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    Democrats still optimistic despite
gubernatorial candidacy uncertainty
DEMOCRATS from page 1
decide soon, but said he has no
Both Moul and Bohlke played
down talk of possible candidacies.
Moul, who was lieutenant gover
nor from 1991-93, said people within
the party have talked to her about run
ning. However, she said she has not
even reached the stage of weighing
the pros and cons of a gubernatorial
Bohlke said any thoughts she has
had about running for governor have
been “not very serious.”
Bohlke attributed the lack of an
announced Democratic candidate to
the large amounts ofmoney raised by
Republican candidates thus far. GOP
funds have discouraged Bohlke as
“My banker would say it’s not a
good idea,” she said.
Democrats banked on
When Democratic leaders are
asked why their party has yet to
announce a candidate, the name that
continually surfaces is that of Lt. Gov.
Kim Robak.
Considered a front-runner to suc
ceed Nelson, who is barred from
seeking a third four-year term, Robak
announced in June that she would not
run for governor. She said she wanted
to spend more time with her family.
“I think everybody assumed Lt.
Gov. Robak was going to run for
office,” Hoppner said.
Although he understood Robak’s
decision, Randall said, it was never
theless “a huge disappointment.”
“She could have been, and may
yet be, one of the best governors this
state has ever seen,” Randall said.
But three months after Robak’s
decision, no Democrat has stepped
forward to fill the void. The
announcements that high-profile
Republicans Jan Stoney and U.S.
Rep. Doug Bereuter would not run
for governor haven’t yet enticed any
Democrats to enter the race, either.
Nebraska Democratic Party offi
cials note that history hasn’t always
favored early-announcing candidates.
At this time in 1981, Bob Kerrey
had not yet entered the governor’s
race. Kerrey, now a U.S. senator, went
on to win the election and serve one
term in the governor’s mansion.
Likewise, Nelson didn’t
announce his candidacy until later in
Bruning said the party wants its
candidates to make their decisions
based on personal convictions - after
a period of what Randall called “soul
“We don’t want candidates to run
because they think the Democratic
Party needs them to run,” Bruning
said. “We want them to run because
the people of Nebraska want them to
Christensen, an accomplish fund
raiser in his two successful congres
sional races, is likely to raise large
sums of money from Omaha conserv
atives, Bruning said.
But she said moderate voters and
corporations from Omaha would be a
valuable source of campaign funds
for the Democrats.
Randall contrasted the campaign
strategies of the two parties to this
point. While Republicans have been
raising money and organizing, poten
tial Democratic candidates have been
talking to voters and listening to their
concerns, he said.
“When candidates enter a politi
cal race where money is the common
denominator, it does scare some peo
ple away because you’re no longer
looking at the issues,” he said.
“Christensen has espoused conserva
tive principles, but he hasn’t been
talking about state issues.”
Referring to Breslow and
Johanns, Bruning said, “You’ve got
two candidates who have been cam
paigning for two years, and no one
knows what they stand for.”
Bruning and Randall insisted that
while the party does not have an
announced candidate, recent
Democratic Party gatherings in
Grand Island and Omaha demon
strate it has the enthusiasm needed to
win the election.
“The excitement (in Grand
Island) leads me to believe 1998 is
going to be a successful year for the
Democrats,” Randall said.
We don t want candidates to run because they think the
Democratic Party needs them to run. We want them to run because
the people of Nebraska want them to run.”
Tricia Bruning
executive director of the Nebraska Democratic Party
A head start for the GOP
Republican leaders have scoffed
at Democrats for failing to announce
a candidate by now. Following
Monday’s surprise announcement
that 2nd District U.S. Rep. Jon
Christensen would seek the
Republican nomination for governor,
the GOP now has four announced
State Auditor John Breslow,
Lincoln Mayor Mike Johanns and for
mer Tecumseh Mayor Lavem Bartels
have also announced their candidacy.
Breslow has raised $1.1 million in cam
paign funds, and both he and Johanns
have organized campaign networks
with offices throughout the state.
But Bruning and Randall down
played the GOP’s head start.
Bruning said Christensen’s deci
sion to run reflected the lack of
strength in the Republican field.
Christensen’s bid for governor
amounts to a “power grab,” she said.
Bruning accused the Republican
candidates of shifting the focus of the
campaign from state issues to power
and money.
At the same time, Bruning said,
the Democrats aren’t concerned
about the Republicans’ lead in fund
raising. A good deal of that money
will have to be spent as the GOP can
didates battle each other for the nom
ination, she said.
“(Christensen’s) entry doesn’t put
us in any kind of financial difficulty,”
Bruning said. “There’s still a lot of
Omaha money out there to be had.”
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