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    Although it’s brainless,
futuristic action movie
has worthwhile aspects
Yes, it’s low-budget.
No, it’s not going to have you at the
edge of your seat for the entire 90
f Still, “Fortress” is very enjoyable
for the average action-adventure
Christopher Lambert of
“Highlander” fame, one of the princes
of the’ JnStift <Gct
Paid” kingdom, plays John Brennick,
a former military man in a futuristic
society where overpopulation is
controlled by limiting married couples
to one child.
Brennick and his wife are arrested
for conceiving a second child—their
first died at birth—ami are given 31
year sentences in the Fortress.
The Fortress is an underground
penal complex with an ultra-high
tech impenetrable security system.
The system prevents the prisoners
from misbehaving, or even dreaming,
through the use of an internal pain
inducer called an “intestinator.” Mess
up too much, and you end up a stain on
the floor.
The whole place is run by a
supercomputer called Zed and the
sadistic director Poe (Kurtwood
Smith), who is also a “psycho peeping
tom” who enjoys watching the dreams
of prisoners before they are punished.
Naturally, Lambert isn’t too keen
on the idea of sticking around the joint
for the next three decades, so he plans
a daring escape for himself and his
Gosh, does he have a chance?
Lambert again proves that while
he couldn’t act his way out of a wet
paper bag, he’s at home in the slightly
above-average brainless blood-n-guts
action flick.
Smith is an absolute putz in this
a low-budget villain. Go rent
“Robocop” to see him as a decent bad
Lots of the advertising for this
movie is hyping it up with action
comparisons to “Total Recall.”
Let’s just say... they’re wrong. It’s
got action — even a couple of nail
biting fight scenes — but this isn’t
even close to ‘Total Recall” as far as
action goes.
While it’s not worth the full price
of a late show, “Fortress” should be
caught before it leaves the big screen.
—Gerry Beltz
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said. He also has had roles in major
motion pictures, most notably as Tom
Cruise’s father in “Bom on the Fourth
of July” and as Robert Duvall’s boss
in “Falling Down.”
The 54-year-old playwright said
he wrote half of “The Mother’s Son”
on a glacier during the filming of “K
2”, in which he played the leader of a
mountain climbing party.
Set in the mountains, the movie
surrounded Barry with dangerous cre
vasses. Confined to an area about 100
feet wide when not in a scene, he said
he had nothing to do but write.
He insisted he never set out to write
a play.
“I was writing scenes to convey
what was important to me at that
given time,” he said.
“Then, when 1 collaged the play
together, it was guaranteed that each
one of the scenes was written from the
heart as opposed to some cerebral
place that was trying to contrive a
In “The Mother’sSon ” Barryplays
a middle-aged man who is smart but
does not function well in the world.
Fed up, the man decides to move in
with his pragmatist mother. Her
desire to control him leads to an im
plied sexuality between the two, he
There is no set in the production—
just three actors and an audience.
Barry said the lack of realism gave the
dialogue more importance in terms of
content and the placement of the lines.
Schmidman said she hopes UNL
students wouldn’t pass up the chance
to see Barry perform, but said that any
of the theater’s shows were worth the
The theater’s next play,“The Peo
?le vs. Ranchman”, will run Sept. 24
6. ___
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ing in bands back when we started. It
was kind of the same thing with coun
try music when country music started.
It's always been kind ofa man’s thing.”
Male dominated, but not an un
friendly business.
“Everybody’s always been real
nice,” she said. “You don’t know
what people say when you leave, but
everybody’s always been real nice.”
People are talking about Krauss.
Marty Stuart called Kjauss ine
future of bluegrass music."
J iuuny Ibboison of the N itty Gritty
Dirt Band described Krauss as “very
simply one of the best singers on the
Dolly Par ton called Krauss a coun
try girl, “with one of the sweetest,
most honest voices.”
Her “honest” singing and spirited
playing, backed by the enthusiasm of
Union Station has converted many
first-time listeners to bluegrass fans.
Krauss knows, because she receives
letters from fans across the country.
