The daily Nebraskan. ([Lincoln, Neb.) 1901-current, October 26, 1998, Page 13, Image 13

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    ‘Pupil’fails in scariness quotient
PUPIL from page 12
accept without a more in-depth
account of his past The actual atroci
ties he committed are only represent
ed through brief and bizarre visions
that aren’t as unsettling as they could
Director Bryan Singer failed to
accommodate for audiences cal
loused by previous Holocaust films
such as “Schindler’s List,” which
hardly skimped on the gritty imagery.
In fact it was the grim confrontation
with the genocidal horrors of the Nazi
regime that won the film such
applause - and a host of Academy
The same atrocious detail was
desperately needed to flesh out
Dussander as an aged embodiment of
fascist terror; instead he seems more
like the elderly spook from “Polly
•anna ”
The same vagueness that plagues
McKellen’s character also makes
Renfro *s performance weak and con
fusing. As the film progresses,
Bowden transforms from die kid next
door into an emotionally and psycho
logically unstable wreck. But the
foundation for this transformation is
never laid down, so it’s impossible to
understand why Bowden ends up the
way he does.
Overall, the film just isn’t as scary
as the commercial suggests, and the
plot is lost under a number of vague
and cluttering characters. While it
does maintain a high level of sus
pense, the end result just isn’t very
In the end, “Apt Pupil” addresses
one of the most horrific events in the
history of mankind but ends up as a
confusing montage of events without
really exploring die core issue. For a
more frightening account of the
Holocaust, one should consult the
History Channel.
— I
Bangladesh painter (yens
exhibit at Haydon Gallery
Bom in Bangladesh, educated in:
Japan and fascinated by America,
painter/printer Mahmudal Haque has
long been the focus of international
attention for his artistic endeavors,
Currently a professor at the Institute
of Fine Art, Dhaka University in
Bangladesh, Haque has performed as
an artist-in-residence for the
Department of Art and Art History at
the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
Haque will display a collection of
his work today at Haydon Gallery, 335
N. 8th St., where a reception will be
held from 5 to 7 p.m.
A prolific painter working in a col
orful and lyrical abstract style, Haque
pulls inspiration from traditional and
modem cultures.
The exhibit will showcase a variety
of Haque’s work, including his highly
textured prints, drawing on images of
rock formations and stone monuments.
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