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Jon Waller/DN
Above: Mark Kuzma, a biology graduate student, adjusts his mask and snorkel before starting water exercises Wednesday
night in UNL’s Underwater Scuba class. Below: Kuzma, right, and Jey Henk submerge to practice safety techniques.
UNL snorklers
scuba around
By Brian Sharp
Senior Reporter
The clear, blue water sparkles
in the evening lights. It’s warm
and humid as the young scuba
divers suit up their gear and test
their equipment.
There’s excitement and anxiety
—it’s their first dive. Actually, it’s
their first time in the water. Oh,
and it’s in the Mabel Lee Hall
swimming pool at the University
of Nebraska-Lincoln.
Class starts at 6 p.m. sharp.
Philip Seamans, a civil engi
neering freshman, was finishing
adjusting his back-up air regulator
just before the first dip.
“I’m hot, nervous — a little
bit,” he said. “I’m wondering what
it’s going to be like with 75 to 80
pounds strapped to my back.”
Seamans said that after paying
a $90 lab fee, buying his fins, snor
kel, mask and books, the class had
already cost him more than $200,
just in supplies.
It may be fun, he said, but it’s
also going to be the most expensive
class he’s taken yet at UNL. Luck
ily, Heartland Scuba Center pro
vides the other equipment.
“Just make sure you blow those
bubbles,” says Chris Stuart when
the class surfaces after spending
20 minutes underwater. Stuart is
an open-water scuba instructor with
the Professional Association of
Diving Instructors.
In all, 14 students suited up for
Wednesday night’s dive. Another
group would take to the pool later
in the evening.
Almost 50 people are signed up
for the one-credit-hour class. Scuba
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in court
By Brian Sharp
Senior Reporter
Carlus Patterson sat clutching her
boyfriend as the crowd scattered.
He had just been shot, at near
point-blank range, in the face. There
was blood everywhere, Patterson re
called Thursday. All she could do was
hold his head up and apply pressure
to the wound on his left cheek.
“I thought he was dead,” Patterson
Jason Daniels remains in serious
condition at Lincoln General Hospi
tal following the Wednesday night
shooting at Grandpa’s Ribs and Se
cret Sauce, 2630 Orchard St.
Police say Terrance Rupert, who
owns the restaurant, allegedly fired a
.380 semi-automatic pistol at Daniels
during a disturbance at the location.
Rupert remains in jail, charged with
attempted second-degree murder and
using a weapon to commit a felony.
The Lineoln restaurant nearly
emptied after the shooting late
Wednesday night, Patterson said.
Lincoln Police Officer Charles
Solano reported when he arrived at
the scene, Rupert was holding the
gun at his side.
mice Sgt. Anne Heermann said
reports indicated the incident began
after a contest. Patterson and two
other girls allegedly got into a dispute
over prize money. Three other men,
including Daniels, soon joined in,
Heermann said.
Rupert had asked Daniels and
Patterson to leave when Daniels hit
him in the the jaw, Heermann said.
The pair was being escorted out, she
said, when Rupert allegedly returned
with a gun and fired at Daniels.
For James White, Wednesday was
something of an incident waiting to
happen. White owns a duplex di
rectly behind the restaurant and has
been unable to rent it out since
Grandpa’s moved in.
“It’s been a nightmare around
here,” White said. “It does kind of
make a guy nervous when stuff like
that happens when he’s trying to
Grandpa’s Ribs was closed Thurs
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Candidate wants students to set ACCESS
Editor’s note: This is the second in a series of
reports taking a look at parties campaigning
for the ASUN presidency.
By Julie Sobczyk
Staff Reporter
As the presidential candidate for the AC
CESS party in this year’s ASUN election,
Chad Pekron wants to give students more ac
cess to student government.
“We want to promote ASUN and make
student government look like it’s doing some
thing,” Pekron said. “People might not feel it’s
doing much for them. We want to show them
it’s something they should care about.”
Pekron said the ACCESS party, whose ticket
has not been completely filled, wanted to in
volve more residence hall and off-campus stu
dents in executive positions in student govern
we reel mat without forming our own
party, we won’t have any chance at getting into
student government,” he said.
Eric Vanderwoude, vice presidential candi
date for the ACCESS party, said the party’s
main goal was to get all students, not just
greeks, involved in government.
Pekron said they wanted to involve minority
students in me Association of Students of me
University of Nebraska also.
“The environment for minority students has
been a place where they have no power,” he
said. “Hopefully, in the future they can feel
more comfortable and be able to participate in
To gain minority support, Pekron said his
party had been trying to contact groups such as
the Mexican-American Student Association.
In their platform, Pekron and Vanderwoude
have outlined problems at UNL they want to
Pekron said one rule that needed to be
changed was the residence hall policy on co
“It’s unfair that you can stay up all night
doing whatever you want, but the moment you
fall asleep you are breaking housing policies,”
he said.
The cohabitation policy needs revising be
cause it is hypocritical, he said.
“It’s not so much that we’re in favor of guys
having their girlfriends over all the time,” he
said. “It’s just really hypocritical that you can
stay up having sex all night, but you can’t fall
Another major goal of the party that would
affect all students is making teacher evalua
tions available to students.
“We want to help out students when picking
out their classes to see if a professor is good or
not,” Pekron said.
Another idea on the ACCESS platform is to
change the foreign language requirements for
graduation, he said.
“The foreign language requirement is a real
burden to people who want to graduate,” he
said. “We want to make it easier to get a foreign
language minor.”
Pekron said 12 credit hours were needed to
get a minor in most subjects, but students can
take 16 credit hours of a foreign language by
taking Spanish 101/102 and 201/202, for ex
ample, and still have to take more classes to
complete a minor.
Another solution to that problem would be
reinstating the Modem Languages class in
place of 202-level foreign language classes, he
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