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    Jive Records
Grade: A
In August, the Beastie Boys, A
Tribe Called Quest and Money Mark
each took their turn on stage in
Kansas City, Mo., and showed me
the best performance of my life.
But it turned out that the great
show I saw would be the last of its
At that concert, Tribe announced
it was breaking up.
At first, it didn’t make much
sense. The hip-hop group that
released two of the best rap records
ever, 1991 ’s “The Low End Theory”
and 1993’s “Midnight Marauders,”
should always continue making
But the band’s fourth record,
1996’s “Beats, Rhymes and Life”
fell short in comparison to the previ
ous three albums. Also, the band has
had some trouble with Jive Records
over the years, and from the way the
label has poorly promoted the group,
I can understand why Tribe wanted
to call it quits while still doing well.
Enter Tribe’s fifth album, the 15
track “The Love Movement.” The
group, made up of Ali Shaheed
Muhammad, Q-Tip and Phife Dawg,
is back with a release that is more laid
back than “Midnight Marauders” but
eclipses everything attempted on
“Beats, Rhymes and Life.”
The album begins with Q-Tip
busting a much more delicate yet
similar rap to Phife’s verse on “The
Low End Theory”’s “Butter.” The
solid rhymes continue throughout
and are highlighted by Phife’s phras
ing at the beginning of “Busta’s
Lament,” making the listener itchy to
repeatedly cue back.
The first single from the record
is “Find A Way.” While it’s not the
Tribe trademark in-your-face al6um
theme song, such as “Bonita
Applebum,” “Scenario,” “Award
Tour” or “1 nee Again,” it has its high
points. The sing-along chorus
becomes very addictive, and the
occasional pauses between rhymes
work well.
“Like It Like That” and
“Common Ground (Get It Goin’
On)” serve as the standard style for
the relationship-oriented record -
mostly chilled-out and lyrically
strong tracks with extended chorus
es. Fans who enjoyed past Tribe
pieces such as “8 Million Stories”
will enjoy the relaxed, but hardly
slow tempo featured throughout.
Supporting the band that helped
launch his solo career, Busta
Rhymes again appears on “Busta’s
Lament” and the harder-edged
“Steppin’ It Up,” one of the album’s
better songs. Other guests on the
record include Redman, Noreaga
and Mos Def.
The funniest point here occurs on
“Give Me,” where Q-Tip mocks the
music of Boyz 2 Men with a “Boyz 2
Men/ABC/BBD” line, which is a
good way of Tribe showing who is
the new champ of the love music
Other quality songs include “Pad
and Pen” and “Rock Rock Y’all.”
However, “Da Booty,” which was per
formed at the Aug. 7 Kansas City show,
seems too laid back for the song’s own
good, although the style used fits the
overall concept of the album well.
Limited editions of “The Love
Movement” contain six remix
tracks, including an alternate version
of “Scenario” and a Busta Rhymes
less “Oh My God.”
Is this as good an album as
“Midnight Marauders” or “The Low
End Theory”? No, but it’s every bit as
enjoyable as the band’s debut, 1990’s
“People’s Instinctive Travels and the
Paths of Rhythm,” and it marks a
lovely ending to an amazing career.
Some conjecture remains about
the future of this pioneering force in
hip-hop. There are rumors of a fol
low-up tour and continued promo
tional appearances, but one thing
seems certain: This is the last album
from Tribe Called Quest.
As the members of Tribe go on
their quests to explore different
avenues, all I can say is thanks for
the music
- Patrick Miner
-liWm.Mm I
Keith Sweat
“Still in the Game”
Elektra Recordings
Grade: B+
In a time when rhythm and blues
artists are a dime a dozen, Keith Sweat
continues to crank out truly quality
Sweat, who recorded his first
album in the late 1980s, has sold 15
million albums throughout his career.
That number includes five straight
number one R&B albums and 12 top
10 R&B singles on the Billboard
With all that success behind him,
Sweat put a new twist to his old flavor
in his latest release, “Still in the
The 12-song album has a lot of the
same sound that was heard on Sweat’s
1996 self-titled release, which went
quadruple platinum.
That same sound can also be heard
on the double-platinum “LSG” album,
in which Sweat teams with other R&B
legends Johnny Gill and Gerald
But instead of changing his style,
Sweat sticks with his recipe of success
with “Still in die Game.”
