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and actually stimulate the viewer
into almost interacting with it.
The acting is amazing. Making
her motion picture debut, Natalie
Portman steals the show as a
grown mind trapped in the body
of a 12-year-old. She lends so
much maturity to the role, it is hard
to believe that this is her first film.
Opposite her is Leon, the elder
assassin whose mind quit growing
when he was about 15 years old.
Jean Reno is as flawless in the ex
ecution of this role as his charac
ter is in the execution of his tar
Chalk up a Best Actor nomina
tion for Gary Oldman. His por
trayal as the antagonist is done
with enough psychotic fervor to
make Dennis Hopper look like
someone's eccentric uncle. It is lair
to say that this is the best perfor
inance in a collection of great per
Danny Aiello also is impressive
in his role as the Little Italy boss
who not only holds Leon's leash
but also controls his pocketbook.
It is interesting to watch how he
plays both ends against the middle
as the story develops and the audi
ence slowly discovers w ho the bad
guys arc and who they represent.
The writing and story are mar
velous works that stimulate the
viewer’s mind in ways that most
Hollywood films ignore or arc in
capable of doing. In that light,
“The Professional” offers a refresh
ing surprise with a spectacular yet
definitely non-Hollywood ending.
An impressive score and
soundtrack add to the audio aspects
of the film. The score was com
posed by Eric Serra, who also
scored Besson’s other films. The
soundtrack offers some great back
ground music, including songs by
BjOrk and Sting.
When held up to recent action/
Movie: “The Professional”
Rating: R
Stars: Jean Reno, Gary
Oldman, Natalie Portman,
Danny Aiello
Director: Luc Besson
Grade: A
Five Words: Assassin
protects, instructs little
adventure hits, “The Professional”
not only holds its own but also ex
ceeds other movies in many areas.
The depth of characters, quality of
acting and'power of writing make
this film a must-see. Besson has
carved himself a niche in the
American film industry and prob
ably will continue to make strides
forward for the new European con
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Master classes, which are orga
nized workshops with professional
touring artists, also offer students a
chance to learn about their future pro
Fusillo started the master class
program at UNL. Often, artists per
forming at the Lied Center or in the
Lincoln community will give master
classes. In the past, this has included
the Joffrey Ballet and the New York
City Ballet.
It appears that Fusillo’s efforts
have paid off. Most of all, Fusillo said
she had seen a change in students’
“They come to perceive the seri
ousness of dance as a career rather
than a hobby,” she said. ‘The students
are overwhelmed by the amount of
work involved in preparing oneself
for a career in dance.”
Most of her students are freshmen
and sophomores, she said, who al
ready exhibit a sense of direction and
purpose. Fusillo wants them to build
on this purpose.
“They will tell you that I am a very
demanding and disciplined teacher,”
she said. “And I think that's true.
“My goal is to make them see in
themselves positive changes they can
make to grow and progress and
strengthen themselves as individuals
and dancers.”
As the dancers' dedication grew,
so did the number of students. In
1994, the department has 20 dance
majors, which is higher than the av
erage of 12 to 14 students at compa
rable dance programs across the na
tion, Fusillo said.
But Fusillo still has at least one
goal to meet. She said she still would
wait for her wish of a singular facil
ity, a tangible base from which the
dance program could grow.
“In my dreams, I want to make
Lincoln a center for dance in the
Midwest,” she said, “but that will
take facility, faculty and money.”
Until then, Fusillo can see the re
sults of her hard work in her gradu
ates. Some have gone on to perform
in major companies such as Paul Tay
lor or Merc Cunningham.
When Home For ‘Ihanksgiving
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