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    Offbeat music
Iguanas debut with diversity;
The Barons return to reign
Courtesy of Margaritaville Records
The Iguanas
“The Iguanas”
Margaritaville Records
As a rule, I usually try to avoid
anything that Jimmy Buffett is in
volved with. I’ve seen too many
drunken, failed high school jocks
singing along with “Margari tavil le”
at lame parties not to feel that way.
Therefore, I was a liule wary of
the Iguanas’ self-titled debut —
Buffett is the executive producer,
and the CD is on his label,
Margaritaville Records.
Fortunately, the Iguanas have a
unique sound that doesn’t have too
much in common with Buffett. The
band is based in New Orleans. But
members come from all over the
country (vocalist and sax-man Joe
Cabral was raised in Omaha), and
the band’s music reflects this di
versity. It’s got that jazzy, New
Orleans-cajun feel, but there’s a lot
ofTex-Mcx-roots rock in there, loo
—kind of like the Neville Brothers
meet Los Lobos.
All of these styles arc repre
sented on “The Iguanas.” Songs
like “Para Dondc Vas”and“Por Mi
Camino," sung in Spanish, arc
smoky, soulh-of-lhc-bordcr tunes.
“This Night of Sin” chugs along
like a forgotten ’50s Elvis tunc.
The lcadoff song, “Late At Night,”
cases you into the album with a
laid-back feel that has New Or
leans written all over it.
I don’t know if a CD is really the
best way to hear the Iguanas, though
— a lot of times the music sounds
too recorded, as if it was being
played in the studio by guys wear
ing three-piece suits and lies.
Walking down Bourbon Street,
Hurricane in one hand and Po’Boy
in the other, passing a packed,
sweaty, hole-in-the-wall bar with
the Iguanas cooking up on stage —
that’d probably be more like it.
— Matt Silcock
Courtesy of High tone Records
The Pleasure Barons
“Live in Las Vegas”
Hightone Records
The Barons are back! Together
again for the first time anywhere!
Country Dick Montana, for
merly of the Beat Farmers, Mojo
Nixon, recording and movie star,
and Dave Alvin, late of “X," have
released their “Live in Las Vegas”
CD to accompany their tour of the
western United Stales, scheduled
to run through March 29. Unfortu
nately, the Barons won’t come any
closer than Denver on March 19.
It’s a shame because the gonzo
rock ‘n’ roll that the Barons spew
forth on “Live in Las Vegas" defies
definition. It’s part Chuck Berry
and part Dr. Demento.
' From the first lines of “Closing
Time” (“All the girls look better at
closing time’O to the last strains of
“The Definitive Tom Jones Med
ley” with Country Dick singing
“What’s New Pussycat?” in his
Foghorn-Leghorn basso. The Plea
sure Barons are an excursion into a
musical Twilight Zone.
The listener is treated to such
tunes as “Debbie Gibson is Preg
nant (with My Two-Headed Love
Child)” and the semi-metaphysi
cal “Elvis is Everywhere,” which
proclaims Michael J. Fox to be the
If this sounds a bit bizarre, it is.
But the Barons also serve up some
straight, serious rock ‘o’ roll, cov
ering the rockabilly classic “Who
Do You Love?”
Dave Alvin sings the blues about
the stresses of modem society on
“Games People Play.”
Country Dick belts out a blues
country rendition of “Gangster of
Love” with a punch and sings a C
& W ode to his favorite southern
city in “Jackson” — a pleasant
alternative to “Achy Brcaky Heart”
The music is energetic, even if
the words arc a bit hard to catch at
times (as is true of most live al
bums), and calls for hilling the
“loud” button on your stereo. The
liner notes, a stylistic tribute to P J.
O’Rourke, arc perfect reading to
accompany the music. The Plea
sure Barons arc the perfect party
band—the more people and beer,
the better.
— Sam Kepfietd
U . . __ _____ ■ 1.1
Ppes MUG
> to the first 200 people through
the doer after 8GOp. All mug
holders receive their 1st beer for
m*M°w 88Gris mL9 m mmy
1 hey7re back
Old favorites return to the rock-music scene,
giving fans better-than-ever tracks, albums
Courtesy of Atlantic Records
Mick Jagger
“Wandering Spirit”
Atlantic Records
In the past, solo releases by Mick
Jagger and Keith Richards pretty much
followed a set pattern. Keith’salbums
showed that he was the ragged rock
*n ’ roll force behind the Rolling Stones,
and Mick’s albums were really, really
This year, there
was no surprise
with Keith’s “Main
Offender.” Rough
and Stoncsy, it was
true to form. The
surprise was Mick’s
# H ii ii ii iiii ppi latest, “Wandering
Spirit” Not only is it easily his best
solo album, it’s probably better than
the past few Stones albums.
A lot of credit has to go to Mick’s
co-producer Rick Rubin. You may
recognize Rubin’s name; he’s worked
with everyone from the Red Hot Chili
Peppers to Danzig.
He is just what Jagger needed.
Musically, therc’sa lotof different
styles on “Wandering Spirit,” and
they’re all done well.
The first single, “Sweet Thing,”
has that cheesy, disco falsetto Mick
used way back on the Stones’ “Miss
You,” and it’s great to hear it again.
On“UseMe,”acoverofanold Bill
Withers tunc, Mick and special guest
Lenny Kravitz get (town and dirty
over a riff that is even funkier than the
bass line by Flea,another special guest.
There’s plenty of other musical
excursions, too. Gospel, country bl ues,
folk, ’60s soul—thcrc’s even a couple
more rock songs. Mick should keep
hanging out with Rick Rubin and
making albums like “Wandering
— Matt Silcock
the way we walk i«» ™«m««
Courtesy of Atlantic Records
“Genesis Live: The Way We Walk/
Volume Two: The Longs”
Atlantic Records
Following the success of the first
livevolumechroniclingGenesis’ 1992
World Tour, Atlantic Records has
released Volume Two of “The Way
We Walk,” subtilled “The Longs.”
Volume One has gone gold and is
nearing platinum. VolumeTwoprom
ises to equal this marie.
Genesis won the 1993 American
Music Award for Favorite Band, Duo
or Group in Pop/Rock, and also re
ceived a Grammy nod for the single,
“I Can’t Dance.” Their ’92 Tour was
the hottest act of the summer, gross
ing more than all other bands.
“The Longs” showcases the band ’ s
evolution, containing numbers from
the Peter Gabriel era in the early 70s
(“The Musical Box,” “Firth of Fifth”)
to the band’s transformation into a
commercial and critical success in the
mid-1980s(“Home by the Sea,’’“Driv
ing the Last Spike,” “Domino”). “The
Longs” marks the 20th anniversary of
their first U.S. concert appearance
and celebrates 20 years with the At
lantic label.
Phil Collins, