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By Diane Broderick
Staff writer
For the next few months, Fred
Astaire fans will be able to see him
dancing with more than just vacu
In addition to television, they can
see his dancing figure in the medium
for which it was originally intended:
The Nebraska State Historical
Society, 15th and P streets, launches a
free film series Sunday that will give
viewers a nine-film icross-section of
Astaire’s cinematic career.
Beginning with 1934’s “Gay
Divorcee,” which was the premiere
of the famous Ginger Rogers/Fred
Astaire partnership, the series will
run on each Sunday from Jan. 17
through March 14 at 2 p.m. in a small
auditorium at the historical society.
Andrea Faling, the associate
director of library and archives at the
historical society, said Astaire was
chosen for the series because he was
bom in Omaha.
Although he moved to New York
as a small child, he always consid
ered Omaha his hometown, Faling
He performed in jh
Nebraska during the ’20s in
vaudeville acts, but after leav
ing, he didn’t have many ties in
the state, Faling said.
Other Nebraska figures the soci
ety has chosen for past film series
include Marlon Brando and Henry
Fonda, who were bom in Omaha and
Grand Island, respectively.
But the society was saving
Astaire for this year.
“1999 marks the centenary of his
birth in Omaha, and we wanted to
commemorate that with a film
series,” Faling said.
Arranged in chronological order,
the films in the series span the years
1934 to 1957.
But although the era of
Astaire’s heyday has long
passed, Faling recog
nizes his lasting
Astaire is still
incredibly popular,” she
said. “This is a good
opportunity to trace his
film career.”
Although Astaire fre
quently co-starred with
Rogers throughout his
career, she does not
appear in every film in
the series.
“We didn’t want to
concentrate on just Ginger Rogers,”
she said. “We wanted to get a mixture
of Fred Astaire musicals.”
Other co-stars in th<? series
include Cyd Charisse^ Rita
Hayworth, Judy Garland and Leslie
The series title was taken from a
line in a “Swing Time” song, Faling
said, and also reflects Astaire’s rela
tionship with the movies - “A Fine
"A Fine Romance”
The Fred Astaire Aim festival.
All films will be shown, free of charge, at the Museum
of Nebraska History, 15th & P Streets, at 2:00 p.m.
Limited seating is available.
-- -----
January 17 January 24
“Gay Divorcee” (1934) “Top Hat” (1935)
v _I_/ v,__/
-• f - (-N
January31 ~ February 7
“Swtaf Time” (1936) “You Were Never Lovelier”
,r ^ :i tUfe
February 28 /J;
““—1 *"*“* - “Daddy Long Legs” (1955)
/ ? .V
March 14 -
“Silk Stockings” (1957)
Stewart nets top spot
on cable’s ‘Daily Show’
NEW YORK (AP) - It was a sight
no man or woman alive had ever seen.
It was instant history, and as we
watched it unfolding on TV we knew
this was something we would never
Yes, this was unimpeachably Jon
Stewart, in charge for the first time
ever Monday as the host of Comedy
Central’s “Daily Show.”
Happily, it was no trial to watch. In
Stewart’s hands, “The Daily Show”
was about as funny and fast-paced as
before. But his swearing-in, if you
choose to call it that, was a signal event
for the 21/2-year-old parody newscast
that bills itself as “the most important
television program... ever.”
“I know change can be painful,”
Stewart told us with mock sincerity.
“But from change comes growth.”
Stewart will steward that growth
from the anchor chair recently vacated
by tall Craig Kilbom, who soon takes
his high-altitude attitude to CBS’
“Late Late Show,” replacing Tom
And “The Daily Show” brings
Stewart back to TV on a regular, ongo
ing basis: Sunday through Thursday at
11 n.m. EST - and reDeats Mondav
through Friday at 8:30 a.m., 1 p.m., 7
p.m. and 1:30 a.m., and Saturdays at
noon and 12:30 p.m.
It’s a welcome return. In recent
years, Stewart (no attitude; not tall) has
been on TV with tantalizing infre
quency. He filled in for Snyder and
played a recurring role on HBO’s talk
show parody “The Larry Sanders
He also appeared in films (such as
his current “The Faculty” and upcom
ing “Playing By Heart”) and wrote a
book of loopy essays, “Naked Pictures
of Famous People.”
He has done all that since 1995,
when his late-night, syndicated “Jon
Stewart Show” was canceled after a
single season.
Stewart gently reminds a reporter
that during all that time he himself
never suffered from his absence.
“I felt like I was oddly NOT gone,”
said Stewart, wearing a mischievous
smile. “Being a TV host is very much
the same as not being on TV except
there’s no camera and I didn’t get to
talk to the guys from ‘Wings.’ Besides,
I was working straight through, so I
didn’t even do the David Hartman
thing and go out to Montana for fly
As Stewart spoke in his small,
sparse office, he was still a couple of
weeks away from his debut. A few
days’ stubble peppered his face. All in
all, he seemed ready to go.
And, even with his chain-smok
ing, he seemed carefree. “Oh, I have
psychoses,” he argued, “but they’re
about other things. Like, I want to buy
a biosuit so the Super Bug can’t get
me. It’s that sort of thing that keeps me
“I’m looking forward to doing the
show, to that feeling of daily reinforce
ment. You get up and you know that
whatever stupid idea you have that
morning, you’re going to get to put out
that night.”
Even with a tailor-made series in
his past, Stewart doesn’t believe that
accepting the hand-me-down “Daily
Show” amounts to professional back
“I like what they’re doing with the
show. I like the idea of it.
“As a kid, I never thought, ‘I want
to be a talk-show host,”’ said the 36
year-old New Jersey native. “Some
people growing up gazed into the sky
and every cloud looked like Johnny
Carson. I just wanted to be a good
comic: ‘Well, what do I do now? I like
to sleep late and I don’t like working.”’
!Chanees are, Stewart won’t get to
sleep late and will have to work hard.
Stuff has to be current, and each
night’s half-hour is taped at 6 p.m. Not
much time each day to process the
world, then play it for laughs.
“I like to watch the early local
news,” Stewart said, “but not at 11,
because I don’t like to go to bed with
that sort of chaos and pain in my head.
‘This building collapsed today, and
here is the little boy who lost his moth
er.’ It’s a lot to sit through just to get to
the (gosh-dam) Giants.
“I like keeping up with the news,
even though I think it’s gotten so out of
control. But that’s what I like about
‘The Daily Show’: It’s like checks and
balances. This show seems to be a nice
sort of pin in the balloon.”
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