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Year in music proves diverse
MUSIC from page 7
1. Tori Amos - “From the
Choirgirl Hotel” (Atlantic). Phish
may have the most rabid following,
but Tori has Phish trumped when it
comes to obsessive fans. And “From
the Choirgirl Hotel” made non-Tori
lovers realize what all the fuss was
about. By adding a band, Amos took
her musical range into the stratos
phere. It was also her most lyrically
honest and accessible release since
“Little Earthquakes.”
Albums that are good, but I
haven’t scrapped up
enough cash to buy them ...
Method Man’s “Tical 2:
Judgment Day” gave Garth Brooks
some competition saleswise; that’s
good enough to merit a purchase.
Lucinda Williams’ “Car Wheels on a
Gravel Road” is a beautiful record,
successfully meshing rock and coun
try with heart. And Bela Fleck’s
“Daybreak” is Fleck at his most
Disappointments ranged from
mild gripes to pure listening hell this
year. The Beastie Boys released the
mildly disappointing “Hello Nasty.”
Don’t get me wrong, “Nasty” had
some brilliant elements worthy of
their previous masterpieces, and it
appears the boys reached another tier
of enlightenment on this album. But
what the trio really needs is an editor,
not karma. I’ve known Bruce
Springsteen concerts that didn’t last
as long as “Hello Nasty.”
Tricky and Garbage should have
been ‘album of the year’ contenders;
instead, they released their weakest
Tricky’s “Angels With Dirty
Faces,” didn’t have the heart of
“Maxinquaye” or the relentless beats
of “Pre-Millennium.” Instead, it
turned into a rant on greedy record
companies. Sharpen your DJ skills,
and get some moving targets to hit
next time. Tricky kid.
Garbage's “Version 2.0” summed
up the title perfectly. While most
computer programs (Word Perfect,
Netscape) are their fifth or sixth ver
sions, Garbage seemed outdated.
And then there’s “Celebrity
Skin,” by Hole. Honestly, if Lita Ford
released this album in 1990, she
would have been dogged by critics.
But because Courtney Love’s name is
on it, critics gushed over its intention
al shallowness. Fortunately, the
album isn’t doing as well as industry
insiders expected. It is a great exam
ple of how the average consumer may
have more intelligence than most
rock critics. Don’t believe the hype
on this one.
Onward to the year 2000....
As interesting as 1998 was to fol
low music-wise, 1999 will likely be
one of the most interesting years for
music in recent memory. After all,
many artists will scurry to give their
final take on the century. This
includes Nine Inch Nails, Radiohead,
the Fugees (maybe) and Beth Orton,
a relative newcomer who is bound to
score a hit with her blend of techno
and folk.
Though no music act or celebrity
could top the phone-tapping, DNA
stained, pizza-craving saga known as
the Clinton presidential crisis for
holding America’s attention this past
year, 1999 should prove different.
If anything, 1999 will resolve
Stone Temple Pilots’ Scott Weiland’s
legal problems. You heard it from the
DN first: he will either be a) dead; b)
behind bars for two years; or c) sign
ing a lucrative 10-year contract doing
the casino circuits in Vegas. Place
your bets.
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