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: to retair
By Kim Sweet
Staff writer
The purpose of Cynthia Gooch’s
job a year ago was to work to retain
students of color at the University of
But the forma education special
ist in Multicultural Affairs ran into one
problem: There weren’t many students
to retain.
So Gooch decided to take matters
into ha own hands when a position for
minority recruitment opened up in
Now, the new assistant director for
minority recruitment is seeing things
from the other side of the fence and
using ha experiences from ha old job
in ha new one.
MI thought that if someone recruit
ed more effectively, we would have a
better chance of retaining minority
students,” Gooch said.
After starting ha job in the spring,
Gooch began efforts to do that.
She spent the summer touring uni
versities comparable to UNL to find
out how they ran their minority
recruitment programs.
One of foe universities she collab
orated with was University of Kansas
in Lawrence, which increased the
numba of minorities on its campus by
33 percent after increasing its recruit
ment efforts, Gooch said.
KU wasn’t the only school that
increased its numbers dramatically,
she said.
After attending a conference on
minority recruitment where schools
with large and small enrollments were
represented, Gooch found out UNL
had a lot of work to do.
“We’re behind. Way behind,” she
One of die things Gooch is plan
ning that will help UNL compete with
other Midwestern schools that attract
Nebraska’s students of color is
Multicultural Senior Days.
“They will be set up very much
like Red Letter Days,” Gooch said.
“Except they will be very colorful.”
Latino Senior Day, African
American Senior Day and Native
American Senior Day will allow
prospective students to tour the cam
pus, talk with faculty members and
hear from different cultural organiza
tions on campus.
Typically, Gooch said, only a
handful of students of color come to
each Red Letter Day.
She thinks bringing students of the
same background together will make
them feel more comfortable while
touring campus.
“You want to be able to identify
with someone else,” Gooch said.
Gooch also hopes to start promot
ing UNL to younger students of color.
She is planning a day in the spring to
bring high school sophomores and
juniors from across the state to cam
A multicultural recognition night
for top Nebraska seniors also is in the
works. Activities like those will help
UNEs recruiting efforts, Gooch said.
“We’re trying to hit Nebraska real
ly hard,” she said. “We need to recruit
in our own back yard.”
Interim Director of Admissions
Larry Ruth agrees with Gooch’s theo
ry feat bringing more students of color
to campus Will increase the number
who decide to come to UNL in the
“That is one of our prime strate
gies,” Ruth sakL ..
We need to recruit
in our own
Cynthia Gooch
minority recruiter
Ruth said he couldn’t think of
anyone better than Gooch to carry
out the recruiting efforts.
Though the new assistant direc
tor knows bringing students to cam
pus is important to recruiting, she
said a campus that lacks diversity
also can use other tactics to increase
minority representation.
Scholarships, such as the Davis
Scholarship, are available for racial
minority undergraduate students.
Because of a lawsuit at the
University of Maryland, state-sup
ported scholarships aimed at specif
ic minorities are illegal, Gooch said.
But private scholarships can fill
in the gap, she said.
“I think the university needs to
be more aggressive in finding those
funds,” Gooch said.
She said she hoped UNL
Chancellor James Moeser and his
cabinet would act on their commit
ment to making the campus more
diverse by finding such private
Gooch said she is confident the
efforts she is putting into her new job
will benefit everyone on campus,
not just minority students.
“A diverse campus benefits
everyone,” she said. “It makes you a
more rounded person.” ;
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Protests can continue
Johanns vetoes plan targeting church pkketers
By Jose Funk
Senior staff writer
Protesters can continue to demon
strate outside Lincoln churches after
Wednesday’s mayoral veto.
Mayor Mike Johanns kept his
promise to veto a proposed city ordi
nance that would have restricted
protesting during religious activities on
the grounds that it unconstitutionally
restricted the protesters’ rights to free
The ordinance was approved by die
Lincoln City Council 4-3 Monday in
response to the anti-abortion protesters
who have been demonstrating outside
of Westminster Presbyterian Church,
210 Sheridan Blvd., during the last 20
Rescue the Heartland has been
protesting against Dr. Winston Crabb, a
church elder who performs abortions in
Lincoln and Omaha.
Supporters of the ordinance on the
City Council and associated with the
church all echoed the sentiment that
they were disappointed, but not sur
prised, at the mayor’s action.
Several supporters said the courts
should decide constitutionality.
“It’s not up to any one of us to decide
if it is unconstitutional,” said
Councilwoman Colleen Seng, who
voted for the ordinance.
Larry Donlan, director of Rescue
the Heartland, also said he expected the
veto, but was pleased with the action.
“The Westminster tower of bab
bling lies did not win out,” Donlan said.
Donlan also promised his group
would continue to picket at Westminster.
“We’ll keep exposing that evil,” he said.
One of the major objections to the
group’s protests has been the use of
giant-sized pictures of aborted fetuses.
Churchgoers raised concerns about
their children witnessing the graphic
dembhstfatiaii.'; .7 V 1.77
Johanns said he was appalled by the
demonstrators’ tactics, but he could not
approve the restriction.
“This is an obnoxious exercise of
free speech,” Johanns said. ‘1 will do
what I can to help.”
Now supporters of the measure will
consider other options to restrict the
With five votes, the City Council
can override Johanns’ veto, but that
means one of the three dissenters must
change his or her vote.
Then the council will look to other
“We will consider other options to
restrict the protesters including sign size
and content restrictions,”
Councilwoman Cindy Johnson, who
voted against the ordinance, said.
There ought to be something the
common citizen can do about the
protests, Councilman Dale Young said.
“There should be some grounds for
decency,” said Young, who supported
the ordinance.
But should City Council measures
fail to affect the protesters, Westminster
officials are prepared to take tbe issue to
the ballot, Carl Horton, associate pasted;
“We are entirely confident we can
get die signatures for a ballot initiative,”
Horton said. “There is enormous com
munity support”
Johanns emphasized he wants to
resolve this issue for the health of the
“I am more than willing to try to
work through the situation for a solu
tion,” he said.
But Seng and other supporters of
the bill remain disappointed in die city’s
aCtlOnS., . .... ,f.
“We kind of turned our backs, bn _
them,” Seng said, “andthat’s toobad”..
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