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    The following list is a brief guide
to weekend events. Please call
venues for more information.
Duffy’s Tavern, 1412 OSU
Sunday: Wide, Polyplush Cats
Duggan *s Pub, 440 S. 11th St
Friday: Fugarwa
Saturday: Nine Live Cats
Knickerbockers, 901 O St.
Friday: Criminals, Zeke, Power
Saturday: Fullblown, The Black
‘ •• • .
Zoo Bar, 136 N. 14th Sl
Friday and Saturday: The Bel-Airs
Mary Riepma Ross Film Theater,
12th and R streets
All weekend: The Return of the
Gav/Leshian Film Festival
First Plymouth Church, 20th and
Friday: Phantom of the Opera
2500 S. 56th Sl
All weekend: Big River
Temple Building, Howell Studio
Theatre, 12th and R streets
Friday and Saturday: “Picasso at
the Lapin Agile”
Kimball Recital Hall, 11th and R
Friday and Sunday: “The Divine
Pershing Auditorium, 301S.
Centennial Ave.
All weekend: “The Wizard of Oz
on Ice”
Joslyn Art Museum, 2200 Dodge
Su, Omaha
“Allure of the Exotic,” depictions
of exotic lands by assorted artists
Burkholder Project, 719 P. St.
“Prairie Horizons” watercolors by
Anne Burkholder, rtA New Venue”
featuring handmade jewelry’by
Nancy Childs
Haydon Gallery, 335 N. Eighth St. •
Friday; opening of paintings by
Robin Smith
Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery,
12th and R streets
“One-Hour Smile,” a video per
formance starring Charlie Fried
“Different Voices: New Textile Art
from Poland”
“The Latino Spirit: Hispanic Icons
and Images”
“Legible Forms: Contemporary
Sculptural Books”
Clinton, Lewinsky this year s top costumes
' -—-; —— 1— -L ; ;
Staff writer
Lincoln can’t get enough ofBill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky.
Despite popular sentiment concurring the media’s expansive coverage oftheir tryst, the
scandal-ridden pair has gained popularity among Lineolnites searching for Halloween cos
The requests for Bill Clinton masks, cigars, berets and big black wigs have inundated
local costume shops. Everyone wants to be the lascivious president and the overly flirta
tious intern.
“I don’t think they realize that millions of people are asking for Bill Clinton” said Ann
Meier, manager of Thingsville at Gateway Mall “They think they’re going to be the only
Thingsville began September with a dozen Clinton masks but sold out of those within
a wcck. XVC4UCS15 nave uunuxiueu 10 come in, oui meter saia
she has been unable to get any more masks.
And those wanting Monica masks will have to go with
out. Costume manufacturer’s don’t make replicas of the
young woman’s unforgettable face - yet
But while Bill and Monica are raking indie votes as most
popular Halloween costumes, one notorious figure has
received fewer demands this year the Unabomber.
Jennifer Johnson, owner of Ruby Begonias at 1321P St,
said requests for orange jump suits and wild, mane-like
brown wigs resembling Ted Kaczyinski’s hair have declined
since the terrorist’s incarceration.
Now, it seems people would rather dress as infamous
political figures than antisocial mail bombers.
Though criminal and political figures may come and go,
certain celebrities pop up every Halloween. Elvis, durinc his
skinny years, Dolly Parton and Marilyn Monroe are perennial Halloween favorites as are
Sonny and Cher, and Dorothy from “The Wizard of Oz.”
The increase in requests for celebrity costumes is a trend Johnson has noticed recently.
In die six years she has owned Ruby Begonia’fc, Johnson said, customers have moved away
uuuuiuuux uuu vvoiuuivo m
exchange for the chance to masquerade. People
want to be someone they normally wouldn’t be.
Women, especially, tend to steer away from
the ghoulish anH ugly
“Women are looking for something that’s
going to be attractive,” Johnson said. “They want
to look glamorous when they go out to the bars or
out to a party.”
It’s no surprise, then, that the sexy saloon girl
and flapper clothes top die lists of women’s cos
tume ideas. Johnson asked what could be sexier
than fishnet stockings, sequins, feathers and a
long cigarette holder.
With Halloween falling on a Saturday this
year, Meier said people are especially concerned
about what to wear for their night out on the
1 “Halloween seems bigger this year,” Meier
said. “It sounds like there’s more costume con
tests and parties going on since its a Saturday
night People want to be comfortable yet original
when they go out”
Those lacking the proper Halloween inspira
tion still have time to find a unique costume.
Most costume shops in Lincoln have extend
ed their hours this week to accommodate those
who haven’t had the chance to pick something
out yet Sales clerks can even help customers
come up with ideas.
So if you don’t want to be stuck wearing a
sheet again this year, get om your power suit and
box of cigars. Anyone and anything is fair game
during Halloween.
Photos by
Matt Miller
Costumes courtesy of
Fringe and Tassel