05 Bl
10 Books?*
13 CkMhk
20 Furniture ■|R|Bi
30 Jewelry
40 Garage Sales
10 Misc. For Sale
45 Musical Instruments
46 Office Furniture
50 Pets
55 Photo Equipment
60 Sporting Goods
65 Stereos/TVs
70 Ticket Exchange
90 Vehicles
115 Bicycle Service
146 Hairstyling
150 Heath A Fitness
153 Insurance
155 Instructlon/Tutoring
166 Job Placement
160 Lawn care
166 Legal Services
173 Music Exchange
175 Photography
178 Pr
182 Re
183 Religious
i Rentals
188 Tanning
190 Tattooing
193 Travel
195 Taping A Resumes
200 Rides
203 Spring Break Trips
205 Career Events
210 Announcements
215 Meetings
100 Adoption
105 Alterations A Sewing
110 Automotive
220 Greek Affairs
230 Student Government
240 Personals
245 Lost A Found
250 Wanted
260 Fundraising
125 Catering
128 Child Can
130 Cleaning/Laundry
131 Cleaning/Households
135 Computer Service
140 Entertainment
145 Git
300 Help Wanted
310 Child Care
320 Work Study Jobs
330 Summer Jobs
340 Internships
400 Roommates
410 HousingWanted
420 Rooms/Rent
430 Houses/Rent
440 Duplex/Rent
450 Apartments/Rent
460 Summer Housing
470 Mobile Homes/Rent
480 Vacatlon/Rent
490 Homes/Sale
: AX 172-1761
Writing an effective ad
Be descriptive. The more informalion you pro
^ ‘ “ illbe.
vide the readers, the better your responses will
Begin the ed with the item for sale or offered.
Include the price of the items for sale.
Highlight the ad with larger type, boldface, art or
a box.
Run the ad for at least two days. Make sure the
ad reaches the Monday-Wednesday-Friday stu
dents and the Tuesday-Thursday students.
$3.00 per day for 15 words on individual student
and student organization ads.
$4-00 per day for 15 words on non-student ads.
$.15 each additional word.
$.75 billing charge.
Personal ads must be prepaid.
Found ads may be submitted free of charge.
DEADLINE: 2:00 p.m.
Weekday before publication.
The Daily Nebraskan will not print any adver
tisement which discriminates against any person
on the basis of sex, sexual orientation, race,
religion, age, disability, marital status or national
The Daily Nebraskan reserves the right to edit
or reject any advertisement at any time which
does not comply with the policies and judgments
of the newspaper.
00s For Sale
2 Appliances For Sale
Todd’s Used Appliances
COMPARE AND SAVE MOREI Washer. Dryer. Refriger
ator- $95 and up.
427North 33rd 474-2051
5 Bicycles For Sale
12 speed Fuji del Rey touring bfce. Excellent condition. All
alloy parts. $200 OBO. 46^2003.
17.5" Yeti Ultimate. Purple with Deore XT, Accutrax Forks
and many other goodies. $1800 obo. 330-6089 leave
1992 Specialized StumpJumperFS. Excellent condition.
Lots oI extras 438-2977. Leave message. _
1993 Diamond Back Topanga Bke. 16". New. $325 or
best offer. 420-1734.
Clearance sale prices on all Trek, Specialized and
KHS bicycles. Cycle Works 27th 8 Vine.
New and used bicycles, expert repair on al brands.
Wheel n 8 Deal'n Bike Shop/2706 Randolph. 438-1477.
10 Books For Sale
CASH: For used and rare books, used. CD's, and used
motivational tape sets.
•CAUTION: Do not bring damaged books, romance nov
els or text books.
Drop books off on-Wed, 9am-9pm. 1233 F St., pick up
casn on Friday.
Want your name/address/phone
removed from the Student Directory?
The 1993-94 UNL Student Directory will be on campus
mid-October. Your name, campus address and phone, and
major will appear in the directory. If you want any or all of
the information removed from the directory, you must per
sonally fill out and sign a Student Directory Exclusion
Form, located in the Office of High School and College
Relations, 106 Administration Bldg, before Friday, Septem
ber 17,1993. Proof of registration or identity is required for
completion. This form is for EXCLUSION OF INFORMA
TION ONLY. Any name/address changes must be made
with the Registration & Records Office.
Dave McCoppin - UNL
Chemical Engineer
major, had 50% of his
tuition paid.
Cynthia Kizzier - UNK
“The first thing I do
with my STEP check is
pay my parents back.
They think the
program is great”
Carrie Potter - UNL
Began working at
Amigos while in high
school and gets 50% of
her tuition paid.
If you started working for
Amigos as a sophomore in high
school, you could receive the
following amounts toward your
tuidon each semester ■
SE Comm. College 75%
Wayne St. 50%
Johnson Co. College 75%
* This is a partial list Many more
schools arc covered.*
It’s time to go to work
for a company that
thinks about tiie
future...ours and yours!
Call now to apply for a
great job that offers a
bonus scholarship.
Metro Tech
Iowa Western
Peru State