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    Limit of spending by
executive candidates
University of Nebraska None
Kansas State University $883
University of Colorado at Boulder $850
University of Kansas ($700 recommended) None
University of Texas $700
Texas A&M University $700
Jowa State University $500
Oklahoma State University $500
Texas Tech University $400
University of Oklahoma ($400 in student newspaper ads) None
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opment for the Association of Students
of the University of Nebraska, said
until recently, UNL also had spend
ing limits in place.
“Two years ago we had limits, but
we found that candidates were spend
ing more than they reported,” Beyke
Beyke said if ASUN decided to
impose spending limits once again, it
would have to pass through the elec
tion commission and ASUN.
In this year’s campaign, the OF
FICE and ACTION parties have
agreed to spend no more than $2,000
Justin Firestone, OFFICE candi
date for president, said his party was
committed to keeping election contri
butions by executive candidates at a
relatively small number.
“The $2,000 spending limit was on
our platform,” Firestone said. “We
decided why wait a year?”
Kara Marshall, the ACTION can
didate for second vice president, said
she had contributed $500 to the elec
tion, but believed that ACTION would
not spend $2,000.
Firestone said he had contributed
$10 to his own campaign and would
not pressure any of the OFFICE can
didates to contribute any more than
they felt they wanted to.
cj>4.9 million education grant
awarded from lottery profits
uov. Ben Nelson announced Mon
day the awarding of $4.9 million in
Educational Innovation grants, which
will serve 58,000 students in 66 Ne
braska school districts.
“Education is one of those institu
tions that has never had enough money
for research and development,”
Nelson said.
The Education Innovation Fund is
created from Nebraska Lottery prof
The money will fund audio-visual
distance learning in Sandhills schools,
a program at Omaha Public Schools
to reduce dropout rates and behavior
problems. It also will help pay for in
creased parent involvement for lan
guage and communication studies in
the Scottsbluff School District.
The latest award tops $ 16.9 million
in total funds from the lottery, Nelson
said. The fund has collected money
from the lottery for almost three years.
Nelson said he was pleased to see
such a variety of creative programs in
the grant proposals.
Competitive grants were awarded
for 23 programs — from distance
learning in Sioux City and building a
conceptual school at Raymond Cen
tral to education gardening at OPS and
technology training at Grand Island,
Ord and Rising City.
Distance learning was an important
development in smaller school dis
tricts, so those schools can expand
their learning network, Nelson said.
He said distance learning methods
also could be cost effective in urban
school districts. Teachers could broad
cast their lessons to other schools that
lack those classes.
— Chad Lorenz
Law & Order
—- i
A late-night trip to Super Kmart
on Saturday turned into a parking
lot brawl among at least three men,
with one wielding a shovel.
Gabriel Gossard, 18, told police
he was in front of Super Kmart,
3300 N. 27th St., when Geneo
Johnson punched him in the face,
Lincoln police Sgt. Ann Heermann
Johnson then ran inside the store
and returned with a snow shovel,
Heermann said. He allegedly
swung it at Gossard and hit him in
the head.
Jeremy Conroy, 19, told police
he tried to break up the fight when
Johnson hit Gossard with the
shovel. Heermann said.
Johnson, however, told police a
different story.
He said he was outside the store
when he was attacked by 20 people,
including Gossard, Heermann said.
Gossard allegedly brandished a
hammer and swung it at Johnson,
Heermann said.
Johnson grabbed a shovel from
inside the store to defend himself.
Police are unsure if Johnson paid
for the shovel.
Johnson was arrested on suspi
cion of felony assault and use of a
weapon to commit a felony.
Gossard was arrested on suspi
cion of carrying a concealed
A domestic dispute Saturday
night left a Lincoln woman brutally
Torrey Lee, 19, told police she
and Matt Fedon, 19, were at his resi
dence at 1620 Susan Circle when
they started arguing about a phone
call Fedon got from another female,
according to police reports.
Lee, who lives at a separate ad
dress, gave police the following ac
Fedon allegedly punched and
kicked Lee and hit her over the head
with a broom handle, breaking it.
She tried to escape, but was repeat
edly thrown, knocked down and
Fedon then allegedly pulled a
knife and cut Lee’s left hand and
right thigh.
The woman was finally able to
escape as Fedon washed the knife
in a sink.
She called police and was taken
to the St. Elizabeth Community
Health Center, where she was given
stitches for her cuts and treated for
a bloody nose and bruises on her
Police contacted Fedon at his
residence and took him into cus
tody. He was arrested for first-de
gree assault and use of a weapon to
commit a felony.
— Chad Lorenz
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said, the Dual Career Program was
working with his wife to find her
“I came in to interview, and right
away the department hooked us up
with Kay (Kubicek),” Carlo said.
“She sent out her resume and cover
letter to places she showed interest
“When I came back for my sec
ond interview, my wife had an in
terview set up.”
Because of the assistance from
the program, Carlo said, his wife
now is employed at Lincoln’s His
panic Community Center.
But job placement doesn’t al
ways run smoothly.
Most people who use the pro
gram find work, Kubicek said, but
some can’t because of low demand
for the job.
“Our purpose is to be as honest
with them as we can,” she said. “But
there might not be much opportu
nity for some jobs, such as cinema
The program also cannot guar
antee jobs, especially jobs through
UNL, she said.
Spanier had set up funds to give
qualified spouses temporary jobs
for one year, Kubicek said, but a
permanent job at UNL is not guar
“That’s been a problem,” she
said. “If the spouse has no employ
ment at the end of the year, the uni
versity runs the risk of losing a fac
ulty member they recently hired.”
The program also makes sure
spouses are not given special treat
ment over other qualified appli
cants, Kubicek said. The program
works closely with UNL’s Office of
Affirmative Action and its guide
lines for hiring, she said.
UNL has the only program in the
Big Eight that specifically tries to
find jobs in the city for spouses of
newly hired faculty.
Officials from other Big Eight
schools said they did not have poli
cies or programs to handle the hir
ing of new faculty members’
At the University of Oklahoma
in Norman, spouses who want to
work at the university can submit
resumes to departments, but jobs
aren’t guaranteed, said Cindy Cash,
assistant to the provost.
Because of a hiring freeze at the
University of Kansas, it’s hard to
find positions for spouses, said
Carol Prentice, assistant to the vice
chancellor for academic affairs at
Representatives from some Big
Eight schools said they did what
they could to help spouses.
“We don’t create jobs,” said Ri
chard Wallace, vice president of
academic affairs at the University
of Missouri. “We do try to find jobs
at the university if we can.”
Mary Ann Evan, assistant to the
provost at Iowa State University,
said there was no policy to assist
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