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A man found three bullet holes in his car and a window broken after
hearing shots fired outside his house Monday night at 1020 Washington
Andre Tarter told police he heard four shots fired in an alley behind
his house. He looked outside, but did not see anything.
When he came out two days later to start his car, he found the bullet
holes — two in the passenger door, one in the bumper — and a broken
passenger-side window. In the alley, he found four 9 mm shell casings.
Damage was estimated at $200.
Gang-related graffiti was found Wednesday spray painted on the west
wall of Lincoln Southeast High School, 2635 S. 63rd St.
School officials reported that the graffiti was painted sometime be
tween 3 p.m. Tuesday and 9 a.m. Wednesday. Vandals painted “CMG 4
Life” and “BD Killer.”
There was a gang-related fight inside the school before the graffiti
incident, officials told police, and several students will be expelled as a
Aid-in-Dying Ml debated
DYING from page 1
my knowledge, God has never
amended this commandment ”
But just sustaining life isn’t a good
reason not to pass the bill, some pro
ponents said.
Carl Schmitthausler, president of
Hemlock Nebraska, said quality of
life was important even if medication
could soothe the pain.
“We question the quality of life
of the person who has to be tied in
bed and chair, toileted and sedated,
who has no opportunity to recognize
friends and loved ones,”
Schmitthausler said.
“The dying person has every right
to say, ‘Enough, enough, I don’t want
to endure this anymore,”’ he said.
“Pain is one of the variables, but by
no means the only one. ”
Matt LeMieux, director of the Ne
braska American Civil Liberties
Union, said those opposed should
simply not exercise that right and let
others choose for themselves. He said
the practice was being performed,
and needed regulations.
Murray Schmechel, a United
Methodist clergyman, said he must
counsel people who struggle with
assisted-death decisions. One
woman, he said, withheld medication
so her husband could die after a long
bout with Alzheimer’s.
“I need those people whom I
counsel to have that freedom,” he
said. “... we need to have that ability
to make a choice, regardless of where
you come down on a religious per
“I celebrate a God in my life who
is a God of life and is also the God of
death, who says that death is not the
final chapter.”
__ - Lane Hickenbottom/DN
NAVY LT. ERIC PRICE stands Thursday morning In front of an F-18 Hornet In a Duncan Aviation hangar at
Lincoln Municipal Airport. Price graduated from UNL in 1989.
Fighter jet rests in Lincoln;
students inspired by sight
By Jim Goodwin
Staff Reporter
The war hawk has landed in Lin
At least, a neutered version of an
F-18 fighter jet rested Wednesday in
a hangar at Lincoln Municipal Air
port. Fully-armed models were used
in the Persian Gulf War and Bosnia.
But this unarmed, two-seater
trainer—which can fly at 1 ‘/2-times
the speed of sound —£ arrived Tues
day for a two-day layover. The mis
sion was to give Navy Lt. Aaron
Keenan of U.S. Airbase Lemore a
break from his two-hour training
flight from southern California.
The opportunity also afforded
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
ROTC students a peek at the ma
chine they may be piloting someday,
and gave 1989 UNL graduate Lt.
Eric Price a speedy return visit to
“Coming to Lincoln was good
(public relations) for us,” said Price,
who supervised Keenan on the flight.
“It puts a face to a name. These stu
dents hear about the plane. Now they
can say they’ve seen it.”
Kent Leonard, an ROTC cadet,
said the sight was motivation.
Leonard anticipates taking basic
training in the Navy after graduation. '
“The earliest I’ll be able to fly
an F-18 is in two years,” Leonard
said. “If I have my choice of mod
els, though, it’ll be this one.”
Price said he and Keenan would
return to the wild blue yonder this
“They don’t like their birds too
far from home,” Price said. t* -
CINL World Campus '97
Summer Study Abroad
♦ France
European Agribusiness: May 12-27
European agribusiness in France, trade
policies of the European Economic
Community, and contrast them with current practices
in the United States.
Prof,George Pfeiffer AGRI310/3 credits
I Mexico
Family and Community Resources in
Mexico: May 17-31 Discuss family
support programs, the economy, trade and border
issues through on-site visits in Juarez, Mexico City,
Puebla and Oaxaca. Examine psychosocial and
economic environments for families and communities.
Prof. Shirley Baugher FACS 896/3 credits
Spanish in Monterrey or Quetetaro:
? - June 11-July 20 Study intensive
Spanish at the 1TESM, a premier university in Mexico
at any level from beginning to advanced. Family stays
or dormitory. Option to include Business in Mexico,
taught in English. SPAN/5-6 credits
k Turkey
Historical Influence in Modem Turkey:
[|f May 19-June 6 Turkey has been home to
early Middle Eastern civilizations,
W including the Romans and Greeks as well
as die Ottoman empire and its legacies. Visit Istanbul,
Ankara, Izmir and Bursa, where history stands
alongside and influences modem society. This is a,
course in modem Turkish and Middle Eastern History.
Prof. NeeaH Sozuoz HIST298/3 credits
jAk Pan-Pacific
Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Singapore
Entrepreneurship and Economic
Tv Development Attend the Global Confer
ence on Creative Entrepreneurship and the
Pan-Pacific Conference, interact with scholars,
business leaders and students.
Profs. Robin Anderson and Ron Hampton
MRKT399 or MGMT398/3 credits
United Kingdom
Nebraska at Oxford-Study political and
international economics or arts and
literature with Oxford professors. Visit Stonehenge,
Educator Exchange: July 12-Aug 2
___ _ Learn about the Australian holistic
approach to education on this exchange. Live with
educator families and teach in Australian schools,
participate in seminars and visit exemplary schools.
Open to teachers, administrators and education
students. Prof.AlSeagren EDAD 990A/3 credits
Family and Education Experiences:
May 12-30 Culturally immerse yourself in
the family and educational institutions in
> Sweden and Finland. Homestays and site
visits are planned to understand die educational
system, family support outreach, cultural differences
in contrast to the U.S. and modem life in each
Profe. Herb Llngren and Julie Johnson FACS
396 or896/3 credits
Color Woodcut Printmaking in Florence:
June 30-July 25 Contemporary methods
in woodcut printmaking. Technical and
conceptual projects are demonstrated and discussed.
Intensive studio time balanced with field trips for
inspiration and study into print archives, museums in
Florence and other historical cities.
Prof. Karen Kune ART/PRNT 241,242,341,343,
441, or 442 * graduate levels/3 credits
# China
International Business in Beijing:
May 12-27 Broaden your perspective on
culture, political systems, economic and
business practices in China. Study the importance of
the People's Republic of China in the global market
Itinerary includes Beijing, Xi'an and Shanghai.
Profs. Kung Chen and WanruSu QRBA 896 or
ACCT399or MRKT399/3 credits
Czech Republic
Czech Language and Culture in
Plzen (Pttsen): July 5-27 Study the
Czech or Russian language or participate
in a Czech history and culture course taught in
English at the University of West Bohemia in Plzen.
You will also have the opportunity for excursions to
Prague and other places of historic and cultural
IecoJYw^JnTVora^i11 For more information, contact International Affairs: 4
http// » 472-5358 « 1237 *R' Street
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