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By Ann Stack
Senior Reporter
In the 1960s, an age in which
nearly one in four teen-age males
bought guitars and formed rock bands,
a lot of music was made.
Several one-hit wonder groups
materialized during this period, and
there were even more bands that were
never recognized. But one Iowa City
band is still making that kind of mu
The Bent Scepters, will bring its
brand of garage rock to the Zoo Bar,
136 N. 14th St., Thursday at 9 p.m.
There is a $3 cover charge.
Garage rock is a term coined to
' describe the music produced in
America right after The Beatles and
the Rolling Stones hit it big.
This was an era in which a whole
wave of teen-age males famed rock
bands in their suburban garages in
hopes of becomingdie next big thing.
Doug Robeson, lead guitarist for
the Bent Scepters, said it was the spirit
of that era that fuels his band.
“That inspiration is what drives the
band, that whacked-out, over-the-top,
crazy high energy vibe has boat an
iiiftiridon for a lot of bands,” he said.
In the garage-rock cult world, we sound
overproduced. We’re low-fi junkie — we
get dissed from zines because we don’t
sound crappy enough.”
. k \
Doug Roberson
lead guitarist
“There were thousands of bands in
the ’60s. There’s such a great slew to
choose from — these garage-band
punk guys who didn’t know what they
were doing, they didn’t know how to
play,'they just knew they had to do it.”
The Bent Scepters originally
formed in 1986, when a “bunch of
college buddies wanted to be just like
the Fleshtones,” Roberson said. After
a year of gigging at clubs and campus
parties, college came to an end, and
so did the Bent Scepters.
circa-l960s farfisa electric organ, the
kind favored by the Daws ’ keyboardist
Ray Manzarek, came into their lives.
They picked up a few new members,
and now the band is comprised of
Roberson, his brother Dan on lead
vocals, tambourine and harmonica,
Pat White on guitar and farfisa, drum
mer Bill Neff and bassist Scott
Last year, the band signed with
Bizarre/Planet Records out of Los
Angeles, the label that managed Frank
Zappa and Jefferson Airplane.
“In the garage-rock cult world, we
sound overproduced," Roberson said.
“We’re low-fi junkie—we get dissed
from zines because we don’t sound
crappy enough.”
' y. ' ..... i. ■ ~ .. , •
By Gerry Beltz
Film Critic
In what is actually the fourth in
stallment of Jackie^ Chan’s infamous
“Police Story" series, “Jackie Chan’s
First Strike" fells a little short of his
twomost recent American- releases,
“Rumble In The Bronx" and “Super
cop" (also known as “Police Story 3").
Granted* these two flicks didn’t
:■ exact ly^snb«li^‘‘plot development’1
41 and “great characters," hut they did
b^ter than‘*Rrst Strike"
- - Hong Kong police officer Jackie
;(Chan) beads off on an intended va
cation but ends up working with both
: : American and Russian intelligence
1 agencies to recapture a stolen nuclear
/ , warhead, lie Ik also framed fbr mur
c?:CIbomany subplotstspoHihe fun?
Nah* it would never fit on the bumper
Chan-action fens need not worry,
our hero finds himself hip-deep'in
freestyle snowboarding, underwater
thumb-sucking martial arts, and de
fending himself with whatever is
handy, including brooms, stepladders
and life preservers.
< - The continuation of Chan’s seem
ingly-suicidal stuntwork continues
with “First Strike.” He does a
snowboard jump onto a helicopter
skid, hits second-story back kicks
while rambling around on stilts ond
goes nose-to-snout with a shark.
Fortunately for Chan fans. New
Line Cinema has acquired distribution
rights to many Chan films r-r bothoh
video and on the big screen —so
American audiences won’t be having
. a shortage of Chan anytime soon. ^
For “First Strike,” Chan once
again teamed witli direclor/stunt co
ordinator Stanley Tong (“Rumble In
The ftronx”), but thisjChan flick is
misring a little of die action and com
edy of the most recent Chan releases
because of the time spent on plot de
-Also, there’s never one “figure- >
Rim: “Jackie Chan’s First Strike”
Stars: Jackie Chan, Bill Tting
Director: Stanley Ibng
Rating: PG (mild violence, a bare be
hind or two) '
Grade: B
Rve Words: Jackie does4he impos
sible ... again!
head” bad gay for Chan to takedown
daring the movie, so Chan jitst fights
a bunch of bumbling idiots instead of
a big tight near the end. Thftfs like
the StornUroopers without Darth
Vader, the pirates without Captain
Hook, or Congress without Newt.
(Hmmnm On second thought..^)
: Still, “First Strike” does its part to
satisfy the ravenous appetite of any
martial arts or action movie fan.
Check it out.
Photo courtesy of Atlantic Records .
ABAM SCHLESN6ER (left) and Chris Gollingwood, better knowa as
Fountains of Wayne, will fulfill opening act duties for the Smashing
Pumpkins in tonight's sold-out show at Omaha* Civic Auditorium.
Fountains nf Wayne
Atlantic Records
Grade: A
The two most recent prophets
of pop, Adam Schlesingcr and
Chris Collingwood, have reunited
after nearly 10 years ofso-closc side
projects and musical wanderings.
Originally from Boston, pop re
naissance duo Fountains of Wayne
created a stir up and down New En
gland, and their self-titled release
is hailed as the harbinger of a new
wave of clever, insightful and yet
rather mundane tingly pop tunes.
Their first single is “Radiation
Vibe,*’ a tongue-in-cheek, seir
mocking song that sheds rock cli
ches (shine on; baby, baby...) like
Beck distributes dandruff has re
ceived extensive air time on the
Edge. A hit odd considering The
Fountains of Wayne, are disgusted
by the grunge bands and variety of
rip-offsso feverishly propagated by
such radio stations. r f 7 ; £r
Thcr^oflhcMbum follows
and always th^^^^Wt simple
lyrics. Never will you find politi
cal preachings, rabidT drug habits
or opaque Bono analogies, but
rather touching and meaningful
microcosmic stories of Trustration
and giddiness.
“Sink to the Bottom*' expresses
the uncertainty of getting trappcd
in a failing relationsliip and want
ing to salvage it and bail out simul
taneously. Using common lan
guage with frightening precision,
Fountains of Wayne bring new
meaning to experiences shared by
all—guys who treat their girls bad
(“You Curse at Girls”), envying the
fat redneck with the babe (“Leave
the Biker”) and tedious cubicle jobs
(“Sick Day").
But perhaps the best song on an
album of jewels is the quirky
“Please Don’t Rock Me Tonight”
which pleads “I didn’t mean to
make the trendy guy mad” and goes
on smirking dead-pan lyrics like
“I’m not in the mood” (enter re
frain here).
The Fountains of Wayne repre
sent a new movement of pop intel
ligentsia following in the footsteps
Of Pavement and The Replace
ments. While their sound is
slightly ’60s retro-pop, they occa
sionally indulge in the light, hazy
distort ion attributed' to Matthew
'Sweet. %&- ■ A: •
>: -T /
Embodying the ditenurias of:
thinking young white guys every- , T
wherejhia release contains enough
musical angst, twist and pop to ' • .
appeal to just about anyone—even
if they’ve nover lusted for a biker •
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