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Laundry offers fun alternatives
By Patrick Hambrecht
Senior Reporter
Laundry Land is more than a place
for customers to sit around in old
sweat pants and watch television while
they wait for their clothes to get clean
— it’s also a lot of fun, said Laundry
Land employee Ben Hewitt.
“This is a place with a lot of things
to do,” UNL student Hewitt said. “You
can go watch TV, or play pool or video
games. There's a variety."
Hewitt said visiting Laundry Land,
1340 N. 27th St., offered a low-stress
alternative to other leisure activities
like shopping.
“Basically, you can have a lot of
fun here," he said. “At the mall you’ve
gotta mingle with sales associates and
stuff. But here you don’t have to talk
to anybody.”
Some customers, though, like
former UNL student Amy Thomas,
don’t find much to enjoy about laun
“This is not, by far, an interesting
chore and I don’t find it relaxing,”
Thomas said. “I think it’s on the same
line as grocery shopping.”
Thomas’ friend Nicole Mitchell
See LAUNDRY on 14
-Music Reviews!^ ^
With the interest in vinyl grow
ing, many local bands have found
a way to put out their music.
-'Records have something that com
pact discs will never have — two
sides. These two sides provide the
perfect discontinuity for allowing
bands to share a record. This is how
the split record is bom. Here are just
some of the many recently released
splits by both Lincoln and Omaha
Split 7"
Grade: A
Both Eamon and Grander are
from Omaha, and each has a unique
sound. Both tracks were recorded
at fabulous Whoopass Studio right
here in Lincoln. This 7" also fea
tures gray marbled vinyl. A very
nice touch.
Eamon’s “Fence Jumping” gives
the listener the feeling of running
through the forest from something,
but never knowing quite what it is.
The musicianship that is displayed
by Eamon in this song is incredible.
Weaving basslines are held together
by moderate-tempo drumming. All
allow for an ambient style of guitar
work that builds up pressure until a
brilliant ending.
Grander attempts to follow its
record mates, and does quite well.
“88 Cubic Meters” is a drawn-out
number, which begins with a quite
little melody between bassist and
drummer only to be obstructed by
an onslaught of guitar harmonies.
Eamon and Grander combine to
make a very digestible offering.
This is the best of the bunch.
Split 7"
Ghostmeat/Lumberjack Records
Grade: C+
Lincoln’s recently defunct Pole
cat serves up a nice mix of its pop
punk blend. While Clemson, S.C.’s,
Sunbrain plays a slow little love
“Make Out Party” is Polecat’s
offering ttrthis green-vinyl 7", and
is a little story apparently inspired
by high school parties. Maintaining
Polecat’s style, the drummer takes
the listener on many little stints be
tween the verses and the chorus.
This is one of the best songs that I
have heard Polecat do, so it’s a
shame they had to go.
Sunbrain is a very popular
“indie” band that usually plays its
own blend of pop-punk. “Happy
Valentine’s Day” is not a typical
Sunbrain song. But it is still a good
song, showing the band’s diversity
and giving it an extra dimension.
Killdozer/Ritual Device
Split 10”
Man’s Ruin Records
Grade: B+
The dirge known as Killdozer
rolls on, seemingly smashing every
thing in its path. On the table for
this 10" is Led Zeppelin’s “When
the Levee Breaks.” Killdozer turns
this five-minute song into a 10
minute masterpiece.
Like a thunderstorm, the kick
drum roars and sets the snail-like
pace. True to Killdozer’s form,
bassist and vocalist Michael Gerald
begins the onslaught with the heavi
est bass sound on the planet. After
the slide guitar primes it for vocals,
Michael Gerald releases a voice that
either makes you laugh or cry.
Omaha’s Ritual Device takes
Led Zeppelin’s “No Quarter” and
“Hot Dog” and gives it its own
touch of darkness. “No Quarter”
contains added parts that give it a
long running time, not to mention
transform it from a Zeppelin song
to a wholly Ritual Device song.
The added parts showcase the
band’s instrumental talent and vo
calist Tim Moss’ creative imagina
tion in lyrics, which are too violent
to print.
“Hot Dog” is a fun little num
ber, in which Moss and guest vo
calist Gary Dean Davis, from
Omaha’s Frontier trust, poke fun at
almost everything that Led Zeppe
lin has ever done.
With its grim Frank Kozik cover
art and the destruction of classic
rock’s most prominent band, this
10" is sure to make the dedicated
Zeppelin fan cringe in horror.
