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American Heart
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Ostergard aids Huskers
OSTERGARD from page 7
In addition to working with the
players, Ostergard’s responsibilities
as head trainer include overseeing
treatment and rehabilitation, attend
ing coaches’ meetings, taping and
preparing athletes before practices
and games and “whatever else falls
my way.”
Basic treatment offered to play
ers includes stimulation units, ultra
sound, traction machines and
Ostergard will work approxi
mately 70 hours a week with no days
off this fall. The demanding hours
come with die territory, he said.
“Especially with the (low num
ber of) scholarships these days,
you’ve got to make sure the key play
ers are .healthy, because there is not
that much depth anymore,”
Ostergard said.
When a player fails to recover
from an injury as scheduled,
Ostergard takes partial responsibility
because “that’s what we’re there for.”
But more often than not,")
Ostergard’s job proves worthwhile.
“Once you see someone back on
the field performing, then you feel
like you’ve accomplished some
thing,” he said.
A player’s successful recovery
depends not only on the trainers,
doctors and strength coaches,
Ostergard said, but on the individ
ual’s state of mind during the recov
ery period.
“The most important thing I
remind them is there isn’t any short
cut. There are steps you have to go
through,” he said. “If you do that,
you’ll have a good return.”
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Osborne: NU wanted
to play tough schedule
SCHEDULE from page 7
13, Osborne said Northern Illinois
backed out two years ago after decid
ing it didn’t want to play Nebraska.
Central Florida then entered the pic
“We’ve had a lot of that going
on,” Osborne said. “I think the dri
ving force has been our desire to have
six home games every year. Now in
order to have six home games every
year, you pretty much have to have a
couple of teams that will come here
without expecting you to go to their
place. It may be that we’ll end up
some years with five home games.”
Most teams, Osborne said, will
not agree to travel to Lincoln without
the Huskers agreeing to return the
“It used to be that if you pay them
a fair amount of money, they would
come in and play and not expect you
to return,” Osborne said. “Whether
that’s good or bad, I don’t know.”
Akron will earn $450,000 for
playing in Lincoln. But even after
reaching an agreement with Akron,
the Zips weren’t necessarily going to
be the Huskers’ first opponent.
Osborne said he showed interest
in playing in the Pigskin Classic, but
the Huskers couldn’t find a team to
play in Lincoln. Oklahoma ended up
losing 24-0 to Northwestern in
Chicago on Saturday.
“There’s been a lot written about
the Pigskin Classic,” Osborne said.
“We were accused of a lot of things,
but basically the only reason it ever
surfaced was I wanted to play it.
“Our preference was to play a
team that was perceived as a fairly
strong football team that had some
history of some tradition. Initially we
weren’t too crazy about playing
somebody that we thought was pretty
good but would not be perceived as
good. If you’re going to stick your
neck out and start the season that
early, you might as well play some
body that people think is pretty good.
The last conversation we had, they
said they couldn’t find anyone to
Akron, however, should provide
decent competition, Osborne said.
“We’ve watched quite a bit a film
from last year’s season,” Osborne
said. “In my mind, the high point of
their season was against Virginia
Tech, because we know quite a bit
about Virginia Tech and have a lot of
respect for them.”
Virginia Tech defeated the Zips
21-18 last season. The Huskers
defeated Virginia Tech 41-21 in the
Orange Bowl last season.
Rush end Grant Wistrom said he’s
not expecting Akron to come to
Lincoln and roll over.
“They played Virginia Tech pretty
tough last year,” Wistrom said.
“We’re expecting a pretty competi
tive ball game.”
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