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LA. Guns & Clarke Tour
featuring former Guns N Roses
guitarist Gilby Clarke
Friday October 30th jj
Doors open 4 too At the |
Showtime at 9oo Royal Grove M
19 and over
Tickets *12 adv 05 day of 340 W. Comhusker
Available at ticket Master & The Grove_ 474~2332
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happy, if you are lucky, you may even
get some biscuits and crumpets. And
then my mother will cook you the best
English meal possible. Roast beef or
lamb chop?
Next, you have to meet my old
man. He’s pretty cool But he’ll give
you a 20 question interrogation about
who, what, where, why ami how. Just
be polite and answer him, if you can.
Watch out for my younger sister,
Sandra. She’s a sleeping beauty. You’ll
be lucky to find her awake.
Then there’s my big brother, Lloyd,
who is a professional soccer player. He
thinks he’s Tyson Beckford. If he’s
Tyson, then I’m Naomi Campbell.
After all the formalities with my
family, we can really get the show on
the road.
First, we’ll look at die great build
ings London has to offer, so you can
get a real feel of London.
We will tour the Tower of London,
which is known as one of the greatest
buildings of all time. It looks just like a
castle and is a work of art. It^ by the
Thames River. You’ll recognize this
building immediately because the
Tower is so tall, and thousands of little
birds sit on the top.
Next is St Pancras Railway
Station. The whole building has a
Victorian style. It’s red in color with
blue colored points. It looks like a cas
tle. It is the largest and most spectacu
lar station in England, being 700 feet
tall. This station is famous because of a
massive fire, that occurred 10 years
ago. You can still see the remains of die
and see the most stately and most
sophisticated national capital in the
world. I can educate you about die his
tory of the British government, and we
can visually examine the history of the
. Great British Empire.
We can’t forget Kensington Palace,
which was the home of the late
Princess Diana. Everything about this
place - from the smell to the atmos
phere - represents die people’s
princess. Kensington Palace has gold
en gates at the main entrance, and the
outside is full of fresh flowers and
lovely trees.
We’ll then chill out in Trafalgar
Square, which is die place most Brits
spend New Year’s. The square is full of
pigeons. The British are very friendly.
Someone may approach us and say,
“Alright, mate’ows it goin?” That’s the
way your typical Londoner speaks.
After eating some greasy fish and
chips, I’ll take you shopping. I’ll take
you to the best British stores, like
Harrods, which is expensive,
Selfridges and British Home Stores.
For pure fun we’ll hang out in
Leicester Square, Oxford Street or
Piccadilly Circus, which is in the West
End of London. You’ll love it here.
Crpwds of people, newspaper ped
dlers, hot dog vendors and street per
formers are always outside trying to
sell you something.
The best night spots for all you
party animals are in the capital.
London offers clubs for everyone,
black or white, young or old, gay or
straight If you hang out with me, we’ll
sophomore broadcasting
major and a JDaily
Nebraskan columnist
Today I’m going to take you where
no other Daily Nebraskan columnist
has taken you before. Yes, you are
going to be entering my world, a world
full of adventure and excitement. So
be prepared. Sit down, relax and enjoy.
Welcome to the official “Lesley’s
London Tour,” absolutely free of
Just think of this experience as a
good deed from one University of
Nebraska-Lineoln student to another.
The city of London is a fantastic
place to visit, full of action and enter
tainment, and I’m going to tell you
London is not just great because I
am from there. (But that’s a good rea
London is far different compared
to Lincoln. London has so much to
offer an American visitor: London,
compared to Lincoln, is a large city,
which is very overpopulated with
more than 11 million people. London
is crowded and very busy, similar to
New York.
Without further ado, let’s com
mence our tour, or should I say our
British vovape It is mv preatest n1«a
lire, wiupn mea nunareas or people.
St Paul’s Cathedral is another
great building to see. Because of the
beauty of die building, once you enter
it you won’t want to leave. The tall
dome can be seen throughout die city,
and it looks like the U.S Capitol in
We simply must go to Buckingham
Palace, where the Queen of England
lives. The building is probably bigger
than die size of this campus. Itfs a
gigantic house. Royal soldiers wearing
red and black protect the palace. Inside
are elaborate crafting and antiques.
Crystals and all kinds of expensive
jewels are contained in the palace.
There is an aroma about the palace that
makes you not want to leave.
Visually, die palace is beautiful. It’s
full of elaborately-decorated state
rooms with paintings and tapestries
marking the history of past monarchs.
You may even meet the Queen of
England, if you’re lucky. I once saw the
Queen. I wonder if she remembers me.
£ We’ll tour the House of
be getting our groove on until 6 in the
morning - if you cab keep up with me,
that is.
The quickest way to get around is
The Underground or tube, which is the
biggest and most comprehensive sys
tem in the world. It was built more .
than 120 years ago. The Underground
is so much fun. However, it’s really
dirty in most areas, and people sing
and dance for money. People travel
very quickly around the Underground,
so watch out for pickpockets.
Guys, British girls love he
American accent British girls are not
just beautiful, but hey are intelligent
too. And ladies, if you’re looking for
Mr. Right, then Mr. London may be
he man for you. You never know who
you’ll meet on my tour. You may even
bump into Mr. Bean or Hugh Chant
Imagine that.
So you can see, my friends,
London has plenty to offer you. I
would like to give you a longer tour,
but we’ve run out of time and space for
my column. I hope you have enjoyed
your trip and have felt something spe
cial about London. It was been fim
sure to be your lovely hostess.
Now you have to concentrate and
use your imagination.
You’ve just completed your 12
hour flight, and you just can’t wait to
smell the British air and hear some
British accents. You take a deep breath
and gasp. Aahh. You’re thinking to
yourself: Yes, I’ve finally escaped
UNL, and I am free at last to enjoy life
in London.
I meet you at Heathrow Airport
where we will begin our two week
vacation. Heathrow is massive, and
everyone is always rushing around. It
is very easy to get lost as it is one of
die largest airports in the world. But
Heathrow offers a visitor a taste of
England as you look at the fine British
First things first You have to meet
my family
My mum will immedi
ately offer you a cup
of tea, and
just accept :
it It really
will make
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