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Anne Hjersman
Doug Peters
Matt Waite
Paula Lavigne
Mitch Sherman
Anthony Nguyen
No time is better
to get it together
Ready, set... uh, organize.
No, really, go ahead.
Anytime you’re ready.
Didn’t think so. If it were that easy, we
would have all done it by
So little time, so
much to do It JUSt
But it s never too
late to get organized, seems the
There’s no time like the
present — especially harder yOU
since this week is na
tional Get Organized try to get
Mark that down in Organized,
~if you the more
can find it.
And what better diSCOm
time of the year than
mid-semester, when boblilated
most of us are in need of
a good swift kick in the things get. ”
It just seems the " ■■ ■
harder you try to get organized, the more
discombobulated things get.
“As always, for complicated problems,
there is a simple solution that won’t work,”
said Thomas Hollingsworth, dean of the busi
ness school at Florida Institute of Technol
ogy- ’ - 'v '
“What is really necessary is to change
behaviors. For instance, make sure that ev
ery day you have a project that you com
Those daily projects don’t have to be
major. You can start small.
You could actually get up for that 8:30
class Friday morning — and leave yourself
enough time to brush your teeth before you
go. If you got up five minutes earlier, you
could even pack a lunch.
Unless, of course, you didn’t have any
food, in which case you could go to the gro
cery store. Ifyou made a list before you went,
you’d save yourself some precious time. ‘
While you’re at the store, you might pick
up some detergent so you could do your laun
dry when you get home.
And as long as you’re going to have your
checkbook out, you might consider paying
one or two of those bills that have consumed
your kitchen table.
And haven’t those dishes been piling up
for quite some time? Better do them, too.
Think about it. Think about everything
you could get done in a day, if you just took
a little time to actually plan it out.
Oh, wait Weren’t you supposed to go to
Oh well, one project at a time...
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Sacrilegious stance
I am writing in response to
Anthony Nguyen’s colunm “Deep
rooted hatred,” which appeared in
. the DN on Monday.
First of all, since you are a
Catholic, I would think that you
would have sane mae respect for
the Holy Land than to call it “dirt.”
True, the answer to solving the
problem of who gets the lahd is na
to fight. One day die rightful owner
will control that land. We are assured
of that..
It does matter who controls that
land because God has made it that
way. For you to label the Holy Land
as “dirt” is to disrespect the God that
you claim to worship.
. * . * \ . r
Your quote, “But the name by
.which we address the Creator niatters
not,” is so totally wrong. Again, j
since you are a Catholic, I would
think that you would care what
people call Him. He is the one and
only true God. There is no other
name for Him.
You also state that it “pains” you
to take the stand that we should just
get rid of this land, because you are a
Catholic. If it pains you so much, this
would not be the solution that you
would cone up^with.
Also, if you would have re
searched this subject, you would
realize the importance of this land in
God’s plan.
You mentioned that this land has
importance for three religions.
Roman Catholicism does not fit
into Judaism, Islam or Christianity. It
you were trying to put Catholicism
with Christianity, they are NOT the
same thing.
i' — ... jj:—
l..-.-***.a m 1
Aaron Steckelberg/DN
Christianity is NOT a religion. It
is a personal relationship with Jesus
Christ. Catholicism is a religion.
I would hope that upon conclud
ing this article, since you are a
Catholic, you went straight to
confession, to confess disrespecting
both the God whom you claim to
worship and His Holy Land.
Oh, and while you are there, you
may also want to confess your
swearing in this article.
Jered Dworal
business finance
Sunday dinner
A 20 minute wait at the door just
to eat supper is way too long.
After watching the line not move
for what seemed like eternity, it
became obvious that the people
ahead of me weren’t moving.
If the university wants to have
dinners available for students on
Sunday evenings, there needs to be
more than one cafeteria available to
us. Only having one open for both
City and East Campus is a ridiculous
Students need to have conve
nience, and having lines out the door
to wait and eat is not convenient.
There needs to be something done
about this. Please consider opening
another cafeteria so that the lines
aren’t so bad.
I know that I would even rather
commute to East Campus than wait
in the lines on Sunday evenings.
John P. Hogg
political science
Gov. Ben Nelson is being less
than candid with Nebraskans when
he claims in his campaign commer
cials that he has balanced six
He conveniently fails to mention
that the Nebraska Constitution
requires him to balance the budget!
He also fails to mention that
spending has exceeded inflation
since he has been governor.
Bart Fisher
r ,*j
■ - ‘l-i
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