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Quiet Riot, other 80s ‘hairdo’ bands to play at Guitars
By Jason Hardy
Assignment Reporter
In 1983, America felt the “Noize” of heavy metal
for the first time in massive arenas packed with hair
dos and cuf-up sweatshirts that read “Quiet Riot”
This weekend, Lincoln will have its chance to get
checked out with a clean bill of “metal health.”
Heavy metal pioneers Quiet Riot will be at Guitars
and Cadillacs, 5400 O St, Sunday to perform the hits
that made them famous throughout the ‘80s.
But the metal mayhem doesn’t stop there. Art
Rigg, general manager at Guitars and Cadillacs, said
Cinderella was booked for an upcoming show, and he
planned on getting more ‘80s hairdo, metal bands in
the future.
“There’s a real demand for it,” Rigg said.
He said the demand was there because people
wanted to see something different
“Country was a big trend for a long time, and it
pretty much dropped off and people are looking for
something different,” Rigg said. “People are like
‘Yeah, I remember that song.’ It’s fun to go back, I
ii There’s
nothing NEW
and exciting
It’s OLD and
exciting. 9f
Rusty Couts
booking agent, United Entertainment
Rusty Couts, booking agent for United
Entertainment, said part of the fim about seeing old
metal bands was to actually see them up close.
“It’s something kind of cool about seeing a band
that you saw in an arena years ago in a club now,”
Couts said. “There’s nothing new and exciting — it’s
old and exciting.”
He said the trend is spreading fast
“(‘80s bands) are all jumping on the wagon now.
They’re not going to be playing clubs much longer,”
Couts said. “You’re going to see diem in bigger envi
While Couts agreed there was a kitsch factor in
seeing old metal bands, he said the music was ulti
mately what brought people to see the bands.
“There is a little funny quality to some of it, but I
know myself and a lot of people go to these shows to
hear die songs,” Couts said.
Funny or not, Rigg said he was sure Quiet Riot,
which has all its original members back, would be
loud and rocking.
“They’ve never played here with all the original
members, so I think it’ll be a really good time,” Rigg
said. “I’m sure it’s gonna’ be huge.”
Tickets for the show are $10 in advance and $12
the day of die show. For more information call Guitars
and Cadillacs at (402) 464-1100.
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