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RibFest to offer more than just food
RIBS from page 5
championships between them,” he
Awards will also be presented at
RibFest, but the judges will be those
who attend, Andersen said.
“Vendors will have sample sizes
for sale, and people may cast ballots
up through 4 p.m. Sunday,” he said.
“We’ll be giving out prizes from first
to fourth place.”
The hard work of the sponsors of
the RibFest has also pleased
Andersen, he said.
“We (Ogden Entertainment,
Pershing Auditorium) have some
great sponsors in Nebraska Pork
Producers, Cookies Bar-B-Q Sauce,
Russ’s Market and Jack Daniel’s,” he
said. “Everyone has been just great.”
“Jack Daniel’s will be here serv
ing up their Country Coolers, and
Russ’s will be offering watermelon
and com on the cob. And of course,
there will be ribs, chicken and all the
usual trimmings.”
“There’s going to be plenty of
good eatin’.”
Music will also be a major part of
RibFest, he said, with remotes from
three radio stations (Froggy 98, Eagle
92.9 and 96 KX) and live music all
three days from such artists as High
Caliber, Velvet Elvis and Leroy and
the Liars.
“We wanted to bring in music to
appeal to a broad spectrum,” he said,
“we have country, blues, classic
Andersen said he is hoping this
will become an annual event.
“Over the three-day festival,
we’re hoping to draw around 20,000
people,” he said.
Andersen did offer a couple of
tips to make things run smoothly for
^Friday August 5th
John Walker 12 Noon
High Caliber 3 p.m.
Karen Brynener and Midnight Express 5 p.m.
|ps^The Thompson Brothers Band 7:30 p.m.
\Sdturddy August 9th
\ Fifth Estate 12 Noon
Velvet Elvis 2:30 p.m.
Not All There 5 p.m.
Austin Healy 7:30 p.m.
^^LeRoy & the Liars 9:30 p.m.
\Sunday August 10th
\ Blackwater 7:30 p.m.
Nikki Nelson formerly of Highway 101 2:30 p.m.
Cowboy Rhythm 4 p.m.
‘Times and Bands are subject to change.
anyone planning to attend. alcohol, they will need to bring their
“We’ll be offering plenty of food ID.”
and drink, so no outside food or bev- Andersen did offer one other
erages will be in the festival area,” he helpful hint,
said, “plus if people want to drink any “Bring your appetite.”
Live-action comic book runs short on heart
SPAWN from page 5
ly bad, hot place.
(No, not Lincoln on a football
Saturday... try again ...)
In exchange for the opportunity
to see Wanda again, Simmons (now
Spawn) is given extraordinary pow
ers and is to lead the minions of Hell
into war with Heaven. Anytime
Simmons feels threatened, he comes
up with a nifty set of armor, and
spikes start popping out of his body
so he looks like a human pincushion.
Two other characters throw some
flies into the ointment; the Clown
(John Leguizamo) has a gift for evil
and fart jokes, while Cogliostro
(Nicol Williamson) comes off as a
second-class Obi-Wan Kenobi. Each
tries to get Spawn to choose a side
between good and evil, but Spawn is
just interested in revenge.
These characters have the depth
of the comic book pages they were
originally printed on, and the actors
put forward just that much effort.
While a little bit more effort and
depth would have been nice, let’s just
face the fact that “Spawn” wasn’t
made to compete for a Best Picture
Still, the movie is an empty shell.
Even for a comic-based film, the
characters are too loose and hollow
for the audience to latch onto and
work with. Leguizamo’s “humor”
wears very thin very quickly, and the
only saving grace to keep people in
the seats is the visual effects through
out the film.
The music for “Spawn” is also
very strong and dark, with familiar
names Graeme Revell and Marilyn
Manson involved in the process.
“Spawn” was originally slapped
The Facts
Film: “Spawn”
Stars: Michael Jai White, John
Leguizamo, Martin Sheen,
Theresa Randle
Director: Mark A.Z. Dippe
Rating: PG-13 (intense comic
book violence, mature
humor and themes)
Grade: C+
Five Words: Terrible script over
shadows cool
with a less marketable R-rating (not
surprising), but was later edited and
given a PG-13 rating. Considering
everything they left in, it’s almost
scary to think of what was cut out.
Like special effects or dark
movies with no soul? Catch “Spawn.”
HIGHWAY All roads lead to one or . I
another of MDA’s 230 clinics
helping people affected
by neuromuscular diseases.
Muscular Dystrophy Association