Split 12"
Beehive Records
Grade: C+
Revilo is a four-piece from
Omaha, and all but one member is
still in high school. But don’t tell
them that. They begin this split 12"
with a little punk ditty entitled
“Prick.” It’s just your typical four
chord progression with the repeti
tive chorus “You’re a prick.”
“My Bomb,” the second song on
the record, is my personal favorite
and features straightforward Minor
Threat-like playing, with a touch of
funk in the middle.
The band often sounds like early
Helmet met with a touch of Opera
tion Ivy thrown in to lighten things
up. Revilo’s last song, however,
takes the band in a new direction,
as it is reminiscent of some of the
great instrumentals put together by
Fugazi — loud and noisy, yet re
Blenny takes the rest of the
record in the exact opposite direc
tion. Each of Blenny’s three songs
start out ballad-like only to build to
a wonderful climax. Its songs are
intricate and contain many parts,
each reaching new heights.
The vocals are especially note
worthy, though I wish they were
louder. You can hear the vocalist
pouring his heart out to whoever
will listen. Seeing them live makes
this very apparent.
“April..” is a great song that leads
you down a trail of many different ,
tempo changes, and shows what the
band is capable of doing. Peaceful
to serene and back again, this song
develops quite a groove.
— Brooks Hitt
■> . ' r.
• - -• ■ ; : 1 ,
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County” (PG-13) — Another
Eastwood-directed film in which he
stars, but no Oscar nominations for his
work, surprisingly.
“How To Make An American Quilt”
[PG-13) — Winona Ryder playing a
:onfused college student; wow, what
i stretch.
She is spending the summer at her
great aunt’s house, preparing to finish
icr master’s thesis, when the women
In the local quilting bee convince her
:o live her life to the fullest.
The film has an all-star cast, includ
ng Alfre Woodard and Maya Angelou,
md is a wonderful overall film well
vorth seeing.
“The Aristocats” (G) — Finally!
rhis Disney classic hasn’t been on the
screens or available for public view
ing in any way for almost two decades,
but that all ends today.
We have rich cats, poor cats, cat
napping butlers, hilarious dogs and a
side-splitting chase scene. It’s Disney,
it’s fun, it’s perfect. Rent this one first.
PICK OF THE WEEK: With all of
the drama this week, the beginning of
dead week should have some humor
injected as well.
Try “Young Frankenstein."
Filmed entirely in black and white.
Brooks takes a stab at the horror clas
sic, and the results are a scream — of
Side-splitting scenes of note: Dr.
Frankenstein (Gene Wilder) and the
monster (Peter Boyle) singing “Puttin’
On The Ritz," the monster and a little
girl playing on a seesaw, and the scene
with the blind man (a hilarious Gene
Check it out.
University Program Council
June 19 Summer Crossing @ Howell
July 17 Lost In Yonkers @ Howell
July 31 Table Manners @ Johnny Carson
Special UNL Student performances
$5 per performance
(price available for UNL students only) _
Every Thursday 12-lpm
Nebraska Union Plaza
Rainsite: Union Lounge
May 23 - Gayla Drake Paul
May 30 - John Walker
June 6 - Tuna Fish Jones Trio
June 13 - Dave Moore
June 20 - Lighting Bugs
June 27 - Toasted Ponies
July 11 - Nebraska Brass
July 18 - Buena Vida All Stars
July 25 - Nebraska Jazz Sextet
August 1 - Tom Larson Trio
August 8 - Old Time String Band
August 15 - Champagne Jerry & the
August 22 - Kusitaki
June 21 vs. Nashville
July 12 vs. Buffalo
August 2 vs. Oklahoma City
$5 Uni Students
$7 Non-UNL Students
Includes box dinner,
Van Transportation and
3rd baseline ticket!
Every Tuesday in June, 7:00 pm
UNL Art Quadrangle
June 4 The Nebraska Jazz Orchestra
w/Karrin Allyson
June 11 Group Sax/Jim Williamson &
Annette Murrell
June 18 Dave Stryker
June Jeff Newell Quartet
= W
Dial M for Murder
Blues Brothers
Casablanca W
Field of Dreams * . _
All movies will start 9
9:00 pm in the green
space north of the • A
Nebraska Union. 9
:or more information call the UPC
Events Hotline at 472-8150 or
Student Involvement at 472-2454 w