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    awards for top professors
Students admire a
professor who
emphasizes class
Michele Decker
Mortar Board officer
Decker said students have
responded more this year than
last year, possibly because more
information has been posted
about the award.For September,
Jeff Spinner-Halev, a professor
of political science, received
the award.
“I was very surprised and
honored,” said Spinner-Halev,
who received the award for his
Political Science 483 class.
“Teaching is one of our primary
missions at UNL, and it’s
important for students to have a
role in acknowledging certain
Russ Ganim received the
award for October for his
French 321 class.
“I was very happy and very
moved. There is no bigger satis
faction than knowing that the
students respond to our teach
ing. It’s important to get student
“Their voices should be
heard,” he said.
re^iyedfor November, but nd" |
decision has been made. ?*
^enThnugbTheff‘wasn % \
much response last year, the
group wasn’t discouraged from
deciding^ to continue the tradi
tion, Decker said.
“I think it’s important to rec
ognize the teachers on campus,**
Decker said, “Our gfoup stands
for scholarship, leadership, and
service. IT it wasn’t for the
teachers, we Wouldn’t be fhe*
group that we are today.”
In order for a student’s
favorite professor to be recog
nized, a short application must *
be filled out and returned to the
Office for Student Involvement.
It involves a brief essay con
cerning the reasons the student
feels the professor should
receive the aWard. All nomina- *
tiojis will be considered for the
award, and Mortar Board will
make its selections based on the
responses they receive,
v* Decker said Mortar Board is
looking for professors who “go
out of their way to teach the stu
dents, someone who can be a
friend as well as a professor.”
“Students admire a professor
who emphasizes class interac
tion and makes learning fun.”
■ To receive recognition,
teachers must go out of
their way to connect with
By Anne Heitz
Staff Reporter
For more than a year, UNL’s
Mortar Board has offered stu
dents the chance to give their
admired professors a show of
recognition. But that opportuni
ty has been unused until this
Outstanding professors can
be recognized for inspiring lec
tures and exceptional teaching
abilities through Mortar
Board’s Professor of the Month
award, said Michele Decker,
current officer of the Mortar
Board National Honor Society.
So far this semester, two
people have been awarded
Professor of the Month by
Mortar Board.
“I don’t think the students
really knew much about the
cdntetft,-*Decker said.
7 The gfbup didn’t publicize
the award much last year, which
resulted in a lack of nomina
tions. This year, the group is
trying to promote the award in
hopes of getting a lot of partici
pation from University of
Nebraska-Lincoln students.
holiday recipe book
HOLIDAY from page 1_ -
tional foods might help family mem
bers relate to vegetarians.
When Reed-Klein goes to her fam
ily’s house now, she brings her own
#she$ toshare family ^
' stir.-fnes and other ethnic dishes to
share* Sne also brings traditional food
like pumpkin pie cooked \withaut egg^.
/‘It tastes tiie same, but Tinas 2 grams
ofjfat instead ofSO.” — *
are plenty of Other options at
Thanksgiving dinner. Her fhvorites
include cranberry salad, Stove-Top
stuffing, mashed potatoes and home
made bread. Reed-Klein alstphgs her
favorites: mashed potatoes and a spe
cial homemade mushroom gravy to
top them.
“People always think that you are
going to go hungry. They think all you
can do is eat salads,” Re£d-Klein said,
but stressed that this is fair from true.
She said most vegetarian dishes actu
ally have more variety and contain
more real food. *
Reed-Klein said she encourages
those who expect food dilemmas dur
ing the holidays to-come |o the
Environmental Resource Center Tor
tips on how to deal with family mem
bers who may be offended about skip
ping out on turkey tradition.
“There are a lot of positive things
that you can do without offending
family and friends; "Chey are weird at
first, but if you aiinTntititimt, it will
go a lot easier” . a*
Next year YE.G.G.I.N. plans to put
Popple always
thihk'that you are
goirigfo go hungry.”
Carol Reed-Klein
V.E.G.G.I.N. vice president
out a recipe book that will include win
ning recipes from its annual
Thanksgiving dinner contest.
Members bring dishes to compete in
different categories as well as to share
in the dinner.
A vegetarian Thanksgiving home
page at
tarian/Thanksgiving, html includes
recipes for traditional favorites, such
as pumpkin pie and gravy, as well as
recipes to suit those with a flavor for
the untraditional, like a nut roast.
As far as the tradition goes,
Wilhelm said she doesn’t think she is
missing anything.
“I don’t really understand die tradi
tion of turkey.”
Both think it is important to
respect their families though.
“You don’t have to preach or lec
ture doing this isn’t the way,” Reed
Klein said. She respects her family’s
desire to celebrate with the traditional
entree and their tastes for meat.
Wilhelm agrees.
“Once I am out on my own, I will
begin to cook things that I like. As of
now, I know that that is their tradition.”
The men of
Alpha Gamma Rho
urge you to act
responsibility & have a safe!
holiday season. |
would like to wish the entire Alpha Omicron Pi
UNL campus and the Lincoln remind you to celebrate
community a safe & happy Thin^blfore^ou drink,
holiday season. 7
I!BBBBBi_=.. 1 ^
The ladies of
Alpha Chi Omega
encourage you to
celebrate responsibility.!
r Sigma Phi Epsilon
encourages you to act I
responsibly during the I
holiday season.
Alpha Tau Omega
Tau Delta
Sigma Nu
would like to wish everyone a I
' '• ' . ■ ' "
jjL'- ’c ••• ••!'*• ' y^'^v- > • "
____ ...,. ; : \
MfKT UNL stuc,ents (7*%) drink 5 or
■ nUyi |ewer d^ks* when they "party."
UNL students did not damage
j MOST property (87%) or cause physical I
harm to self (91%) as a conse- I
quence of drinking.
uncT UNL students do not drive
j after drinking (75%).
I MQCJ UNL students (75%) have
I volunteered to be a desig
nated driver for their friends. I
I *A DRINK = a bottle of beer or a shot of liquor or I
a glass of wine or a mixed drink
I_a wine cooler or
I Riou$X to you by CARE Patty S*Hatt
I Fot 4ko*c Ash^ot*tutiio*. call 472-7440.