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    er 8,1998
Milosevic, NATO talks reach no conclusion
BELGRADE, Yugoslavia (AP) -
A'HLS. envoy gave Yugoslav
President Slobodan Milosevic anoth
er chance Wednesday to bow to inter
national demands and avoid NATO
airstrikes. But Milosevic remained
Following his meeting with envoy
Richard Holbrooke, Milosevic’s
office said “attempts were made to
overcome the differences” over the
crisis in the Kosovo province.
Referring to the possibility of
NATO airstrikes, the Yugoslav state
ment said “the threats which are
delivered to our country jeopardize
the continuation of the political
It accused foreign governments
of waging “a media campaign against
our country” through “one-sided and
fabricated reports.”
U.S. officials refused comment
on the talks, and Holbrooke left for*
Brussels, Belgium, to meet Secretary
of State Madeleine Albright today.
Before the talks ended, President
Clinton reiterated that Milosevic has
to end his crackdown in Kosovo, pull
out his special police force and
resume negotiations. Kosovo is a
province of Serbia, the main republic
But 90 percent of its 2 million
inhabitants are ethnic Albanians and
most favor independence or substan
tial self-rule.
Milosevic launched his crack
down Feb. 28 against the ethnic
Albanian Kosovo Liberation Army,
which is fighting for independence
for Kosovo.
Hundreds have been killed, and
more than 270,000 people have been
driven from their homes.
Despite mounting evidence of
Milosevic’s non-compliance and a
U.N. declaration confirming it,
Washington seemed to lack the inter
national consensus needed to bomb
Milosevic into compliance.
The United States is trying to get
Milosevic and the ethnic Albanians
to agree on a deal that would defer for
two or three years a decision on
whether to separate Kosovo from
“We are continuing to push for
military action against the Serbs,”
State Department spokesman James
Rubin said. “NATO is not there yet.”
U.S. officials also face strong
opposition from Russia, whose
Defense Minister Igor Sergeyev
warned Wednesday the move could
lead to even more bloodshed in
“This is not a penalty or punish
ment of an isolated country but
almost a real war,” Marshal Sergeyev
said in Athens, Greece.
Preparations for intervention
continued in Yugoslavia and abroad.
Britain, France and Germany all
recommended that their citizens
leave Yugoslavia. Canada already has
evacuated all nonessential diplomatic
staff and their families from its
Belgrade embassy, and U.S. officials
said dependents of its embassy
employees would soon be evacuated.
In Belgrade, the city government
said it was making preparations for
possible strikes. Warning sirens
blared in some Serbian towns. Some
opposition parties said mobilization
of air defense reservists was under
Meanwhile, Milosevic tried to
show that he was working to settle the
Kosovo crisis by dispatching Serbian
premier Mirko Marjanovic to the
province and inviting the 54-nation
Organization for Security and
Cooperation in Europe to the area.
We are continuing to push for military action
against the Serbs.”
James Rubin
State Department spokesman
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Clinton asks for votes
‘of principle, conscience’
WASHINGTON (AP) - President
Clinton said Wednesday that members
of the House should cast “a vote of
principle and conscience” on whether
to approve a broad, Republican-writ
ten impeachment inquiry against him.
He denied he was trying to pressure
“It’s up to others to decide what
happens to me, and ultimately it’s
going to be up to the American people
to make a clear statement there,” the
president told reporters in the Oval
Office. “More important than any
thing else to me is they do the people’s
work and then let the people decide
where we go from here.”
In return, Sen. Robert Byrd of
West Virginia, the senior Democrat in
the Senate, offered “friendly advice”
to the White House: “Don’t tamper
with this jury.” Senators would be the
jury if impeachment resolutions were
approved by the House and a Senate
trial was convened.
A day before the House is set to
approve the impeachment inquiry,
Democrats were searching for an
alternative that would satisfy both lib
erals and conservatives in the party, as
well as those with tough re-election
Meanwhile, first lady Hillary
Rodham Clinton met with a group of
freshman House Democrats to urge
them to “vote their conscience” and to
argue on behalf of the Democratic
alternative, said her spokeswoman,
Marsha Berry.
“She made clear she thought the
Democratic alternative that puts the
standards first was the right way to
proceed,” Berry said.
White House spokesman Joe
Lockhart denied that die first lady was
trying to help twist arms on the presi
dent’s behalf. “She made a case for the
Democratic alternative because it’s an
alternative that’s more fair,” Lockhart
After a House Democratic caucus,
it was clear that a number of lawmak
ers - especially conservatives and
those in tough races - would vote for
the Republican resolution.
“This cannot be a vote where you
try to defend the president of your own
party,” Rep. Tim Roemer, D-Ind., told
reporters in expressing support for the
GOP proposal.
But most Democrats who spoke at
the meeting said they would show
strong party unity by voting first for a
more limited inquiry - even though it’s
destined to fail.
“We’re a party, and we have to start
thinking like a party,” Rep. Gary
Ackerman, D-N. Y., told reporters.
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