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Study shows youth
unafraid of AIDS
By Sean McCarthy
Staff Reporter
Sixty-six percent of students
polled said that AIDS was not
considered a threat to their sex
life, yet 82 percent of students en
gaged in sexual intercourse, accord
ing to a survey conducted by the Bu
reau of Sociological Research at the
University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
“That figure is very similar to the
national average of 80 percent,” Dr.
Pat Tetreault, sexuality education co
ordinator and health aide supervisor
at the University Health Center, said.
“Most students are sexually active
before they reach college,” she said.
In the June issue of the “Nebraska
AIDS Update,” AIDS was reported as
the sixth leading cause ofdeath among
15 to24-year-olds in the United States.
The article also stated that the num
ber of reported AIDS cases among
adolescents has increased from one
case in 1981 to 159 cases in 1992. A
tcntly, condoms can be very effective
in fighting STD’s, Dr. Tetreault said.
The chances of being infected de
crease nearly 10 times if a condom is
properly used, she said.
Those engaging in the highest risk
behavior need to be educated most.
— 4*
The more likely you
perceive yourself at
risk, the more likely
you’re going to take
—Dr. Pat Tetreault
Sexuality Education
and Health Aid Supervisor
University Health Center
Dr. Tetreault said.
One form of risk includes “binge
drinking”, in which mass quantities
of alcohol arc consumed in a short
total oi 1,^1/cases nave
been reported among
adolescents, according
to the article.
That figure is some
what deceiving. Dr.
Tetreaultsaid. Because
the incubation of the
HIV/AIDS virus can
last up to 10 years, it is
only now that a distinct
number of people can
be documented with
AIDS, Dr. Tetrcault
“College is the
prime time to engage
in intercourse and be
exposed to the HIV vi
rus,” Dr. Tetreaultsaid.
In Nebraska, 132
AIDS cases have been
reported among 20 to
29-vear-olds. accord
Confirmed Cases 517
Male 471
Female 46
Deaths_289 |1
Under 5 4
•5 to 12 1
13 to 19 3
20 to 29 132
30 to 39 232
40 to 49 110
ing to the “Nebraska AIDS Update.”
» The increased number of AIDS
cases among 15 to 24-year-olds may
have put a change on the status of
sexual partners. Dr. Tctreault said.
According to the University Student
Health Survey, 84 percent of students
polled were said to have exclusive or
celibate partners in 1993.
“The more likely you perceive your
self at risk, the more likely you’re
going to take action,” Dr. Tctreault
said. Roughly 34 percent of sexually
active people use condoms on a regu
lar basis, but the number of users is
much greater when it comes to irregu
lar use of condoms. Dr. Tetreault said.
When used properly and consis
period of lime. During this time, it is
not likely that drinkers will consider
using a condom. Dr. Tetrcault said.
Condoms arc readily available at
many locations on campus, including
the residence halls and the Health
Center. There is also a 24 hour access
cabinet located at the back door of the
Health Center, Dr. Tetrcault said.
The Health Center also provides
various pamphlets about AIDS and
STD prevention. Contraceptive class
es arc also offered on a regular basis at
the Health Center. During the sum
mer, the class meets once a week and
in the fall the class meets twice a
week. Dr. Tetrcault said.
Jason Levkulich/DN
One of StarTran’s 64 buses rolls past the Union near the end of another school day.
UNL students, faculty to ride
city buses for free next year
By Brian Sharp
Staff Reporter
□ NL may be getting a free
ride this fall.
That is if the Lincoln City
v^uuiiul approves a contract be
tween the University of Nebraska
Lincoln and StarTran.
The contract provides for free
busing throughout Lincoln for all
faculty, stafTand students. The free
service includes a new StarTran
route between the City and East
UNL Parking Services will be
picking up the $228,000 tab. Offi
cials estimate the department has a
$2 million annual budget.
In past years. Good Life was
paid to run a route between the two
campuses. Riders were charged 25
cents per trip.
Mike Cacak, transportation
manager, said the idea for a new
contract started about a year ago.
When parkingofficials were put
ting together a plan for next year,
the question came up of how to
alleviate some of the parking
crunch, Cacak said.
Busing was seen as an answer,
he said.
Cacak said the expected costs
See BUS on 3
4 .