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Quotes of the
“I want to say that we should
just tend to our garden - just worry
about students when they get here -
and we should do that. But we also,
as universities, need to try to influ
ence society.”
- English Professor James Ford,
on the heightening of the University
of Nebraska Lincoln’s academic rigor
“I used to watch it as a kid, and
as you grow up you realize that ‘hey,
this is fake,* but it’s still fun.”
- Matthew Malone, senior psy
chology major, on professional
wrestling's WCW appearance in
Lincoln last week
“If we’re not in the top 64 in the
country, then we belong in Russia.”
- NU Men’s Basketball Coach
Danny Nee, on the possibility of the
Huskers being invited to the NCAA
“I won’t make any promises I
can’t deliver.”
- Republican gubernatorial candi
date Jon Christensen, after his TV ad
campaign was unveiled earlier this
“I know students want tobacco
in the unions, but removing tobacco
from our unions is something that I
have supported from the beginning
- I must continue my support.”
- Nebraska Unions Director Daryl
Swanson, explaining this week’s
■qppeal to the Association of Students
of the University of Nebraska and the
Committee for Fees Allocation
“Any time you see people in the
crowd reacting - bobbing their
heads, singing along or getting off
to the music - that’s where the real
magic happens.”
- Marty Steinhausen, Radio King
bassist, on performing live
“Who says that there isn’t any
culture in Nebraska?”
- Cameron Otopalik, an attendee
of Wednesday’s International Bazaar
at the Nebraska Union
“I think (NU) came in with a
false sense of security of what we
were capable of doing.”
- OSU Women’s Basketball Coach
Dick Halterman, after NU’s 83-69
loss to the Cowboys
“OSU was good, but we were just
so bad.”
- NU Coach Paul Sanderford,
after the OSU game
“I promise you things won’t be
like that in the future at Nebraska.”
- Sanderford, at the post-game
press conference
Editorial Policy
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letter Policy
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. y.<
0 Jfff fattUuMt/.
The fly in the ointment
First of all, I want to applaud Todd
Munson for wanting to get involved
in student government (“Munson for
president,” Tuesday). The best way to
get things changed we disagree with
as students on this campus is to get
involved and try to change things our
Secondly, I want to respond to the
allegations in his article that, in
ASUN elections, the candidates “see
an opportunity to pad an otherwise
dull resume.” If you knew me, you
would know, despite majoring in
mathematics, what I really want to do
is pursue marine biology. Yes, Todd, I
want to play with dolphins for a liv
ing. Do you really think being elected
student body president is a self-serv
ing way for me to become a marine
biologist? You may still, and you’re
absolutely entitled to your opinion,
but in my eyes, the two goals of mine
are completely unrelated.
In actuality, because students
have felt disconnected with ASUN
for so long, you might find it difficult
to believe I am running because I’m
an idealist. I see a lot of things on this
campus that need to be improved, and
I am running for student body presi
dent because I feel inclined enough to
get up off my butt and do something
about it. I want to help make change,
and I believe I can.
I just hope enough students agree
with me that they will get out and
vote on March 11 - for whomever
they deem the best candidate for the
Sara Russell
COMMIT presidential candidate
The monkey in the wrench
Todd Munson, I finished reading
another one of your editorials, and I
found it rather disrespectful. No, I am
not running for anything, and I am
not even involved with ASUN. But I
will tell you one thing, what you said
was wrong and should be taken as a
slap in the face to those involved.
Can’t you understand these people
put a lot of time and effort into these
campaigns and debates, and all you
do is sit back and joke about the
whole thing, trying to get votes at the
same time.
~ Robb Blum/DN
To tell you the truth, I wouldn’t
vote for you, even if you were serious,
and running unopposed. Shouldn’t
you be spending more time trying to
think of a “logical” way to make this
a wet campus?
Josh Horner
criminal justice
A pain in the •••
I just want to comment on the
upcoming “elections” here at UNL. I
think they are a joke. The only reason
they exist is to give the greeks some
thing to put on their resumes.
I encourage no one to vote for
anyone as a statement of our discon
tent. I believe it is strange that after
every ASUN election, people will say
how unmotivated our students are.
They will say we are “lazy, apathet
ic.” No, that is not true. We just refuse
to accept the status quo.
Go ahead, enjoy your elections. I
hate to tell you this, but they don’t
mean a damn thing. Just another way
to make the students feel involved
(although we all know that is not the
case). We are only dollar signs, let us
just admit it. The electoral process
here on campus mirrors that of our
nation: a few white guys from privi
leged homes trying to tell us how to
Evidence suggests...
First of all, I would like to
applaud Anthony Colman for his edi
torial “Presumed prejudice”
(Thursday), a serious attempt to grap
ple with a substantial social issue.
What I am a little more ambivalent
about than his editorial, however, is
the tendency I’ve noticed in debates
about homosexuality to construct
certain parameters in which homo
sexuality will be acceptable.
consist of genetic predisposition. It
seems likely to me that considera
tions such as this do play a significant
role in any human being’s - homosex
ual’s or heterosexual’s - life.
However, they may not necessarily
play the starring role. To make genet
ic predisposition the sole efficacy in
sexual orientation is to deny one of
the most rewarding things about
human experience: the ability to cre
ate our lives from the raw materials
we are given.
There is always the choice,
regardless of an individual’s sexual
orientation, about how to express sex
uality. Even if it were the case, which
I don’t think is true, that homosexual
ity could be determined to result 100
percent from individual choice, I still
think it is 100 percent acceptable. It
is my belief to think any less is not to
afford homosexuality the space with
in society it deserves.
Brenda Sieczkowski
*" 34 Nebraska Union, 1400 "R" St., Lincoln,
e-mail <
~ phone number for verifi ■**&&»* ~
3 i;..s&Ta "sift di w .