The Atlanta native again got some
of R&B and rap music’s biggest stars
to appear on this album.
Rap pioneers Too Short and Erick
Sermon appear on “Love Jones,” and
Jermaine Dupri brings the rap into
‘Too Hot”
The first single, “Come and Get
with Me” features Snoop Dogg - the
newest No Limit Records soldier
shows his melodic side singing with
On the self-titled release, Sweat
brought Athena Cage into the spotlight
on “Nobody.” The appearance of 01
Skool on “Show U What Love Is” will
probably do the same for his career.
Most of the songs on the album are
a combination of a dance track mixed
with the feel of a slow jam.
Unlike the self-titled release, there
is no real slow song on “Still in the
Game.” There also is not anything that
you will hear in your local dance club.
But that is the beauty of the Keith
Sweat sound. This album does not
smack you across the face with obnox
ious dance cuts, but it also doesn’t have
any lover’s laments, either.
A lot of the songs could very well
be used as bedroom banter. No man or
woman with a healthy libido should be
without this latest album.
Sweat’s sultry voice fits the style
very well. If the sound of his voice on
this album doesn’t movo you, you
should check to see if you still have a
-Jay Saunders
Music video station
to stop for local fans
It doesn t get much better than a
50-foot trailer full of free stuff and
televisions that show nothing but
music videos.
And when the Country Music
Television truck crew makes a pit stop
in Lincoln tomorrow, Wrangler-clad
* CMT fans will be in country heaven.
Ann Shrewsbury, Lincoln
CableVision affairs administrator,
said this was the first time CMT has
ever stopped in Lincoln.
KFGE-FM (98.1) “Froggy 98”
will broadcast live from 4 p.m. to 7
p.m on the site.
Shrewsbury said country fans
will get the chance to find out more
about CMT programming, win free
prizes and see the 53-foot fifth wheel,
which gets a lot of on-air promotion
on the channel.
“Fans can see up close and per
sonal what CMT is all about,” she
said. “The channel is really popular in
Lincoln, and this is the chance to find
out more.”
The CMT truck crew will appear
tomorrow at the Cable Vision build
ing, 5400 S. 16th St, from 4 p.m. to 7
For more information, call
Cable Vision at (402) 421-0378.
Reeves attends fund-raiser
for spinal research
Christopher Reeve told a 6-year-old
girl paralyzed in an amusement park
accident that thanks to advances in
spinal cord research she might walk
again someday.
Reeve, who was paralyzed in a
1995 equestrian accident, on
Saturday attended a fund-raiser for
Emily’s Walk for Spinal Research, a
foundation Emily Hunt’s parents
founded in her name.
Reeve told the girl and audience
members that research involving rats
offers hope that spinal cord injuries
can be mended.
The only barrier to human testing
is money, Reeve said.
“I just want you to know that
what we’re talking about now is sim
ply the financing of the procedure,”
he said. “It’s going to happen.”
Chesney sued for $50,000
by former supporters
Back where he comes from, two for
mer supporters of singer Kenny
Chesney are suing him for half a mil
lion dollars.
John Staley and Bob Thomas say
that in 1992 Chesney signed a con
tract assigning 20 percent of his
income to their firm, Paradise
Management. They say Chesney
breached his contract.
Despite the lawsuit seeking
$500,000, the opposing parties are
negotiating a possible settlement,
according to Bridget Bailey, a
spokeswoman for Staley and
Thomas. Chesney representatives
didn’t return phone calls over the
Chesney, named top new male
vocalist this year by the Academy of
Country Music, grew up in Luttrell,
about 20 miles from Knoxville.
Chesney’s tunes include “Back
Where I Come From,” “When I Close
My Eyes” and “She’s pot it All.”
~>ir—Lion ifcn3v$o beiunosi \£ixouip
Top sumowrestler faoild$j n u j
Tokyo wedding ceremony
TOKYO (AP) - Six months after
their official marriage, Japan’s top
foreign-bom sumo wrestler Akebono
and wife Christina Reiko Kalina held
a gala, 1,300-guest wedding ceremo
The ceremony for the 6-foot-8,
516-pound sumo wrestler from
Hawaii, formerly known as Chad
Rowan, was nationally televised, irj..
Japan. U.S. Ambassador to Japan,
Thomas Foley attended and a
telegram from President Bill Clinton
was read.
Akebono and Kalina officially
married in April in Tokyo and had a
baby daughter in May.
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