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    «0IS THUllSDAF
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Tanna Kinnaman/DN
Scott Harrold, “Closet Comedian,” in the room where he films his “Cosmic Comedy Show.”
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thing Johanns said they didn’t like,
didn’t watch and didn’t use.
Rick Kiolbasa, Cablevision direc
tor of government and public rela
tions, said $100,000 would be spent
to provide public access this year.
That cost will be shared by about
75,000 Lincoln subscribers — or
about $1.33 per subscriber.
The city conducted a survey of
' 400 Lincoln cable subscribers in Feb
Sixty-six percent of those who
responded said they never watched
Channel 14, and 86 percent said they
would not be willing to pay to keep
the channel.
“If they don’t want to pay for it,”
Johanns said, “I bel ieve they shouldn’t
have to pay for it.”
While the politicians debate the
issue, Harrold has been fighting to
keep his show on the air. He calls it
the “Cosmic Comedy Show,” and
said that reviewing adult movies was
only part of his show.
Mostly, he said, the show is a way
to develop his own acting abilities.
“It’s my workshop where I de-,
velop characters,” he said.
Biit it’s the nudity that bothers his
critics. Harrold said he showed short,
“tasteful” clips from adult movies.
He said he had shown only frontal
nudity except for one scene of a
woman stripping, which was shot
from 50 feet away. He said he had not
shown any graphic sex scenes.
Harrold said he would fight the
elimination of Channel 14 and would
pursue a lawsuit if necessary.
Ultimately, the issue for Harrold
is one of principle.
“I think adults have the right to
r— -.
“That’s what the mayor and the City Council
should be concerned about, not about
unconstitutionally eliminating one of the few
remaining public forums we have today. ”
Nebraska Civil Liberties Union director
watch what they want to watch,” he
The Nebraska Civil Liberties
Union also is fighting the elimina
Andrea Collins, interim director,
said eliminating Channel 14 would
violate the U.S. Constitution.
“If the city chooses to eliminate
Channel 14,” she said, “they will be
in violation of the First Amendment.”
She said that when the City of
Lincoln and Cablevision agreed that
Cablevision must have a public ac
cess channel in order to operate in
Lincoln, a “public forum” was cre
Under various federal laws, pub
lic authorities may not censor or pre
vent free speech in public forums.
Traditionally, a public forum was a
park or street comer where people
gathered to debate issues.
Johanns said the public forum ar
gument was impractical. He said that
if the argument was taken to its ex
treme, newspapers would be required
to provide a blank page every day for
public expression, and radio stations
would have to provide a free hour of
air time.
Collins sent a letter to City Coun
cil members and the mayor, urging
them to find another way to achieve
their goals.
The letter suggested that the con
troversy be used to improve Channel
14, rather than to eliminate it.
“That’s what the mayor and the
City Council should be concerned
about,” the letter states, “not about
unconstitutionally eliminating one of
the few remaining public forums we
have, today.”
Collins said the Nebraska Civil
Liberties Union was still researching
the issue and did not have any imme
diate action planned.
“We’re waiting for the council to
take further action,” she said.
The council’s first action would
be to vote for or against beginning
negotiations with Cablevision about
what to do with Channel 14, Kiolbasa
If the city and Cablevision agree
to eliminate the channel, he said, not
every present user will be left in die
Religious programmers, who make
up half of the channel’s approximate
50 users, would be offered die chance
to move to Channel 20, the faith and
values channel. Others might be able
to use Channel 21, educational ac
cess, or Channel 5, the government
access channel.
As for those whose programming
would not fit on those three chan
“They probably wouldn’t have a
home,” Kiolbasa said.
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