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    East Coast reels in wake of brutal storm
By The Associated Press
The last group of 24 Michigan
campers was rescued by helicopter
from the snowy Appalachian wilder
ness Tuesday, four days after they
were stranded by a crushing storm
that pulverized the East and killed
more than 200 people from Cuba to
Travelers remained snowbound in
rugged areas, and survivors struggled
to put their lives back in order.
The death toll reached 219, and 48
people were missing at sea off Florida
and Nova Scotia.
States not accustomed to heavy
snow tried to reach people stranded
by buried roads. Thousands still had
no electrical service since the stom>
began Friday.
North Carolina’s governor toured
coastal fishing villages, where resi
dents were hying to diy muddy floors
and furnishings.
Mabel Shelton of Stumpy Point
steadied herself with a walker as she
picked through soaked possessions.
“I’ve cried and cried,” she told
Gov. Jim Hunt.
Schools remained closed Tuesday
in parts of 11 states: Alabama, West
Virginia, Georgia, Pennsylvania, New
Jersey, Florida, Kentucky, Maryland,
North Carolina, Virginia and Massa
Damage estimates in Florida alone
were as high as $1 billion. State and
local governments in Pennsylvania
have spent $60 million just to open
enough roads so emergency vehicles
could pass; before the storm, the state
had spent $75 million total so far this
year on snow removal.
' V
And the National Weather Service
warned Tuesday that much of the
eastern part of the country is likely to
face springtime flooding because of
the storm.
“The volume of water that fell as
snow may be unprecedented,” Frank
Richards, chief of the Weather
Service’s special studies branch, said
at a news conference in Washington.
The Michigan campers were among
a group of 117 who set out more than
a week ago and had been scheduled to
emerge from the woods Tuesday.
Most had been found Monday,
leaving 21 students and three teachers
They were located Tuesday after
noon in the Hazel Creek area near
Fontana Lake in North Carolina, said
Col. Larry Shelton of the Tennessee
Air National Guard.
“They’re all fine,’’said Ray Carson,
spokesman for the exclusive
Cran brook Kingswood Upper School
in Bloomfield Hills, Mich. One teacher
among those rescued Monday was
hospitalized in serious condition.
A team co-leader, Meghan Wealis
of Bloomfield Hills, said the group
knew they were in trouble Friday. She
said they didn’t try to walk out as
scheduled Tuesday because they knew
they couldn’t.
Jennifer Makenzie, 15, a sopho
more, said she was scared by the
conditions after the storm.
“When we saw the helicopters we
started jumping up and down in the
snow waving everything colored we
could find. We were elated. If there’s
one word I can use to describe it, it’s
Tennessee officials said more than
150 hikers, campers and fishermen
have been rescued by helicopter from
snowbound wilderness areas in the
eastern part of their state and at least
50 others were being sought.
And while road clearing was pro
gressing, approximately 1,055 storm
victims remain in 33 eastern Tennes
see shelters, the Tennessee Emergency
Management Agency said.
Helicopter crews rescued more
stranded hikers Tuesday in northern
Hundreds of Georgia residents
were snowbound, but state officials
had no idea how many because the
worst-hit areas were so remote, said
Ken Davis, a spokesman for the Geor
gia Emergency Management Agency.
Georgia rescue workers fear they
may find more casualties when they
finally get through 8-foot snowdrifts
blocking back roads in the mountains.
> - . _ .
Blizzard of ’93
Some facts and figures on the storm that
paralyzed the South and East Coast:
Source: AP Research, AccuWeather, Inc. AP
Job outlook called dismal
Large portfolios
help job hunters,
UNL official says
By Nell Feldman
Staff Reporter
With a lagging economy and in
creased competitiveness in the job
market, the outlook for seniors hunt
ing for jobs is bleak, said one UNL
Larry Routh, director of the Uni
versity of Nebraska-Lincoln ’ s Career
Planning and Placement Center, said
students with a particularly extensive
portfolio had an edge over graduates
who lack experience.
Routh said certain fields, most
notably the medical profession, had
less competitive markets. Other oc
cupational areas, however, mandate
more than a degree.
Career-related work, internships
and volunteer work increase asenior s
chance of success in the market, Routh
“The larger the portfolio,” Routh
said, “the better you look to an em
A stumbling economy, which has
led to a raft of layoffs and job cut
backs, is the principal reason for the
difficulties in the job search, Routh
He also pointed out that many
overqualified people had been forced
to apply forentry-level positions in an
effort to support their families.
“It is not uncommon for a person
with a graduate degree and five or
more years experience to compete
with a senior in an undergraduate
program for the same job.”
He said employers often viewed
the applications with a bias toward the
experienced individual.
Routh emphasized that grade point
average and curriculum still weighed
heavily when applying for jobs, but
employers want to see more.
“The student who builds a respect
able portfolio while in college is the
student who will do well when job
hunting season comes around,” he
Routh said he was also frustrated
by the situation. He said it was diffi
cult for him to see so many anxious
students rejected by employers.
Routh said he did not anticipate
any kind of sudden change in the job
market in the near future.
He did, however, make it known
that students who combine a respect
able grade point averages with large,
career-related portfolios would always
be ahead of the students scoring high
in the classroom but lacking proof to
display their expertise in their fields.
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Groups of four can stay in a hotel for
$ 129 per person or in a condominium
for $139 per person.
Condo lodging in Colorado is very
limited, and Sunchase packages in
clude lift tickets and lodging only.
Travel agencies have not received
many requests for ski trip information
this year.
“I think everyone is sick of the cold
and they’re ready to go somewhere
warm,” Crist said.
Lodging in Colorado may be found
in Dillon tor around $75 a night at
hotels like Super 8 and Days Inn.
Some require a minimum of five
nights’ stay, while others •require a
deposit. Dillon is less than 20 mites
from Keystone, Copper Mountain and
Breckenridge ski areas.
Travel to the Colorado ski areas is
cheapest if one drives his or her own
car. Car rentals vary in price, and
most require that the renter be 25
years old and have a major credit card.
Those older than 21 may be able to
rent a car through some agencies if a
deposit of $100 to $200 is made, a
spokesman from Regatta’s Travel
A Greyhound bus ticket from Lin
coln to Denveris $ 116.50. Buses from
Denver to the ski resort are available.
AmTrak trains to Winter Park are
virtually booked. Airfare is about
Fort Lauderdale has also been her
alded as a spring break hot spot. Lodg
ing is available, but most places re
quire a five-night minimum. Most
cost about $150 per night.
Mary Miesbach of AAA Travel Air
said fare from Lincoln to Fort Lauder
dale was $420 with no advance regis
tration. However, tickets can cost up
to $1,100.
Travel agents warned thatpackage
tours could be deceiving. Tney rec
ommended reading the One print and
asking if a deposit was required and
was refundable.
[fllliMllll , I [1
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