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Paula Lavigne
Kasey Kerber
Brad Davis
Erin Gibson
Shannon Heffelfinger
Chad Lorenz
Jeff Randall
“I want everybody to (participate)
regardless of whether they feel uneasy.
I want it to be an everybody celebra
-Juan Izaguirre, Mexican-American
Student Association vice president, on
participation during Chicano week at
“When people hear of breast cancer,
the first thing they think of is that it’s a
death sentence. That’s not the case.”
- Former Norfolk Sen. Connie Day,
who was diagnosed with breast cancer,
before her 1992 election to the
“Seeing how it’s sunny outside,
maybe we should go out and settle this
whole thing right now.”
- President Bill Clinton, speaking at
the White House to members of the
University of Michigan and University of
Nebraska national champion football
“We are supposed to be smarter
than women; why can’t we take the
upper hand in this situation? Why does
the presence of a woman change a
man’s IQ level?”
- Daily Nebraskan Columnist Mark
Zmarzly on men’s supposed higher IQ
level than women
“Modern rock deserves radio time,
but based on its own merits. The Edge
lied about the music they were playing
and the image they donned to sell it.”
- Daily Nebraskan A&E Assignment
1 u importer Bret Sdkulte in a Commentary on
The Edge radio station s demise
“But it seems to me for 30,000
bucks, I could have been taught more. I
could’ve learned, how to jet ski or how
to build an oar?”
- Graduating Daily Nebraskan
Columnist Steve Willey, from his version
of the Alma Mater
“I can’t even say everything that
went wrong.”
- NU quarterback Frankie London,
commenting on the firstfill scrimmage of
the spring, where the offense was domi
nated by the defense
“Jenn doesn’t go back until we get a
hard one. Then she says ‘Have a good
one.’ I say, ‘That a way.’”
- NU softball pitcher Jenny Voss on
teammate Jenny Smith and the two play
ers ’ tradition of licking their fingers,
smacking hands and snapping their fin
gers after each trip to the mound
“People don’t care about All
American gymnasts because they are
used to national championships.”
- Francis Allen, Nebraska men’s gym
nastics coach, on his team’s role as indi
vidual qualifiers instead of team quali
fiers for the NCAA championships
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Propaganda perpetuated
In response to Mark Zmarzly’s
article entitled “Sexual Smarts:
Higher IQs Can’t Help Men
Understand Women” on Wednesday:
Women have continually struggled
with the notions of inferiority that
Zmarzly attempts to light-heartedly
The inability of women to become
leading scholars in the areas discussed
is a direct result of the patriarchal pro
paganda that Zmarzly perpetuates.
Standardized tests designed pri
marily by white, upper-class males do
not address the needs or experiences
of people who do not fit this profile.
Erroneous information such as
this continue to reinforce gender
stereotypes, thereby making it impos
sible for women to realize their maxi
mum potential.
Zmarzly makes an effort to elimi
nate domestic assaulters and rapists
from the category of “intelligent”
men; however, he fails to acknowledge
his own contributions to the degrada
tion of women’s social and political
Reading articles such as this force
even the most intelligent of women to
question their own mental compe
tence. So, thank you once again for
making a public mockery out of the
constant battle for equality.
Kate Lavia
Stephanie Cody
criminal justice
Anger me
Mark Zmarzly’s article as well as
Josh Moenning’s were both very prej
Zmarzly’s article no doubt
offended many feminists, while
Moenning’s article offended gays,
lesbians and many racial groups.
I’m feeling discrimanated against
here. When are you going to start
offending fat, pipe-smoking, motor
cycle-riding polar-bear-loving men?
How do you expect me to get
pissed off and feel self-righteous
when your articles are nonoffensive
to my demographic?
How am I supposed to take
myself way too seriously and write
any multi-tangented, completely
obvious, narrow-minded thick
skulled excuse-for-a-letter-to-the
editor when you write nothing to
polarize (no pun intended) me?
How can I shout, “I’m a moron!”
to the masses if you give me nothing
to be overwhelmingly neurotic about.
I have just as much right as gays,
lesbians, blacks, whites, Latinos,
Orientals, feminists, liberals, conserv
atives, women-haters and men with
loud male voices to be indignant and
look paranoid in the letters department.
Why should they have a chance to
be insulted while fat, pipe-smoking,
motorcycle-riding polar-bear-loving
men live without being insulted?
I dare you to publish this, you
polarphobic motorcycle bigots.
Jacob Moore
forestries, fisheries and wildlife
An inspiration to us all
I want to thank Brian Carlson for
his excellent feature article on the
front page of the Tuesday issue of
the Daily Nebraskan.
I have had the pleasure of
becoming acquainted with Sen.
DiAnna Schimek over the past year
as she is the community sponsor for
Mortar Board, a national senior hon
orary on campus.
She has truly been an inspiration
to each of our members, especially
in light of her diagnosis this winter.
I believe that many students can
learn from her experiences. Sen.
Schimek has continued to make her
career of helping people a priority
even in light of her battle with can
She remains optimistic in her
outlook on life, and that attitude is
contagious. She has learned not to
“sweat the small stuff.”
This is something each of us
should keep in mind as we near the
end of the semester and Finals
In addition, as a lifelong
Nebraska resident, I am thrilled to
see one of our state senators fight
ing for health care for ALL women.
I wish Sen. Schimek all the best
and support her in her efforts to
make life in Nebraska better for all
of its citizens.
Brians Hooi
sociology major
I: '
' i
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