say this whole saga is
ridiculous and unfortunately all too
common. I currently work as a pastor’s
assistant on campus, and I take my job
very seriously. When I come to campus
to lead worship services on Sunday
mornings, I wear a suit I trim my beard.
I make sure my clothes are clean and
pressed, and I make sure my hair looks
clean and presentable. I don’t wear my
hair long to rebel, or to stick it to the
man, or to make a
social statement. I like how I look with
long hair, period.
However, the comment I hear most
often when I tell people my plans to pur
sue ordination in the Lutheran church
is: “When will they make you cut your
hair?” There’s a simple answer to that
question, friends and neighbors - they
won’t. If I’m to be a minister and a
prospective church won’t hire me
because of my hair length, then I don’t
really want to be there in the first place.
Yesterday I happened to see Glenn
walking down 16“ Street and I took a
good look at him. He wore a gray suit,
well-polished shoes, and his beard was
neatly trimmed His hair hung down his
back, held by an unobtrusive rubber
band similar to the ones I use to keep my
hair back. He looked, in other words,
professional, presentable and well
dressed. So my question is: Where is the
grooming problem I’ve heard so much
Mr. Bielarski, don’t you think it is
unfortunate that one student is denied a
terrific opportunity such as Gary
Lacey’s sacred criminal clinic over
something as trivial as the length of his
hair? I’ve been a student of real-life
experience for almost 25 years, and I
never remember anyone saying the
determining factor for any kind of edu
cation would be the length of my hair!
The fact of the matter clearly shows us
that this really is an issue of diversity,
but it’s more an issue of stupidity and
arrogance on the part of Mr. Lacey.
Mary of our past heroes wore long
hair or shoulder-length wigs, such as
George Washington, Thomas
Jefferson and
Even Jesus Christ
is shown in most
Western depic
tions as having
hair and a beard,
as ethnically
cheer your butt off v"---.
for the opposing 1 \ C
team. Maybe if 20 \\/
people in die stands
all dress in black, \ M
and the team ends up \ \
under .500, just '
maybe then Mr.
Commercial would ^ I
get the message. \
If you still have a Jk l
need for some hoop
action, go check out / N
the women’s team.
Lane Rosenberry yljjj
sophomore %
general studies V
Don’t care cm hair
You can imagine my
shock when I picked up last
IH incorrect as 11 may
ft be. But because of
[v the ignorance of
If the last few gener
is ations, hair length
I has become more
| important than a
person’s ability to
^perform in his cho
/ sen occupation.
/ Sound familiar?
“So I took off
l my hat and said
‘Imagine that,
// me working for
/ you
/ Scott A.
[ Johnson
Ministry Associate
Student Center