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    In the last several
weeks, many School of
Music events have been
incorrectly listed by the
Daily Nebraskan &
Diversions Magazine.
We are sorry for
any inconvenience this
has caused. For correct
information on
upcoming School of
Music events, call
New Releases by fl
Page I
from Whitesn.ike &
Led Zeppelin
y ^~CD’S * TAPES ^
^ Arthur Miller's
2fr Iickets: Cieneral 88
f Students & Senior Citizens $6
^9 (402) 472-2073
C^7/-) i Box Office: First Floor, Temple Building
V yrj 12th & R Streets
C| University of Nebraska-Lincoln
7 pm SATURDAY 27 MARCH 1993
Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery Auditorium
12th and R Streets - UNL
Tickets are available for $10 at:
Hispanic Community Center 2300 "O" Street or
Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery
For ticket information call 474-3950
Courtesy of Milestone Pictures
Renato Salvatori and Katina Paxinou in “Rocco and His
Brothers’ lives unravel
in multi-plot 1950s story
Luchino Visconti’ s“Roccoand His
Brothers” presents the sprawling, pow
erful story of a family struggling to
stay together in 1950s Italy.
Rocco Parondi (Alain Delon) and
his four brothers live with their wid
owed mother Rosaria (Katina
Paxinou) in Milan. Rocco serves as
the “good” son around whom the film’s
multiple plots revolve.
Vincenzo (Spiros Focas), the el
dest brother, used to box to bring in
extra money. Simone (Renato
Salvatori), the second eldest, doesn’t
learn Vincenzo’s lesson and attempts
to make a living as a professional
Simone’s training suffers when he
takes up smoking and falls for Nadia
(Annie Girardot), a prostitute for
whom Simone is a frequent customer.
Trouble arises after Simone stops
seeing Nadia. Rocco and Nadia fall in
love, and Nadia quits walking the
streets for Rocco. But Simone be
comes jealous, and his self
centeredness feeds his psychopathic
The two youngest brothers offer
hope for repairing the family’s status,
but not until jealousy and frustration
virtually destroy the lives of .Nadia,
Simone and Rocco.
“Rocco and His Brothers,” in its
uncensored entirety as restored by
Martin Scorsese (“Raging Bull”), will
show this weekend only at the Mary
Riepma Ross Film Theater.
Showtimes are Saturday at 1 & 7 p.m.
and Sunday at 3 & 7 p.m.
—Calvin Clinchard
' %
1-800-AHA-U SA1
American Heart (V
Ghouls horrify
“House of Dracula,” one of
Universal’s last in its original horror
series, puts Dracula, the Wolfman
and Frankenstein all under one roof
while one weird scientist attempts to
cure them of their bad habits. The film
stars John Carradine, Onslow Stevens
and Lon Chaney Jr. “House of
Dracula” will be snowing Tuesday at
1 p.m. and Wednesday at 3:15 p.m. at
the Mary Riepma Ross Film Theater,
and Tuesday at 7 p.m. at Bessey 117.
Also showing is Orson Welles’
“Citizen Kane” Tuesday at 3:15 p.m.
and Wednesday at 1 p.m. at the Ross.
All film studies films are free and
open to the public.
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Grown-ups take care
of serious business
I tell you what, I sure am glad
the adults run the world.
I mean, I’m an adult, I’m 28. But
not really, you know? I vote and
drink and screw around with the
best of ‘em, but I’m not really a
I don’t have a career, don’t have
kids, don’t have debts (not a lot,
anyway, school stuff) and I’ve yet
to develop hemroids.
It’s great, really, being a kid.
And I make way too many dumb
mistakes to try to run anything as
big as aplanet. Anyone who reads
my stuff in here knows that, boy.
I’m pretty footloose, when you
come to think of it Fancy free.
The biggest decision I have to
make each month is how I’m going
to eat for the final two weeks of it.
I’m pretty poor.
In fact I’m crushingly poor, des
titute. But I eat.
And the only really good thing I
can think of about being a grown
up would be having a salary, but I
think I’ve harped on that before.
So that aside I guess it’s got to be
Being a responsible adult en
tails a good deal of power, and
power of a particular kind. Being
an adult implies the power to really
screw the kids. I mean really.
Since you run the world, every
thing waits on your decisions.
Your board meetings can drone
on^nd on, and if you can’t come to
a decision, hell, chuck it over till
next fiscal year.
Congress is a perfect example,
buy we don’t have to look that far.
There are plenty of examples right
here, close at hand at the good ol’
University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
Who decides how much we pay
and determines the quality of our
education? A bunch of old guys
with season tickets, retirement
plans and hemroids enough to feed
a small country, yeah, that’s who.
They decide, they call the shots,
and it has always been that way.
I’m not trying to change any
thing, now, just point out a couple
of things.
Cause it’s the grown-ups that
have the power. They can get me
fired — or have me killed for all I
know. I’m just looking around,
noticing things.
I’m sureas hell not saying,‘Take
the power from those who answer
to no one.” I’m not saying, “Take
your fight to the streets if you have
to” or “Kick the bums out”
I’m not saying anything like
that at all.
And I’m most of all not saying,
“Never trust anyone over 30” be
cause that would be really, really
But, like I say. I’ve done dqmb
things before.
Mark Baldridge is a senior English
major and Arts and Entertainment Editor
Mix of music
scheduled in, 'j
Tonight—Symphonic Band
Concert at O’Donnell Audito
rium; Tight Fit at Royal Grove;
Gas Huffer/Pullout at Duffy’s;
Chubby Carrier and the Bayou
Swamp Band at Zoo; Magno
1 ias/Mouseirap/Can vas Apples
at Howard Street; pianist Claude
Frank at Joslyn Art Museum.
Wednesday — Stick (for
merly Kill Whitey) and Uretha
' Franklin at The Edge; Tight Fit
at Royal Grove; Tablerockers at
Zoo; Confidentials at Howard
Thursday — Tight Fit at
Royal Grove; blues jam at 9th
Street; Randy Mollner at Red &
Black Cafe; Fish Box/Straw Dog
at The Edge; Not A11 There at
Zoo; King FishatHoward Street.
Sheldon Gallery; Mirror Image/
Yard Apes/Roosevelt Franklin
at Red & Black Cafe; TBA at
Rockin’ Robin; Tight Fit at
Royal Grove; Grateful Dudes at
The Mountains; Wrex at 9th
Street; CaribeatZoo; Az-Oneat
Howard Street; Wild Ones at
Getaway Club in Beatrice.
Saturday — Tight Fit at
Royal Grove; Psychoviolets
from San Diego at The Edge;
Emerald Fyre at Red & Black
Cafe; Grateful Dudes at The
Mountains; Wrex at 9th Street;
Caribe at Zoo; Az-One at
Howard Street; Wild Ones at
Getaway Club in Beatrice.
Sunday — Big Hal at The
Edge; Willie Wisely Trio at
Duffy’s; Education Outreach
Fund-Raiser with The Millions/
Love Cabal/Cry in’ Heart/Baby
Jason & the Spankers at Zoo;
Broken Hip at Howard Street.
Out-of-state — Johnny
Mathis at Performing Arts Cen
ter in Topeka, Kan., on Tues
day. Guns ‘N Roses in Iowa
City, Iowa, on Saturday and in
Fargo, N.D., on Sunday.
— Compiled by Jill O’Brien