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    American Heart
Fighting Heart Disease
and Stroke
Start to Finish Heart Disease
Dance Contest
Every Tuesday <):oo pin
ltaD' Street • HO (OVER
‘Peacemaker’ preview
becomes sleep-maker
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able to pull off a perfect rifle shot to
save the day.
Sadly, the performances from
Kidman and Clooney are not enough to
save the roles given to them. Julia is
always playing catch-up to the gung-ho
Davoe, and except for the inevitable
“white-knuckle” climax, her character
is given very little strength or depth.
“The Peacemaker” isn’t a bomb, but
it isn’t anything to save the day, either.
^ A
The Facts
Title: “The Peacemaker"
Stars: George Clooney, Nicole Kidman
Director: Mimi Leder
Rating: R (violence, language)
Grade: C+
Five Words: Nuclear bomb to detonate
... somewhere
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Placement Director for more information, or write to: Assistant Director, Corporate Human Resources,
Three State Farm Plaza-Kl, Bloomington. Illinois 61791-0001.
State Farm Insurance Companies ♦ Home Offices: Bloomington* Illinois ♦ An Equal Opportunity Employer
Techno darkside
pulses in album
Eiektra Records
Grade: A
The little pixie’s whacked.
For those who thought Lilith
Fair represented the cutting edge in
female artists, Bjork’s new album,
“Homogenic,” will sound like a
soundtrack for a nuclear winter.
Bjork has never been content
with making happy dance-club
songs, but she’s never sounded as
dark as she does on “Homogenic.”
Just when you think she begins to
soothe your edgy nerves with “I’ll
heal you ...” she growls, “With a
razor blade/I’ll cut a slit open and
the luminous beam feeds you,
honey” in the song “All Neon
With groups like The Prodigy
and The Orb taking the spotlight
for the techno-music craze,
“Homogenic” would seem to fit in
perfectly this year. Surprisingly,
“Homogenic” doesn’t fall into the
techno category.
Unlike Bjork’s unnecessary
“Telegram” album last year, most
of the songs on “Homogenic”
strive for a balance of different
styles. Elaborate orchestral
arrangements are used as often as
drum machines on the album.
Musically, “Homogenic” is
immensely dense. While some
choruses and beats on previous
Bjork albums “Debut” and “Post”
seem to jump out and grab hold of
you, “Homogenic” takes a great
deal of exploring.
That’s not saying some songs
don’t have immediate appeal.
“Bachelorette” sounds as though it
should be the theme song for the
next James Bond movie. “Alarm
Call” is another song with catchy
hooks that appear and fade just as
quickly. If you’ve listened to any of
Bjork’s past albums, “Alarm Call”
will shock you when she lets loose
with her most explicit lyric ever -
“I’m no f—ing Buddhist but this is
Other songs will take further
exploring. Bjork’s work with RZA
of the Wu-Tang Clan is evident on
“Homogenic.” Tracks like
“Unravel” and “Hunter” are men
acing without being overbearing.
The only time Bjork’s experiments
go unlistenable is in the song
“Pluto,” where Bjork gives her
trademark shrieks for almost an
entire minute over a headache
inducing bass line.
One unfortunate aspect of
Bjork’s music is that it can only be
listened to on a decent car- or
home-stereo system. A $20 RCA
cassette player just won’t do it for
“Homogenic.” However, that’s
usually the case when you make an
ambitious album.
Few people will jump on
Bjork’s tripped-out “Homogenic”
bandwagon. It’s as much a fan’s
album as Tori Amos’ “Boys for
Pele.” Give “Homogenic” some
time to set in and you may be sur
prised: This may become your
favorite soundtrack for the winter.
Web page highlights
selective accidents
uArvwim irom page v
dows of a downtown Toronto sky
scraper. He crashed through a pane
with his shoulder and plunged 24
floors to his death.
A police spokesman said Garry
Hoy, 39, fell into the courtyard of
the Toronto Dominion Bank Tower.
He was demonstrating the strength
of the building’s windows to visit
ing law students.
Not all stories on the Darwin
Awards page have to end in death.
In some instances, the misfortunate
may just lose their ability to repro
One story tells of two Arkansas
men who were seriously injured
when their pickup truck left the
road and struck a tree. The story
came from a July 25, 1996, article
in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette..
Thurston Poole, 33, of Des Arc,
Ark., and Billy Ray Wallis, 38, of
Little Rock, Ark., were listed in
serious condition at Baptist Medical
Center following the incident.
The accident occurred as the
men were returning to ues Arc alter
a frog-gigging trip when Poole’s
headlights malfunctioned. Poole
and Wallis concluded that the head
light fuse on the older-model truck
had burned out. Though a replace
ment fuse was not available, Wallis
noticed that the .22 caliber bullet
from his pistol could fit perfectly
into the fuse box next to the steering
wheel column.
Upon inserting the bullet, the
headlights began operating properly
and the two men proceeded on their
way. After traveling about 20 miles,
the bullet apparently overheated,
discharged and struck Poole in the
right testicle. The vehicle swerved
sharply to the right, striking a tree.
Poole suffered only minor cuts
and abrasions from the accident but
needed extensive surgery to repair
the really important wound. Wallis
sustained a broken clavicle and was
treated and released.
“Thank God we weren’t on that
bridge when Thurston shot his nuts
off or we might both be dead,”
Wallis said of the misfortune.
I Howard G. Nichols I
8381 Center Ave.
^Tr I
Unlicensed riders account for 80% of the fatalities in some
states. So get your motorcycle operator license
today. And prove that you are a better rider.
Nebraska Motorcycle Safety Program