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Paula Lavigne
Kasey Kerber
Brad Davis
Erin Gibson
Shannon Heffelfinger
Chad Lorenz
Jeff Randall
“(Sen. Wesely) came into the
Legislature with a well-developed
philosophy and an admirable set of
ideals. And that has not changed.”
- Sen. Chris Beutler of Lincoln on
Sen. Don Wesely of Lincoln, who will
retire after this session
“Winning is not necessarily
attributed to the money, but we can’t
necessarily divorce it from the
money either.”
- ASUN President Sara Russell on
the $4^300 her party spent on its win
ning campaign
“What’s that stinky smell? It’s
making me sick.”
- Matthew, a preschooler discover
ing pigs at the UNL Block and Bridle
Kid’s Day at the Animal Science arena
on East Campus
“Hollywood sucks up the ideas of
independent filmmakers and regur
gitates them in a more palatable con
sumer-driven form.”
- Gwendolyn Foster, assistant
English professor and film studies
instructor, on film as an art form
“I’m relieved that this is a posi
tive resolution for the chemistry
department and for students.”
- Bill McLaughlin, visiting chem
istry instructor, on his contract to
teach at UNL next year
“Although the governor’s alleged
conduct, if true, ipay certainly be
characterized as boorish and offen
sive, even a most charitable reading
of the record in this case fails to
reveal a basis for a claim of criminal
sexual assault.”
- U.S. District Judge Susan Webber
Wright on her decision to throw out the
Paula Jones lawsuit against President
“Just seeing the way they live, the
way Chauncey lives ... I thought I
could fit in with the style of play.”
- Nebraska point guard Tyronn Lue
on his decision to forgo his senior sea
son and enter the NBA Draft. Lue visit
ed former Colorado guard and current
Toronto Raptor Chauncey Billups last
“Do you think I’d tell Tyronn Lue
to come out of college? Hell no,
that’s ridiculous.”
- NBA Director of Scouting Marty
Blake on the possibility of Lue leaving
“He gives us a dimension we did
n’t have. It’s like Tyronn Lue leaving
and then coming back.”
- NU Golf Coach Larry Romjue on
golfer Jamie Rogers, who returned
from Australia to play for the Huskers
after a two-year absence
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. , , . ' V t I
Affair of the heartland j
Future Farmers of America is spirit of Nebraska 1
«- !
East Campus, we know that you are the
this university, and this is your
shine”... '
_ - i
chemical engineering
major and a Daily
Nebraskan columnist.
Ahh, the first week in April. It is
a battleground between spring and
winter. When talk starts of Texas
leaguers and if the record of 61 in
’61 can be broken.
But a far more personal event is
happening this weekend. For this
weekend outshines all other events
in our fair Comhusker state because
East Campus is holding the
Nebraska State Future Farmers of
America Convention, truly the
greatest show on all of the earth.
I was raised on a farm north of a
sleepy little northeastern Nebraska
town called Wisner.
Ahh yes ... Wisner. Within the
comfortable confines of my beloved
town there was a Vocational
Agriculture instructor who tran
scended every social boundary ever
This man is Mark Schroeder.
Even though his most commonly
said phase was, “That damn Kvols
kid!” his wit and intelligence mold
ed our eager brains.
While many a Kass was cultivat
ed under Schroeder’s instruction
before myself, nothing could have
prepared me for what was about to
come between the years of 1989
through 1993.
He instructed my classmates in
the art of land judging, parliamen
tary procedure, meat judging and so
on. No one else could have shown us
the fine 2‘/2-inch line of tenderloin
between a T-bone and porterhouse
steak; and under his high school
domain, phrases as “Meaty Bob
Johnson” and “left one right one
jealous” became entrenched within
Wisner-Pilger-Beemer FFA lingo for
all time.
A mysterious individual was this
Mr. Mark Schroeder. I know of no
other high school instructor able to
catch a stapler flying at high veloci
ties without even looking, demon
strating to his students that not only
did he master agriculture, but he was
a master of the art of ninja as well.
Marie Schroeder opened the door
to FFA for all of us. With the FFA
experience I learned how to say
“cappuccino” and was granted the
nickname “Balls” for my numerous
conquers of the tall water slide in
the now defunct Peony Park, and I
met my first love, oh ... dear, sweet
Also at a FFA conference, I
found Gwen making out with some
kid from Lexington; thus, FFA indi- .
rectly taught me that women are
inherently evil, dreadfully evil.
However, most importantly, I
judged in the National FFA Meat.
•Judging contest in Kansas City, Mo.,
and in this same week our team went
to a restaurant, unbeknownst to we
innocent teenagers, called Hooters.
Ignorant to the establishment, I
... well, let's just say that FFA
opened many, many doors to me
personally. Back at our hotel, Mr.
Schroeder asked about our where
abouts and we answered with the
excuse that our hunger overcame us,
and we went to a marvelous pancake
house just down the street. Hailing
' J
from small-town life, he bought it,
and no punishment occurred. Ha ...
the benefits of being a Wisnerite.
This is why I hold East Campus
in such high regard. Too many times
Nebraska is represented by the
slums of Omaha and Lincoln. East
Campus is a safe house to people
who don’t wear hemp and don’t dye i
their hair. It’s solitude surrounded by
madness. East Campus is the true
embodiment of Nebraska.
This is why the State FFA con
vention is the expression of the
Nebraska spirit.
Where else can a fledging
youngster become one of Nebraska
FFA’s state farmers by working as a
stock boy at Mel’s Foodtown, per
form “The Flight of Mark
Schroeder” on the mandolin in front
of a sea of 5,000 in blue, and still
know the difference between a
seven-bone roast and the bottom
round all in one night? FFA made
all this possible.
This is why I decree that FFA
and East Campus are the heart and
soul of Nebraska. East Campus, we
know that you are the anchor for this
university, and this is your time to
I say bum flags of Todd Munson,
judge your livestock, identify meat,
and show to our beloved FFAers that
they are the backbone and ultimately
the future of our campus.
But most of all, as a favor for
me, thank Mark Schroeder for his
wisdom in teaching a certain fledg
ling agriculturist that FFA opened a
whole new world. Hail the Almighty
Mark Schroeder!
f. «.l ■'!
I j I