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    Music professor to give
farewell performance
By Jason Hardy
Senior Reporter
After 23 years of teaching at UNL,
Robert Emile is going out the same way
he came in - with music.
Thursday at 8 p.m., faculty mem
bers, alumni and students will gather at
Kimball Recital Hall to offer Emile, a
professor in the University ofNebraska
Lincoln School of Music, a bon voyage.
Emile, along with partner Nicole
Narboni, assistant professor in the
School of Music, will perform Bach’s
“Bedussy Brahms” as part of die event.
The free performance will be fol
lowed by anodier performance of a song
written for the occasion by Randall
Snyder, composer-in-residence for the
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uvuwi ui lviuoiv. ruiti uiai uiwit wrnut
a reception in the lower level of Kimball
Recital Hall.
Emile will play the violin, and
Narboni will play the piano. Emile said
he is happy to start his retirement with a
performance of the music he loves.
“I’ve played a recital just about
every year, but I enjoy playing,” Emile
said. “I’ve played all my life.”
Narboni said she is excited to be a
part of the recital.
“I’m looking forward to it,”
Narboni said. “I love all the music that
we’re doing.”
Emile said he appreciated what he
had accomplished through playing and
teaching music. That type of apprecia
tion is what he tried to instill in his stu
dents during the past 23 years.
“Music is a normal part of life,”
Emile said. “Everyone is involved with
music, whether they know it or not”
He said he tried to teach his students
to be selective in the music they paid
attention to. That means not worrying
about the push of advertising agencies,
he said.
“Listening to something - that
means more than just buying a can of
tomatoes,” Emile said.He said another
important aspect of teaching was being
sincere when dealing with students.
“I just try to be honest with them
and let them know where I’m coming
from - telling them like it is and sup
porting them,” Emile said.
He said being honest was some
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too high of expectations.
“They think that since they love
music they should be in it for a busi
ness,” Emile said. “I love to play tennis,
but I won’t ever be pro.”
Narboni said Emile is an excellent
musician and that students could learn a
lot from his approach to playing music.
“His standards are very high, and
that’s something that everybody can
learn from,” Narboni said.
With maintaining high standards,
Emile said, one has to be careful to not
get caught up in them.
“It shouldn’t be obsessive, but it’s
easy to get that way,” Emile said “At the
end of the day you have to enjoy it.
“At least you have to have satisfac
tion that you did your best”
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o n
1320 ‘O’ Street ?
(Next to Woody’s)
05 y
W 7- n
> Thursday: $1.50 Pints
§ Friday: Ladies Night 3
Z NO COVER • Food Until 1 a.m. *
H3AQ3 ON » M3AQ3 ON ■» H3AQ3 ON « H3AQ3 ON
UPC offers ‘living’ before Dead Week
From Staff Reports
It’s the last big party before the
stress of finals begins, and it’s open to
The University Program Council
is sponsoring “Living Before Dead
Week,” a day of activities from 11
a.m. to 6 p.m. on Friday designed to
provide students with stress relief.
Summer Stivey, a UPC represen
tative, said the day will include fun
events and free prizes for everyone.
“We are really pumped and excit
ed about this event,” Stivey said.
“There is some really good stuff
Stabbing Westward
“Darkest Days”
Grade: B+
Despite the title, this is Stabbing
Westward’s most uplifting album yet
That doesn’t mean the band has for
saken depressing subjects like self-hate,
relationship problems and suicidal-wish
fulfillment just yet. But it does mean
there are a few songs that actually fea
ture happier subjects, such as “You
Complete Me,” where a relationship
actually works, and “Save Yourself,”
which is about being realistic in a rela
“Save Yourself” is currently receiv
ing a lot of airplay in Lincoln, mainly for
going on.”
Stivey said the day will include
games of Pepsi ball and Twister,
among other things.
“We are going to have a special
game of Singled Out with Sara
Russell and Viet Hoang,” she said.
The event also features two
bands, Full Clip and Indigenous.
“Full Clip is a rap group from
Omaha, and our main headliner is the
blues band Indigenous,” she said.
Stivey said UPC is expecting a
good turnout for the event and
encouraged everyone to attend.
“Last year we had over 1,000 peo
ple attend, and we are hoping this
W _
its infectious beat and pop-type melody.
It is definitely a crowd-pleaser, with def
inite rhythmic and melodic hooks that
listeners can easily sink their teeth into.
However, it is not the best song on
this album.
“Drowning” holds that distinction,
combining a synthesizer, an electric
piano and very quiet lyrical singing
from Stabbing Westward’s lead singer
Christopher Hall on a subject this group
seems to know a lot about - absolute
despair. As Hall sings on this cut, “I’m
drowning in nothing. I’m losing myself,
sinking deeper down. Everything has
changed but me.”
The lyrics alone don’t make this cut
memorable, but combined with the music,
it is extremely powerful and moving.
“You Complete Me,” the happiest
song on this release by far, also is excel
lent In this song, Hall sings about love in
a positive sense, something which would
have been unheard of on either “Ungod”
or “Wither Blister Bum and Peel.”
Worthiness of love, or the lack of it
is a huge departure for Stabbing
Westward’s lyrical writing.
Other sorigs perhaps more typical of
Stabbing Westward’s musical output are
“Desperate Now,” “Everything I
Touch,” “The Thing I Hate (P.O.M.F.),”
“On Your Way Down” and “Goodbye.”
They are all dark, depressing and
despondent songs about despair, agony,
pain and problems.
“Desperate Now” is another slow,
lyrical take on depression without being
as good as “Drowning,” and
“Everything I Touch” is its up-tempo
counterpart “On Your Way Down” has
an infectious melodic hook, despite its
year is even better,” she said. “It’s
going to be a fun and free event, and
every college student likes those
The schedule of events for
Thursday is as follows:
■ 11 a.m. - Lunch on the Green,
Twister and Pepsi ball
■ 1 p.m. - Ready, Set, Volleyball
■ 3 p.m. - Full Clip
■ 4 p.m. - Singled Out
■ 5 p.m. - Indigenous
The day’s events all take place in
the east loop by Memorial Stadium.
For more information, call UPC at
Courtesy Photo
WARD are (from left) Walter Flak us,
Christopher Hall, Jim Sellers, Andy
Kublszewski and Mark Eliopulos.
“Darkest Days” is the group's third
full-length release,
subject matter - the downfall of success.
This is a fine album which will
delight Stabbing Westward fans every- „
where, but it may not convert anyone. It ^
seems that Stabbing Westward needs to
be a little bit more lyrically diverse (i.e.,
not talk about death, degression, sui- “
cide, etc. so much) in order to progress
and grow as a musical group. ;
However, there is quite a bit. of"
musical progress from vocalist Hall,
guitarist Marcus Eliopulos, keyboard
player Walter Flakus, multi-instru
mentalist Andrew Kubiszewski and
bassist Jim Sellars; and that bodes
well for the future.
Keep an eye on this group. They
may just surprise you.
- Barb Churchill
1 ....-____J
. . ■ ' •
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