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    n 1 Year Anniversary
n Celebration
\T« Thursday, October 20 with the Sandy Creek Band
All the shrimp you can eat buffet 5-8pm only $2.
ilM® Cover charge starts at 6:30pm, only $3.
Grand Prize: Package trip for two to Norman, OK for the NU/OU game
Sponsored by Neio Century Travel, Jim Beam, and Bud Light.
iuhiisi ^ fftNis Aft
■Hao-Q’Slmt .4t4-ma _
$4 off
All Alloy Bar Ends
Next Day Service on Repairs
2706 Randolph438-1477
_ _ 4 DclilV- 34 Nebraska Union
r'Yf'V'i r? 1400 R Street 68588-0448
lMCUIcaOxViill (402)472-2588 FAX 472-1761
Name _
Address ______
Phone _
STUDENT RATES: $3.00 includes 15 words
NON-STUDENTS: $4.00 includes 15 words
$.15 for each additional word $75 billing charge
Dale(s) to run:__
Advertising text:
Special repeat rates and features are available.
For information call 472 2588
Classified Advertising Deadline is 2:00 p.m weekday before publication,
— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —
Damon Lee/DN
Robot MlwNI, a Unlvflty of Notoraoka-Uncoln artlsMn-rosIdonco, locturos about Amoel can
Indian musical Inspiration during a class at tho Uod Cantor for Porformlng Arts oartlor this
Musician to sow cultural seeds
■y Jill Olrtu
Staff Reporter
Robert Mirabal has been planting
cultural seeds of understanding dur
ing his residency at the University of
And the Taos Pueblo composer
and flutist will begin harvesting those
seeds with his performance tonight at
Kimball Hall. His cousin, drummer
Reynaldo Lujan, will accompany him.
“I’ve been talking for three weeks
straight,” Mirabal said. “I don’t want
to talk anymore. I just want to play.”
Mirabal, who has taught four and
sometimes five classes daily, said he
even taught the teachers of Lincoln
Public Schools.
“I haven’t taught this extensively
anywhere,” he said, sitting at the
piano in the Steinhart Room of the
Lied Center for Performing Arts be
fore his stage movement class.
The multitalented musician from
New Mexico speaks to students on a
level to which they can relate — his
humor is as universal as his music.
Smiles broadened as theater stu
dents filed into the room and wit
nessed Mirabal and Lujan jamming
on five traditional American Indian
Drumsticks bounced rhythms off
taut rawhide stretched across cotton
wood rims. On oneof the larger drums,
there is an unfinished ink drawing of
an eagle that Lujan sketched.
Surprisingly, Lujan said drum
ming was not his profession.
“I was a dancer before I was a
drummer. I started dancing when I
was 4 years old," he said.
He and Mirabal worked on a dude
ranch for several years, sharing their
traditions in what Lujan called “Na
tive Americanizing.”
During that time, Lujan got into
powwow drumming, which led him
to become a member of the White
Eagle Singers in 1975, he said.
“I’ve always been into music; that’s
the fun side,” Lujan said. “I grow
com, like my grandfather. That’s my
serious side.”
Concert: Robert Mirabal and
Reynaldo Lujan
At: Kimball Recital Hall
Time: 8:00 tonight
Tickets: $3, available at the
Lied Center
Farming is important to the cul
ture of the Taos Pueblo Indians,
Mirabal said.
While Lujan stays closer to home,
hunting and planting. Mirabal’s live
lihood takes him across the world,
performing and teaching.
In light of his teaching at UNL, he
said the concert would be on a more
traditional level.
“m talk about the flute and incor
porate different rhythms and vocal
techniques. People should listen to
the vocals, the rattles... the drum. It
will be a journey from ancient, an
cient times to the present day.”
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in the design with a chisel and she
cuts it out with the chain saw. She
makes the final touch-ups with chisel
scratches. As it melts, the sculpture
smooths itself out. The process takes
about two hours.
She said the challenge was not to
break or crack the sculpture. Melting
isn’t a main concern, she said, as long
as the sculpture stays out of direct
1 I
Mayfield said she enjoyed looking
at the completed sculptures, but that
enjoyment was short-lived.
