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Roped pokes Dance delays February 27,1997
The Nebraska basketball team beat Oklahoma Several roadblocks have delayed the opening of
State 77-69 Wednesday night keeping alive hopes . Lincoln’s newest dance club, Temptations. But SUP ‘N’ SLIDE
of a berth in the NCAA Tournament. PAGE 7 ■the club’s owners say it will open soon. PAGE 9
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Husker Authentic worries
By Erin Gibson
1 Senior Reporter
A neighborly welcome may not come to the
Husker Authentic shop, a new university-owned
retail store planned for Stadium Drive — one
block from the Big Red Shop.
The shop, approved by the NU Board of Re
gents last weekend, will be built in a new Univer
sity of Nebraska-Lincoln parking structure across
from Memorial Stadium and will showcase ex
clusive Husker athletics merchandise.
Loraine Livingston, manager of the Big Red
Shop at 701 N. 10th St., said the store’s purpose
makes its location a little too close for comfort.
“I don’t like it,” she said. “I think it’s quite
The university-owned store will be better
prepared to compete for customers this fall, she
said, because it will not pay utility bills as a uni
Proximity concerns Big Red Shop
versity store.
Livingston said the Athletic Department al
ready receives royalties for Husker merchandise,
including items sold in the Big Red Shop. There
is no reason the department needs to squeeze
more money from Nebraskans, she said.
“They’re the Donald Trump of the Plains,”
Livingston said.
The Big Red Shop has built a large base of
customers during its 18 years of business, she
said, and business is good.
The Big Red Shop should be able to com
pete with Husker Authentic, but only if the store
only sells its exclusive brand of merchandise,
Livingston said. University officials promised her
that, she said, but she does not believe them.
She should, said Paul Carlson, UNL associ
ate vice chancellor for business and finance.
Before Husker Authentic received the regents’
approval, the university talked to Livingston’s son
Cliff Livingston, owner of the Big Red Shop, to
make sure he had no problem with the creation of
Husker Authentic, Carlson said.
Carlson said 95 percent of all merchandise sold
in the store will be “high-priced” Husker Authen
tic merchandise that other retailers could not or
would not sell. Socks, calendars or other small
items could make up the remaining 5 percent.
Husker Authentic’s parent, the Athletic De
partment, will pay for more than $200,000 of
the parking structure’s annual operating costs,
which includes utilities, Carlson said.
The department also will pay for much of
the parking structure’s construction costs and
the store’s entire $587,000 price tag, he said.
“Athletics is not going to be getting a free
ride here,” Carlson said.
Melvin Jones, UNL vice chancellor for busi
ness and finance, said the Athletic Department did
not want to put die Big RedShop out of business.
The store was designed to generate money
for an athletic department that operates com
pletely without state funds, he said.
Profits from the store will go to support sports
that generate less money for the university, includ
ing women’s sports, and to pay for facilities main
tenance and renovations, Jones said.
Regent Nancy O’Brien of Waterloo said such
aspects of Husker Authentic should make it a
great benefit to the university. O’Brien said she
did not know any store objected to Husker Au
thentic when she voted to approve the store’s
proposal last Saturday.
Because the merchandise sold will be only
Husker Authentic brand, the store would not
compete unfairly with the Big Red Shop, she
&./ - I
Federal funds lost
. if state bills fail
on child support
By Erin Schulte
Senior Reporter
Nebraska could lose $22.9 million in federal
funding if a bill modifying child support payments
is not passed.
The Judiciary Committee Wednesday heard tes
timony on LB752, introduced by Sen. Chris Beutler
of Lincoln. The bill would fulfill requirements set
up for states under the 1996 Federal Personal Re
sponsibility and Work Opportunity Reconcili ation
The act, which currently provides funds for fami
lies unable to collect child support, requires that
every state provide its own legislation this year for
collecting money from non-custodial parents. If
Nebraska does not pass its own law, the state for
feits its right to federal funds.
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Speaker shares
date-rape story,
seeks prevention
By Brad Davis
Staff Reporter
People on City Campus learned “it could hap
pen to them,” as 24-year-old Katie Koestner spoke
about her date-rape experience Wednesday night.
Koestner’s speech at Wick Alumni Center, spon
sored by the Association of Students of the Uni
versity of Nebraska, the Women’s Center and other
campus organizations, highlighted prevention meth
ods people can use to help lessen die risk of sexual
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: Editor’s note: This is the fourth in a five-part series
about beer: when to drink, where to drink and how to
j make your own.
By Erin Schulte
Senior Reporter
Call it the downtown shuffle.
Out goes Billy Frog’s, in steps Old Chicago. Goodbye, I
Mudslide Slim’s; welcome, Bodega’s Alley. Those looking
for Chesterfield’s now will only find Huey’s.
Despite all the changes, there are a few places down- ■
town that have held college crowds captive for not just I
| months but decades.
A playful dispute between the Brass Rail and Duffy’s is I
ongoing over which holds the title of oldest bar in Lincoln.
Both are around 60 years old. They show their age in their I
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