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    For persons 18-29 only.
St. Paul United Methodist Church
Sundays, April 17th & 24th.
7-8:30 p.m.
1144 "M" Street. Call 477-6951 to register.
Great Food at a Great Price
Oodles of Woodies
• Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday evenings
• Al the spaghetti you can eat smothered
with our Original, Thick Italian sauce^
• Piping hot garic bread fit 5alad Bar
Al for
Please present coupon
when ordering
Cal about'
our party
228 M 12ttriJncoh • Just 2 Blochs from Campus
4703 Prescott, Ste B
Tanning specials:
1 FREE Tan w/ the purchase of 5 @ $14.95
2 FREE Tan w/ the purchase of 10 @ $29.95
3 FREE Tan w/ the purchase of 20 @ $49.95
One month UNLIMITED @ $29.00
To tan NOW,
stop by or call 484-8311 for Appt’s.
Open 8:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m. - M-S
* UNL students bring this ad for 10% off all
tanning packages.
We re Rolling
Back Prices
on Pizzas • Hoagies • Cheese Steaks/^
Any 6"
Any 12"
Cheese Steak
Cheese Steak
Cheese Pissa
Combo Pizza
da Be s»t .
Call for Quick Pick Up
13th &Q
I*:. 434-7055
daVinci's Location
Annlvfnary Dikii apply to dim In or cany
out only- Dowtry avillabla al raoular pnei.
“My Ass-Kickin' Life"
House of Large Sizes
Columbia Records
House of Large Sizes, from Cedar
Rapids, Iowa, has added to the na
tional explosion of recordings by M id
western bands.
“My Ass Kickin’ Life,” the band’s
debut effort, refuses a simple label.
It is easy to throw it in the “grunge”
pile and forget it, but there is some
thing more involved. The ’70s hard
rock influence is evident, but so is an
almost country feel. Or maybe it’s just
Whatever label you choose, this
band is full of talent. Besides writing
interesting songs, the guitar-based
power trio makes the songs work
The attitude of the music seems to
be summed up in the memorable song
“North Cedar,” when the band sings
“we reserve the right to bum any
HouscofLargc Sizes’ reputation is
based on its live show. Unfortunately,
its February show at Duffy’s Tavern
was canceled.
Lincoln fans will have to keep their
eyes open, as the band continues to
tour in the Midwest. In the meantime,
“My Ass-Kickin’ Life” will keep fans,
and their neighbors, awake at night.
— Malcom Miles
“March of the Pigs”
Nine Inch Nails
Interscope Records
So you like your music loud and
pissed ofT, huh? And your stereo is
still in shambles caused by the devas
tation ofMr. Nine Inch Nails himself,
Trent Reznor, and his latest release,
“The Downward Spiral.” You thought
the worst was over. You arc wrong.
“March of the Pigs” is a seven
song EP that was released about a
week before “The Downward Spiral,”
and America’s favorite psychotic
musician uses those seven cuts as a
bridge between h is last two EPs, “Bro
ken” and “Fixed,” and “The Down
ward Spiral.”
The EP begins with the title cut,
“March ofthe Pigs,” and doesn’t slow
down to lake a breath.
Although Reznor has steadily wan
dered away from the pop sounds that
underlined his debut. “Pretty Hate
Machine,” “March of the Pigs" is not
quite as raw as “Broken” or “Fixed.”
While it still retains that razor’s edge
in both searing guitars and vocals,
Reznor’s voice is much smoother and
easier to understand. But he’s still
pissed off.
Whether you’re a die-hard NIN
fan or just someone looking for some
good loud music, run to your favorite
record store and pick up this EP.
— William Harms
Compilation Compact Disc
-ism Recordings
Fire Records
Lincoln and Omaha almost meet
ing halfway makes “Linoma.” It’s the
most accurate document thus far of
what Nebraska has to say about music
that tightly or loosely revolves around
the word “rock.”
Thediversified nature of “Linoma”
is evidence that Nebraska’s most in
telligent rock musicians spat out the
word “grunge” like gravel dust from
their mouths a long time ago.
The release represents a sketchy
basis for the musically passive to asso
ciate Eastern Nebraska rock with other
regional lags.
“Linoma” is a 20-band compila
tion with as many songs. The compact
disc is available at Twisters, Recycled
Sounds and The Ozone, thanks to the
lip-biting patience of the sole
proprieter of -ism Recordings, Dan
Despite a glitch at the end of The
Millions’ track, the compilation is
well-produced and commendably
packaged with local artwork |by Ron
Albertson and Paul Tisdale.
— Chris Heine
Continued from Page 9
He said some of Ihc fury came from
the problems he had dealing with his
rising popularity. The cynicism on
“Altered Beast” goes far enough to
make Sweet al most guilty ofhus darker
“It’s a good thing if you can hang
onto your childish dreams and de
sires,” he said. “I don’t think I live in
a dream world, but as I learn to under
stand and accept everything as 1 get
older, I can keep a youthful attitude
about it.”
In relation to Sweet’s personal life,
the happiness and warm fuzzies in
“Girlfriend” have balanced out the
angst and evil in “Altered Beast.”
“Yeah, I’m happy. I’m in an even
keel, which is good.”
Sweet will be performing twoshows
in his native state. He will be opening
for another Midwesterner, Kansas
native Melissa Etheridge, tonight at
the Orpheum Theatre in Omaha. Tick
els arc $29. The doors open at 7 p.m.,
and the show starts at 8 p.m.
Sweet also will be making a special
performance in Lincoln in conjunc
tion with radio station The Planet’s
one-year anniversary at the
Comhusker Hotel.
Tickets arc available at area Twist
ers record stores and arc $8 with a can
of food and $ 10 without. The canned
food drive will go to support the
Peoples City Mission in Lincoln. The
1 ndians w ill open for Sweet. The doors
will open at 8:30 p.m.. with the show
beginning at 9 p.m.
CALL 472-2588 FAX 472-1761
8 AM-4 30 pm Monday-Friday
34 Nebraska Union 1400 H Street
Lincoln Nebraska 68568-0448
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and student organization ads
$4.00 per day for 15 words on non sludeni ads
$.15 each additional word
$.75 billing charge.
Personal ads must be prepaid
Found ads may be submitted free of charge
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Weekday before publication
The Daily Nebraskan will not print any adver
tisement which discriminates against any person
on the basis of sex, sexual orientation, race,
religion, age, disability, marital status or national
T he Daily Nebraskan reserves the right to edit
or reject any advertisement at any time which
does not comply with the policies and judgments
of the newspaper
The advertisers agree to assume liability for all
contents of all ads printed, as well as any claim
arising therefrom made against the Daily Nebras
00s Egr^ale
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178 Pregnancy
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Daily NMveeAsn. beeemer* of foe Nat*taka Union
200s Notices
210 Announcements
The CBS College Tour Is coming to UNL. The University
Program Council needs workers to run this event It you
can work anytime April 20- 22. stop by 117 NE Union or call
472 8146 This is a paid position
Pi Mu Epsilon
Wednesday April 13th & 5:30, Van Dorn Park Initiation,
Officer Elections, and Funl For all members « anyone
interested in Mathematics.
J Days 1994 begins April ftth and ends April 15th. There
will be a Cottage ot Journalism A Mass Communications
Into booth in the City Union Monday through Wednesday,
a Brag Day protect display m Avery Hall 217 on Wednes
day Aprs 13th. and on Friday April 15th them wtl be an
Honors Convocation In the City Union ballroom at
9.30am Come see what you've been missing Come to
Avery Hall April I Ith 15th and experience J-Days.
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