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February 15, 1996
VOL. 95 NO. 106
Lorie Everson, along with her maid
of honor, Marcia Olsen, left, and her
mother, Birdie Krcmarik, have a pre
wedding discussion in a locker room
at the Bob Devaney Sports Center.
Everson and her groom, Randy
Chrastil, were married during half
time of the NU-Colorado women’s
basketball game Valentine’s Day
evening. “It*s the biggest wedding
that I’ll ever be at,” the groom said
after the ceremony. (Photos by Travis
Senator looks to curtail smoking
By Ted Taylor
Senior Reporter »
Elm Creek Sen. Ed Schrock wants
to take Joe Camel, the Marlboro Man
and all their “smokin’” buddies off
Nebraska bill
And he used
Health and Hu
man Services
hearing at the
Nebraska Legis
lature to give
both sides of the
issue fair warn
Schrock’s bill, LB 1105, would pro
hibit billboard advertising in Nebraska
for all tobacco products and require
current advertisements to be removed
by Jan. 1,1997.
“The reason I’ve introduced this
bill,” Schrock said during his dosing
remarks, “is because every time I see
an underage person lighting up, I just
If passed, the bill would carry a
$500 fine for the first offense. A sec
ond and all subsequent offenses would
warrant a $600 to $3,000 fine.
But Schrock admitted that his bill
may have to wait until next session to
get the full debate it deserved.
“This bill was drafted hastily and
rather vaguely,” he said. “It’s very ap
parent that it will have to be reintro
duced next year.”
Schrock said after the hearing that
someone would have to prioritize the
bill for it to be heard this session.
But if it were put on hold until next
session, he said he would be very in
terested in prioritizing it himself.
“The committee was very recep
tive,” Schrock said.
Committee chairman Don Wesely
said die committee decided to hold the
bill for further — which could take
place as soon as today.
“I’m supportive of the bill,” said
Wesely, a senator from Lincoln. “I
don’t think {promoting tobacco use is
a very good idea.”
Other proponents of LB 1105 fo
cused on curtailing young people from
taking up smoking.
Sherry Miller, president of the Ne
braska Congress of Parents and Teach
ers, said her organization’s initial re
action was not to support the bill.
“And then common sense took over
and said: PTA can support it and will!”
Miller said the measure did seem a
bit harsh, but the concept was defi
nitely needed.
“It may be just what the tobacco
industry needs to face up to its guilty
Gov. Nelson
files to run
for Senate
By Todd Anderson
Staff Reporter “ — '
After officially filing to run for the Demo
cratic nomination for U.S. Senate on Wednes
day morning, Gov. Ben Nelson re-emphasized
his commitment to bipartisan representation.
“People in Nebraska are tired of gridlock and
UtaUlULK, lie SaiU ai a
press conference in the
State Capitol. “I intend
to be the independent
voice of reason.”
Nelson said his
record spoke for itself.
“In the past I’ve
supported solutions
that just make good
sense. Partisanship gets
in the way of the best
interests of Nebraska.”
Nelson also ad
dressed the issue of
“My focus is on
returning the
responsibility of
power back to the
people. ”
Nebraska governor
vuiupuigu opvnuuig,
saying he intended to run a “well-financed and
well-funded campaign.”
“I’ve earned and saved, and I’ll continue to
be thrifty,” he said.
“We’ve seen from the results of the Iowa
caucuses ... that you can spend a lot of money
and not win it.”
Nelson also expressed the need for limiting
the growth of government.
“My focus is on returning the responsibility
of power back to the people,” he said.
He noted the importance of “downsizing” the
federal government without “downloading” re
sponsibilities onto the states.
Nelson said he supported reorganizing gov
ernment agencies such as the Environmental
Protection Agency, the Department of Health
and Human Services, and the Department of
When asked about gambling, Nelson said
people “have made up their minds whether they
favor it. I supported the (Nebraska) lottery ...
but I drew the line there.”
Nelson said English also should be recog
nized as the official language of the United
States, but not the only language.
“We need to reach out to work together and
unify, not to divide,” he said.
Nelson faces no opposition in the Democratic
primary. Nebraska Attorney General Don
Stenberg and Omaha businessman Chuck Hagel
square off in the Republican race.
Moeser says he will protect
student ticket prices, seats
By Kasey Kertoer
Staff Reporter
ASUN on Wednesday night ap
proved a bill calling on Chancellor
Moeser to or
der the Ath
letic Depart
ment not to
reduce or
change foot
ball student
seating with
out his ap
Moeser at
tended the
meeting and addressed the Associa
tion of Students of the University
of Nebraska after the bill was
ASUN President Shawntell
Hurtgen said she hoped Moeser
would comment on the bill.
Moeser made only a brief com
ment on the measure near the end
of his speech, saying that ASUN
and the student body had his hill
support on the issue and promising
that no student seating changes
would be made without his ap
proval and input from the student
Moeser instead spoke about
Gov. Ben Nelson’s decision not to
include a $7 million allocation for
salary increases in the university’s
Moeser appealed to the student
body for assistance in the matter.
“The university is faced with a
See ASUN oh 3