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Too many accidents are caused by car drivers who didn’t see the motorcyclists.
That’s why reflective vests, bright clothing, and reflectorized tape are so rv y
important. They help you be seen. And standing out on a dark, crowded\ W/
road can keep your evening from being ruined. MOTORCYCLE SAFETY FOURMTIOli V
WED. Bud Rock Night.
75<t Draws $ 1.25 Long Necks.
Feb. 2nd Concert with
Tickets S3 in advance, $5 at the door.
Feb. 9th Concert with
I Mother Earth.
^ Opening act Chronic.
226 "S" 9th.
Tuesdays - 7:30
Thursdays- 6:00
Cook Pavilion
No Experience Necessary
New Players Encouraged
For more information call:
Eric Schneider
Develop your own strategy
to prevent and combat violence
Register for free Sexual Harassment, Assault, and
Rape Prevention classes. The facilitator is Officer
Laura Cooper of the University Police Department.
Open registration is available to any UNL students,
faculty, staff, or their families. These classes will be
held at the UNL Womens Center, 340 Nebraska Union,
on Wednesdays:
February 2 - March 2 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
March 30 - April 27 9:00 am - 10:30 am
Registration is limited
Call the Womens Center at 472-2597 TODAY.
I.D. Gets You
Money Back.
Unncnity of
Ncbraka-I .incoin
Bring your student I.D.
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Offers expire July 15. 1994
Quake aid could total $7.5 billion
Biggest chunk of
funds to benefit
homeless, roads
Clinton administration will ask Con
gress for $6.6 billion in emergency
earthquake funds forCal ifomia, White
House Budget Director Leon Panetta
said Tuesday.
Panetta said the request for emer
gency federal relief will be sent to
Congress Wednesday with the hopes
that it can clear the legislative process
in the next few weeks.
The biggest chunk of the funds,
$3.89billion, would go to the Federal
Emergency Management Administra
tion to help those left homeless by the
“We view this as an emergency
situation by any definition of an emer
gency,” Panetta said. “What we would
ask is that Congress and the American
people approach this situation with
the same sense of compassion and
concern that we have applied to other
We view this as an emergency situation by any
definition of an emergency.
—Panetta, White House Budget Director
disasters ... and that Congress act
expeditiously to approve this relief.”
Panetta said the administration will
ask Congress for an emergency sup
plemental appropriation totaling $6.6
billion. In addition, the administra
tion already has released $879 m ill ion
in contingency funds, for a total fed
eral cost of $7.5 billion.
Panetta said that the $6.6 billion
request was a “placeholder” to begin
the legislative process. He said that
the actual price tag would likely climb
higher and the administration would
seek additional funds as more infor
mation on the damage is obtained.
While Panetta urged Congress to
act quickly, conservatives in both the
Senate and House have already said
they want to see the increased federal
spending offset by cuts in other pro
Panetta said the administration
opposed that approach, as it did a
similar effort to offset spending on the
Midwest flooding last year.
“We do not think victims of this
kind of tragedy ought to be held hos
tage,” Panetta said.
In addition to the FEMA funds,
Panetta said that the administration
was seeking $1.39 billion to repair
damaged highways and $ 1.3 billion to
provide disaster loans to businesses
through the Small Business Adminis
In addition, other federal funds
would be channeled through the Vet
erans Administration, the Department
of Housing and Urban Development
and the Education Department, which
will provide $245 million to help
repair 100 schools damaged by the
Michael Jackson settles out of court
Without admitting guilt, Michael
Jackson settled a lawsuit Tuesday that
alleged he molested a 13-year-old
Terms of the out-of-court agree
ment were confidential, but a source
said it was at least $10 million.
The settlement could end the crim
inal investigation, experts said, but
Jackson’s problems were far from
“I am very happy with the resolu
tion of this matter,” said Larry
Feldman, attorney for the boy, now
14. Feldman also said the boy was
“very happy with the resolution of
this matter.”
Feldman said nothing in the settle
ment pertained to the criminal probe.
He also didn’t rule out having the boy
testify in any criminal proceeding.
“Nobody has bought anyone’s si
lence,” Feldman said.
“We have been talking to the dis
trict attorney all along,” he said. “The
district attorney has taken all of our
Feldman and Jackson attorneys
Johnnie Cochran and Howard
Weitzman met privately in the cham
bers of Superior Court Judge David
Rothman before the announcement.
“We signed off on the deal. That
Nobody has bought
anyone's silence.
—Feldman, Jackson's
was it,” Feldman said.
A statement from Jackson’s law
yers, read by Cochran, maintained the
entertainer’s innocence.
“Michael Jackson has maintained
his innocence since the beginning of
this matter and now, since this matter
will soon be concluded, he still main
tains that innocence," the statement
“The resolution of this case is in no
way an admission of guilt by Michael
Jackson. In short, he is an innocent
man who does not intend to have his
career and his life destroyed by ru
mors and innuendo,” it said.
The lawsuit filed in September al
leged that Jackson, 35, committed
sexual battery, seduction, willful mis
conduct, intentional infliction of emo
tional distress, fraud and negligence
in a campaign to entice the boy last.
Based on the boy’s allegations,
authorities in Los Angeles and Santa
Barbara counties began a criminal
probe that has continued for five
months. No charges have been filed.
An out-of-court settlement in the
civil case would severely diminish
the state’s criminal probe because, in
California, victims of sexual abuse
can’t be forced to testify against their
Los Angeles District Attorney Gil
Garcctti had no comment. Santa Bar
bara County District Attorney Tho
mas W. Sneddon Jr. said he had no
comment on Monday’s events in the i
civil lawsuit and refused to discuss <
the county’s criminal investigation of
Jackson abandoned his “Danger
ous” world concert tour in the midst of
the media frenzy over the allegations,
saying he was forced to retreat to a
drug rehabilitation center in Europe
to kick prescription painkillingdrugs.
Promoters sued Jackson for more
than $20 million, claiming an addic
tion to morphine and other drugs de
stroyed his ability to perform. That
lawsuit is pending.
Forbes magazine estimated Jack
son’s net worth at more than $150
Mild earthquake rattles north-central Nebraska
tremor that hit north-central Ne
braska rattled windows and shook
some dishes off shelves, but caused
no injuries or major damage, the
Keya Paha County sheriff said
‘it lasted about a second and felt
about like a sonic boom,” Sheriff
Gary Sell said from Springview,
located just a few miles from the
epicenter of the earthquake that hit
at 8:45 p.m. CST Monday.
There were reports from across
Keya Paha County from people
who felt the tremor, which the U.S.
Geological Survey said measured
3.3 on the Richter scale.
The quake’s epicenter was 15
miles northwest or Ainsworth, said
Pat Jorgenson of the geological
survey in Menlo Park, Calif.
Springview is located 20 miles
north of Ainsworth.
The Richter scale is a gauge of
energy released by an earthquake
as measured by the ground motion
recorded on a seismograph.
A quake that measures 2 is the
smallest normally felt by humans.
In populated areas, a quake mea
suring 3.5 can cause slight damage.
Monday night’s earthquake was
felt in Ainsworth, the village of
Springview and throughout Keya
Paha County, Jorgenson said.
“This is an area of infrequent
earthquake activity but some of the
past earthquakes nave caused mi
nor damage,” Jorgenson said.
Geologists have not been able to
identify a fault in the area, but one
must exist, Jorgenson said.
There have been three previous
ly recorded earthquakes in the area:
Jan. 2, 1922, March 28, 1964 and
March 4,1983.
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