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t DN Quotes
“They look really gross, but it tastes
like a normal hot dog. Shouldn’t they be
— 13-year-old Jenny Whitener on the
Fairbury brand hot dogs served at Buck
Beltzer Field
“Don’t ever be afraid to ask for help.
Don’t be embarrassed. Don’t be ashamed.”
—Jared Tomich, former All-AmericaNU
rush end in a talk at the “School is Cool” Jam
“Discrimination turns native people
into aliens and strangers in their own
—Walter Echo-Hawk, an American In
dian activist, lobbyist, tribal judge and attor
ney, during his E.N. Thompson Forum speech
at the Lied Center
“I tell the coaches, ‘If there’s something
that you need me to do to get onto the field,
I’ll do it’”
— Jay Sims, senior I-back for the
Comhuskers, while practicing with the first
and second offensive squads this spring
“I had never met him until this year,
but once I got to know him, it was like a
spark and it caught ahold of me. There was
something about Danny Nee, and it pulled
me toward him.”
— Cary Cochran, a 6-foot-2 shooting
specialist, on why he signed a letter of intent
to play for the Huskers in the fall
“The people that I talked to were con
fident with our party’s experience and lead
ership skills. They really believed in us.”
— EXCEL presidential winner Ben
Wallace after his RHA election
“If you just go in and give a lecture,
you’re not doing your job. A class isn’t
something to be talked down to. It’s worth
the time in class to ask what students
— Chemistry Professor Paul Kelter af
terwinning the ASUN’s Outstanding Educa
tor Award for the second year in a row
“If (Jensen) really thinks the highest
priority of the Legislature is to deliberately
single out a group for discrimination, then
I will battle him until the cows come home.”
— Sen. Ernie Chambers of Omaha, as
LB280, a bill that would ban recognition of
same-sex marriages in Nebraska, was being
deliberated in the Legislature
“What the world rewards is finishers.”
—NU Football Coach Tom Osborne at
the “School is Cool” Jam
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Ho w* Iflisop
DN ;
Unoriginal Original
Michael Donley, in your column
“Bye-bye beatniks” (DN, Wednes
day), you discussed how stale and
unoriginal the counterculture is.
Personally, we think the subject of
counterculture in coUunns is stale
and unoriginal.
Throughout this column, you
attempt to prove that you are
somehow superior to those in this
counterculture you speak of by
taking the “I did it first” mentality
so popular right now.
By saying that you were listening
to this music back in ’88, you are
only proving your desire to be a part
of the counterculture you are trying
to reject.
So, basically what you are telling
us is, if it has happened before, no
one should do it again? Almost
everything in our culture has
occurred sometime in the past, but
that doesn’t mean we need to
completely obliterate these ideas. If
we rejected these things and began a
completely different kind of society,
we would miss out cm a lot of great
things.— including Allen Ginsberg
—you seem to really appreciate.
No one wants to hear you moan
and whine about Marilyn Manson
ever again. You are becoming more
annoying than the actual group.
Laura Capitano
_ freshman
Alissa Nichols
Broken Funnybone
On behalf of those who have ever
retained a sense of humor in their
life, 1 would like to commend JJ.
Harder (“Shake your booty,” DN,
Wednesday) on being the first ever
to have a negative score on the
humorometer. That’s right — the
scale last somewhere in the depths
of our society that measures the
degree to which one has the ability
to laugh at himself or herself and
So now, according to JJ., we
should all be ashamed that we have
yet to support a movement to ban
our children from cartoons because
“Scooby Doo” doesn’t wear any
underpants? Jeez — you’re right,
J .J., every parent in America ought
to be locked up!
J.J. says that children will soon
“feel that going about nude is
unobjectionable.” So basically,
children must have lost their
innocence from their birth and
beyond, never being allowed to
wander the house unclothed. Not
just then either — children should
NEVER think that it’s OK to be
Tell you what, J.J. When your
children start taking baths, you try
explaining to them why they must
do it in their underoos. Better yet —
when you explain the birds and the
bees to them someday, make sure to
include the part of how sex takes
place when a man and a woman
aren’t allowed to remove one bit of
clothing, since we wouldn’t want
them to get the wrong idea. Then
we’ll talk.
Aaron Cooper
The vehement response to JJ.
Harder’s column “A broken bond”
(DN, Friday) concerning homosexu
ality shows die typical hypocrisy of
liberalism. One writer complains
about his fees being used for
propaganda, ignoring that 90
percent of the propaganda at this
university promotes the “liberal”
He follows that complaint with
totally wrong information about
Adolf Hitler. I have always won
dered why “liberals” always com
pare anyone that disagrees with
them with Hitler. Why, then, can we
not compare them with Stalin —
FDR’s beloved Uncle Joe?
Why should the fees that I pay be
used to promote homosexuality, or
that anti-white racism known as
affirmative action?
Government has always been
used by factions to coerce others into
conformity. The U.S. Constitution
was supposed to limit the
government’s authority to do so, so
that we, the people, could live
according to our own consciences.
Tbo bad everyone ignores it (espe
dally the courts).
S. Duane England
graduate student
biological sciences
Inflated Opinion
I suspect it was an indication of
inflation reducing our buying power
after reading John Flaherty’s 15-cent
opinion about same-sex marriages
(“Sick of It All,” DN, Thursday).
Flaherty offered the “compromise”
that if we allow same-sex marriages
in the state, that we disallow gay
couples to have or adopt children.
Some choice.
Not only does Flaherty’s argu
ment reduce the rights of homosexu
als, children now have to have their
rights defined by theocratic
dunderheads like Flaherty! Hmmm
... kids could live with foster-care
families or be adopted by a gay
couple... better keep that foster care
thing going, wouldn’t want to give
the kid another thorn in his side.
It’s also amusing to see him pull
himself on the limb of weak logic by
stating that the so-called Victorian
attitudes about sex we carry have
been “proven through time and
trial.” Well, hate to break it to you
John, homosexuality has been
around for centuries too.
Strange you would think that
many of us don’t like anything
religious. Many gays are quite
religious. But I suppose that just
doesn’t fit yOur perception (re:
prejudice) against homosexuals.
On an end note, I don’t want you
to know anything about my sex life
John; you’ve already implied that
you’re too ignorant and small
minded in your thinking to have any
say over such an important and
private part of my life. But when the
state or federal government starts to
legislate whom I can or cannot
marry, or if I can or cannot have or
adopt children, that has nothing to
do with my sex life.
So quit your own whining John. I
don’t give damn about your bigoted
clap trap that poses as religion.
James A. Zuk