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By Matthew Watte
Senior Reporter
A bill pending before Congress that
would open campus crime logs will
have beat made moot at UNL before
it passes.
Not only are University of Ne
braska-Lincoln police records and sta
tistics already open, UNL Police Chief
Ken Cauble said, some soon will be in
The bill, called the Open Campus
Police Logs Act, is pending before the
House of Representatives Education
Committee in Washington, ft would
force universities and colleges receiv
ing federal funds to open campus po
lice and security reports.
But Cauble already opens campus
police logs to die public as part of his
community policing philosophy.
“The only thing we have ever been
reluctant to give out is names of vic
tims of different things,” he said.
Cauble said many campuses are
fighting the bill for one reason or an
other. He said some are fighting it to
keep crime from detgrring students
from enrolling.
“A campus that says they have no
problems is lying,” Cauble said. “It’s
like a city saying it has no crime.”
Campuses are required by federal
law to report cm carpus crime annu
ally. Cauble said some universities
aren’t always in compliance because
of lax law enforcement.
A university feces the loss of all
federal funds if it does not comply with
the current law.
Cauble said he wanted to get cam
pus crime information out to more stu
dents and turned to the World Witte
By the beginning of October,
Cauble and UNL police conputer spe
cialist Tbny Spulak hope to have a web
site up and running that gives campus
crime statistics, tips and information.
Cauble said poking the information
on the Internet was an extension ofhis
“open records” philosophy. Campuses
that suppress crime infonnation, he
said, will continue to have problems
with crime.
“B!sjust not niy theory on how law
enforcement is supposed to be,” he
The web site, which will be linked
to the UNL web site, http://, will be updated either
daily or weekly with crime statistics,
Cauble said. He said it was unknown
how or if daily information could be
included — the details are still being
worked out.
“Hopefully (the web site) will help
people to understand that we’re here
to give people information as well as
protect diem,” Spulak said.
pus crime
CRIME from page 1
-munity policing and information
sharing—programs started a few
years ago—led to the decrease, he
And, he said, newer data point
to a continued decrease of thefts and
UNLPD employs 27 full-time,
commissioned officers and 15 com
munity service officers who patrol
campus but have no arrest powers.
Tile department also employs a foil
time crime prevention officer who
is responsible for campus crime
‘ The community service officers
have been given expanded areas of
patrol, Cauble said. The officers
now check parking lots around cam
pus as part of their patrol patterns.
Students have been making
more calls to UNLPD to report sus
picious activity, and thefts around
greek houses have been decreasing,
Cauble said.
Cauble said straight talk with
parents and students helps. He said
when he talks with students and par
ents at New Student Enrollment, he
tells than campus crimes exist and
he tells them what the crimes are.
He also tells them alcohol is present
(Mi this dry campus.
“(I say) here are the problems,
and if you don’t know them, we
can’t stop them,” Cauble said.
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