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    NU law professor selected
to advise security council
Duties will include meeting with foreign officials
I think it is very important
to recognize what an honor
this is. This is a big deal.”
Nancy Rapoport
dean of NU College of Law
By Brian Carlson
Staff writer
At a time when the U.S. economy is
strong, but overseas financial crises
continue to simmer, an NU assistant
law professor will advise the National
Security Council on foreign economic
Matt Schaefer, who specializes in
international economics law at the
University of Nebraska College of
Law, has been selected to serve as a
director in the NSC’s International
Economic Affairs Office in 1999.
He said he would help develop pol
icy recommendations, oversee their
implementation and occasionally meet
with foreign officials to discuss inter
national trade policies.
“It’s going to be an interesting
opportunity, and hopefully a good time
to be in Washington, D.C.,” he said.
“There’s a need as well as a chance that
there will be some developments
regarding international trade policies
within the next year.”
Schaefer, who said he favored free
trade policies, noted that U.S. foreign
economic policy-makers face many
‘ challenges in the coming year.
A financial crisis that began in Asia
in 1997 has spread to Russia and Latin
; America, and is hurting some U.S.
export industries, including agricul
President Clinton will seek fast
track negotiating authority to pursue
regional free trade pacts in the Asia
Pacific region and in the Americas.
The World Trade Organization will
hold negotiations on a series of trade
Schaefer said he wanted to encour
age struggling countries to handle then
economic difficulties responsibly and
“It is very important during this
_ financial crisis that struggling nations
don’t turn to protectionism,” he said.
In the World Trade Organization
negotiations, Schaefer said he favored
initiatives that would improve
prospects for U.S. farmers, especially
rules that would ensure unfettered
access to foreign markets for U.S. agri
cultural goods.
In addition to his duties in
Washington, which begin around Feb.
1, Schaefer continues to teach his inter
national trade law and policy seminars
at the NU College of Law.
Schaefer commutes to Lincoln
occasionally, and part of the classes are
conducted through Internet “real
time” chats and telephone conference
Schaefer served in Washington
previously as an international trade
consultant for the National Governors
Association. He said that experience
had improved his teaching and
research abilities.
“I know from my previous experi
ence that international economics is a
mixture of economics, law, politics and
policy,” he said. “My previous experi
ence was beneficial to both teaching
and researching, and I expect this
experience to have similar benefits.”
Schaefer was selected for his NSC
post through the Intergovernmental
Personnel Mobility Act, which allows
the federal government to “borrow”
experts from other levels of govern
ment or academia.
Nancy Rapoport, dean of the NU
College of Law, said Schaefer had been
selected because of his expertise in
international economics law and his
personal relations skills.
“I think it is very important to rec
ognize what an honor this is,” she said.
“This is a big deal.”
Schaefer’s government experience
will enhance the Law College’s base of
expertise and the opportunities avail
able to its students, Rapoport said.
“It’s extremely important,” she
said, “both from a standpoint of what
we’re able Jo offer our students and
with respect to the type of research and
connections made.”
Schaefer graduated from the
University of Chicago with a degree in
economics. He has three law degrees
from the University of Michigan in
Hibler files motion
asking for more time
By Shane Anthony
Staff writer
Former UNL English Assistant
Professor David Hibler filed a
motion Friday in U.S. District Court
asking for either dismissal of or more
time to respond to a sexual harass
ment suit against him.
According to court documents,
the motion asks for reconsideration
of a motion Hibler filed June 23 ask
ing for the case to be dismissed.
Former University of Nebraska
Lincoln student Valerie Giunca sued
the NU Board of Regents and Hibler
in February, alleging Hibler sexually
harassed her while she was a student
in his class during the 1996 fall
Giunca filed for default judgment
against Hibler June 1. Hibler said he
had not been served with the com
On Jan. 8, Judge Richard G. Kopf
gave Hibler until Jan. 22 to respond to
the lawsuit. Giunca’s lawyer, Carole
McMahon-Boies, said Saturday that
Hibler’s motions came as no surprise.
“He had a deadline to meet, and I
expected him to get something on
file,” she said. McMahon-Boies said
she had not seen the filings.
Hibler, when contacted on his
cellular phone Saturday, said he
would not speak to the Daily
The university revoked Hibler’s
tenure and fired him June 20. The
Board of Regents voted unanimously
to accept a committee’s recommen
dation to do so. The committee found
Hibler guilty of sexual harassment,
poor judgment, unprofessionalism
and insubordination.
University officials said the ter
mination had little to do with an e
mail containing material that some
called racist, which Hibler sent to
more than 300 faculty members and
students last spring.
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