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Double trouble Wunderbar violinist November 6,1997
Nebraska point guard scored his first double- German violinist Christian Tetzlaff and the
double in the Huskers 83-63 exhibition win Deutsches-Symphonie Orchester Berlin per- CoOlKiTTY, WlNO'
against Team Pella Wednesday night. PAGE 9 form Sunday at the Lied Center. PAGE 12 Cloudy, high 43. Partly cl ight, low 28.
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Recent storm
pots squeeze
on city budget
By Ted Taylor
Senior Reporter
After suffering a massive,
depressing snowstorm last
month, Lincoln’s city govern
ment will not find comfort shop
Dad’s cut off his allowance -
for a while anyway.
During an afternoon news
conference, Mayor Mike Johanns
said putting a temporary freeze
on city expenditures may help
free up needed disaster-relief
money later.
“There is going to be a multi
million-dollar hit to this year’s
budget,” he said. “There is no
way a budget can prepare for a
200-year storm.”
Johanns said even with
Federal Emergency Management
Agency assistance, Lincoln may
still need to shell out $3 million
to $5 million more to cover the
costs concurred from the Oct. 26
This is just a hold,
this is not absolute.
We re just trying to
get a head start on
what our financial
needs might be.”
Mike Johanns
Lincoln mayor
The mayor announced a hold
on any new capital expenditures
outside the general fund as well
as the possibility of diverting $1
million originally set aside for a
recreation center on F Street to a
city disaster-relief fund.
Also, about $740,000 from
the city’s keno revenue that nor
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King’s widow keeps
his message alive
By Brad Davis
Assignment Reporter
Coretta Scott King, the wife of the
late civil rights leader Martin Luther
will sneak about her life in the
civil rights move
at the Lied
Center for
Performing Arts
tonight at 8.
King has ded
her life to
omoting the
eals for which
her husband
fought - nonvio
lent social change,
the founder, chairwoman,
president and chief executive officer of
the Martin Luther King Jr. Center for
Non-Violent Social Change in Atlanta,
frican studies director Keith
1U the Metromail Co. in
originally envisioned King’s
appearance in Lincoln.
Parker said the University of
Nebraska-Lincoln is co-sponsoring the
speech, along with Metromail and the
Lincoln. Martin Luther King Jr.
Breakfast Committee.
The Association of Students of the
University of Nebraska has arranged a
satellite location where the speech will
be broadcast for people who could not
get tickets to the free event, which is
now sold out. King’s speech can be
heard via closed-circuit television at the
Nebraska Union in Room 226. The
speech is also being broadcast on the
Educable television station.
Parker said it was important for all
people, not just students or staff, to hear
King’s message.
“It’s important for all of us to learn
more about trying to work to live
together - for us to live as one nation.
We have to learn about focusing on the
content of a person’s character instead
of their color or ethnicity,” Parker said.
ASUN Speaker of die Senate Viet
Hoang said ASUN and the Affikan
Peoples’ Union would sponsor a forum
Tuesday at 7 p.m. in the Nebraska
Union to give the university communi
ty an opportunity to discuss King’s
Hoang said it was ASUN’s role to
facilitate a discussion about the topics
of King’s speech. “We have to really
bring it back to our community and see
how it relates to each one of us,” he
Hometown memories
put on nostalgic flair
By Marissa
Staff Reporter
i», / .,
The only ttang the out
fits have in common is that
they will be in the same
convention next week.
Besides that, the cre
ations of two clothing, tex
tiles and design students
are as different as night and
day; black and white ...
... city and country.
Alison Meyer, a senior
clothing, textiles and
design major, designed a
decorated rodeo ensemble;
Michael Mamp, a UNL
graduate student, designed
an evening gown to reflect
the urban atmosphere of
Both outfits will be
Sandy Summers/DN
designed his dress “Fashion
from the meter city’” after
his hometown of Detroit.
senior fashion design
major, models the dress she
made for her Miss Rodeo
Nebraska Pageant.
judged in the International
Textile and Apparel
Association’s annual com
petition in Knoxville,
Tenn., on Wednesday.
Their designs will be
recognized nationally and
internationally by profes
sors and students, said
Barbara Trout, a UNL
clothing, textiles and
design professor.
Mamp said the expo
sure brings attention to
both his work and the uni
versity’s program in cloth
ing design.
“I think it’s wonderful
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