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    Singers wow audience
with soulful performance
SINGERS from page 1
a historical fashion, beginning with
the original tribal songs of Africa and
progressing to the contemporary
works of Belafonte and George
Gershwin’s opera, “Poigy and Bess.”
Scott Warfield, a Wesleyan pro
fessor of music history, also com
mended the group on its diversity of
“I think what they did was the
great amalgam of the American
musical experience ... it’s all right
there, from the early beginnings to
Warfield said the selection from
Gershwin’s “Porgy and Bess” espe
cially impressed him as an unusual
work to be sung by a gospel group.
Gershwin, a Russian-Jewish immi
grant, wrote the opera in Italian style,
and had it sung in English using
African-American dialect and
“Now that’s diversity,” Warfield
said. *
Following the performance, the
group received a standing ovation
and performed an encore rendition of
“Dry Bones,” to the applauding
The group then spent the rest of
the day instructing and critiquing
area high school choirs before a two
hour concert starting at 7 p.m. at
Plymouth Congregational Church in
“I think that if there is one thing
we should take away from this, it
should be the experience of black
music and musicians, and the diver
sity that they offer all of us,”
Sewright said.
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„ ..'5?”V if' *"
yields nebulous answers
E-MAIL from page 1
across tiie nation.
“We will shortly be announcing a
call,” David Hibler said, “not just on
wide for rap-ins tb stop thewar,
whidh hasn’t started yet”
Jordan Hibler said if people con
tinue to read bis father’s e-mail, they
will further understand what he is dy
ing to accomplish.
“It all works to a certain point,” he
said. “Basically, if you keep reading
the e-mail, you’ll see the point.”
Outside of the so-called press
conference, some members of the
university community spoke about
David Hibler, his e-mail and the spec
tacle in the administration building.
UNL Police Chief Ken Cauble
said despite the size of the crowd out
side the chancellor’s office, Bushing
kept his cool and was able to keep
what could have beat a violent situa
tion under control.
Cauble said Bushing called for
backup when the crowd moved into
the hallway, blocking traffic,
although the extra officers never
entered the building.Zawabi said,
“We didn’t come here to have arm
cert or a circus. We came td get
answers. We wanted to knowwhathis
intent was and see how we, could
make sure this didn’t happen in die
future, and we didn’t get anywhere -
we didn’t get any answers”
Afrikan Peopled Union President
Donny White said David Hihler
made a “mockery” of die conference.
“Really,” White said, “I thought it
was a show, and I was kind of pre
pared for it because I’d heard that this
teacher, is rather eccentric.” >
Sophomore Eddie Brown agreed.
“It looks veryihildish and very
ignorant on his part, and it seemed
likeabig game they were playing”
was simply misunderstood. * >•
“(David) tried to tell a«tory, and
now they want to nail ham to a wall,”
he said. “And it’s sad because the man
is not racist It’s a teal big misunder
James Griesen, vice chancellor
for student adhirs, said it was unfor
tunate David Hibier was drawing so
much attention.
David Hibier should not be interpret
ed by anyone astefledtive of the cote
values and sentiments oflhe universi
ty community” Griesen said.
^ hope that everyone who reads
or hears about his antics will dismiss
them as die abhorrent behavicjr pfK
single faculty member.”
Patrick Nickoletti, co-chairman
for die Chancellor’s Commission on
the Status ofPeople of Color, said die
incident was disappointing,
>/ ■ j§ b*
f ||
"hgthe wake oflhe King Day bet
ebration, you would hope for a hew tjjg r
day on this campus,” he said
“But what this incident shows is
that we have a lot of people on this
campus for whom it’s business as
usual. And we’ll see if this campus
takes this opportunity to step towards r
the future or whether we’ll just accept
it as business as usual.”
M Several campus groups also f ,
have issued statements speaking
against aspects of David Hibler’s ^
actions. They include: theAfnkan <
People’s Union, the UNL Faculty
Townhalt for Diversity Concerns, the
Chancellor’s Commission on the
Status ofPeople of Color and the
Wbmen SJStudies faculty. „
W The Association ofStudents of
the University of Nebraska
announcedit would hold an open
forum to discuss David Hibler’s situ
ation. The forum is tentatively sched
uled for Monday at 4p.m. in the
v Nebraska Unibn. , % V
- v.; -v
" ' ■' ' ■ World
U.S. crew under scrutiny after
CAVALESE, Italy (AP) — Italian
military leaders and prosecutors said
rhursctey a Mar^ jet W^jcffcoia^e
sending 20 people to their deaths
They accused the U.S. crew of
Sliding a flight recorder from investi
gators. •
? “The region’s top Marine officer
said the pilot whs on course, but the
U.S. Military said that he had been
flying the route Mr the first time.
" Villagers, schoolchildren, official
delegations ancfNATO’s southern
Europe air commander attended a
memorial service 100 yards from the
gondola station.
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-.'v --V^SSe
The mayor of Cavalese, a report of
3,600 in the Dolomites Mountains,
declared Thursday a day (ppjpjsti
their complaints about the {ground'
hugging US. military flights were
ignored. s
died Tuesday whop the Marine EA
6B Prowler flew through the valley
just above the treeteps, slicing the
cable about 300 feet above the
ground. ,4:
In Rome, Defense Minister
Beniamino Andreatta told a join* ses
sion of Parliament, and later, the
defensepommissions of both cham
bers, that the jet flew under die cable
at this Alpine resort. He contended it
was as many as six miles off its
assigned course.
“There would hot have been any
danger had the plane kept to the
rules,” Andreatta said. “What hap
_ - '
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received by March 15.
•■^^jE^ng. Gdo.
said pre
; Fatone insis
of die altitude!
“I confirm yet again that the air
craft indeed deviated” from its
U.S. authorities indicated the vic
tims’ families wouFd receive
$100,000 in compensation, the
Italian news agency ANSA reported.
Gen. Richard C. Bethurem, com
mander of NATO air operations
southern Europe, said die Ut
States and Italy were cooperate
investigating the tragedy.
“It’s our wish that this investiga
tion comes to a quick ending so that
die healing process can begin,”
I. " ■■ 111 i
tre web! |
lu-./i j—a—i ■I