“It’s not like a wood sculpture. My
sculptures are puddles in a few hours.”
she said. “I don’t get to keep them.”
As Mayfield saws into the ice. a
light snow covers her feet, but she
said she didn’t mind. In the winter,
she dresses warmly and even wears
electric socks.
“I like being cold,” she said. “It
drives my husband nuts when I have
the thermostat set at 35 degrees at
night, and I’m under just a sheet, and
he s got three comforters and ear
But. she said. ”... I don't think
he’d ever be mean to me when I’m
holding my chain saw.”
Mayfield’s husband also is an art
ist. but he is more of the traditional
acrylic painting kind. Mayfield's
mother-in-law and fathcr-in-law also
get a taste of her art.
“They usually get a sculpture in
their front yard during Thanksgiving
or Christmas.”
I — — .■■II — —.. ! ' '■ " " .-. ... ■ ■■ I III
Wednesday, Oct. 19 Wal-Mart Stores 6:00 p.m. City Union
Nationwide chain of general merchandise discount stores
Monday, Oct. 24 American Cyanamid 6:30 p.m. East Union
Major U. S. chemical company, plus world supplier of biologicals (vaccines) and surgical products
Tuesday, Oct. 25 Eveready Battery 8:00 p.m. City Union
Leading producer of a wide range of batteries and lighting products
Thursday, Oct. 27 Cargill Citro & Grain 6:30 p.m. East Union
Iowa Beef Processors 7:00 p.m. East Union
Joint presentation by Cargill (privately owned agricultural commodities broker) and
* IBP (one of the largest meat animal processors)
Tuesday, Nov. 1 Union Pacific Railroad 6:30 p.m. City Union
Major railroad that operates in the western two-thirds of the U.S. and has the most diversified commod
ity mix. Four separate sessions for Finance Department, Infomiation Technology Department,
Marketing Department, and Operating Department.
Monday, Nov. 7 Ferguson Enterprises 7:00 p.m. * City Union
Nation's largest distributor of plumbing supplies
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46 Office Furniture 200 Rides
u pJ^L Eaukynent ^ Tf*
88 I,™3*0 Equipment 205 Career Events
80 gpontnq.Gpods 210 Announcements
65 Stereos/1 Vs 2l5Meetlnas
70 Ticket Exchange 220 Greek Xtlairs
90 Vehicles_ 230 Student Government
• 240 Personals
245 Lost 6 Found
- 250 Wanted
100 Adoption 260 Fundraising
106 Aterations A Sewing
110 Automotive
11S Bicycle Service
120 Bridal 300 Help Warned
Calming aiOCiXcST
» Child (.ere 320 Work Study Jobs
29 S!fnt2^iun<,Qr330 Summer Jobs
131 Cleanlng/Househotds 340 Internshns
135 Computer Service Z ^
140 Entertainment
146 OKI Ideas
iggCTL. rffffilffiW,,'
159 Mnn "3.ffiSMH"*1
155 kmniMmnuMv is XSIKS!.
IBS Leaal Services 450 Apartments/Rent
173 Mualc Exchanas 460 Summar Housing
76 PhSoor^r 470 “o'3"* Homes/Rsnt
17o Knotograpny 480 VacatiorVRsnt
490 Homas/Sale
$3.00 per day for 15 words on individual student
and student organization ads.
$4.00 per day for 15 words on non-student ads.
$.15 each additional word.
$.75 billing charge.
Personal ads must be prepaid _
Found ads may be submitted tree of charge
DEADLINE: 2:00 p.m. weekday prior to publica
The Daily Nebraskan will not print any adver
tisement which discriminates against any person
on the basis of sex. sexual orientation, race,
religion, age. disability, marital status or national
The Daily Nebraskan reserves the right to edit
or reject any advertisement at any time which
does not comply with the policies and judgments
of the newspaper.
The advertisers agree to assume liability for all
contents of all ads printed, as well as any claim
arising therefrom made against the Daily Nebras
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