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    Professor studies effects of abuse
VIOLENCE from page 1
sexual stereotypes and relationships
on the outcome of a domestic violence
trial. Willis-Esqueda included variable
factors (such as whether the victim
was married and whether the couple
was interracial) within the court tran
With 97 percent of domestic vio
lence victims being women, variables
for the second study concentrated on
whether the woman shoved her at
tacker after being assaulted or if she
remained passive during the violent
According to Willis-Esqueda, the
results of both studies showed that a
significant portion of students who
participated in the project appeared to
have allowed the variables within the
. transcripts to affect their verdict.
And even though domestic vio
lence is the leading cause of prema
ture deaths among U.S. women, “the
more intimate the relationship, the
more women are blamed for domestic
violence,” she said.
In addition, black women must
also deal with the stereotype of being
a dominating group, emotionally and
physically stronger than white women,
Willis-Esqueda said.
This misconception can lead to an
impression that black women don’t
need as much protection from their
abusers as other women, she said. Po
lice may not respond as readily or be
as willing to arrest the attacker, she
Women who resist their batterer
may also be subject to cultural bias
during police intervention and the
trial, Willis-Esqueda said. This con
ception may be because of society’s
view of women as passive and submis
sive beings and men as assertive and
in control, she said.
“It (violence) is not only socially
acceptable (for men), but also reward
ing,” Willis-Esqueda said, “because
they get what they want.”
According to Willis-Esqueda, ten
dencies toward violence in a relation
ship begin in the dating stage in most
“Domestic violence has its roots in
the dating relationship,” she said.
“Forty percent of dating couples on
U.S. campuses have experienced some
form of violence in their relation
But the strongest predictor of vio
lence in a relationship is when one or
both partners has a history of abuse,
Willis-Esqueda said.
ASUN supports efforts
to settle Sigma Chi issue
By Kasey Kerber
Staff Reporter
Soda, cigarettes and Sigma Chi
were on the minds of ASUN sena
tors Wednesday night, as the sen
ate passed three government bills
addressing each issue.
Government Bill No. 13, react
ing to Sigma Chi’s recent burning
of a cross during a fraternity ritual,
supported the Association of the
Students of the University of
Nebraska’s “strong desire to be a
part of the healing and educational
process.” It was passed unani
mously by the student senate.
The bill was passed only after
it was amended, changing a pas
sage of the bill from “ASUN sup
ports the chancellor in his positive
efforts” to “ASUN supports all
positive efforts.”
“Why are we taking a stance on
this at all?” asked Andrew
Delancey, a senator from the Col
lege of Fine and Performing Arts.
“We don’t have anything to act on
But several senators said the bill
needed to be passed,
“Ignoring it or putting it off
does nothing,” said Amy Rager,
Campus Life Committee chair
, ASUN President Eric Marintzer
r1 ■
“We need to have a position in
this issue,” Marintzer said. “It’s
one of the primary reasons why this
bill was written.”
Government Bill No. 11 was
also passed, following two separate
The bill addresses the possible
beverage alliance between the uni
versity and one of two major bot
tling companies.
The bill granted ASUN support
to the alliance, provided that funds
from the alliance are used toward
the improvement of technology,
academic support and such areas
as the honors program and intra
mural sports program.
Melvin Jones, vice chancellor
for business and finance, spoke to
ASUN on the issue and answered
senators’ questions.
He said that no decision would
be reached for weeks and Coke and
Pepsi had financially competitive
offers on the table.
ASUN unanimously passed
Government Bill No. 12, support
ing the sale of cigarettes in the two
campus unions.
Revenue produced by cigarette
sales was a main motivation of the
bill’s passage. •
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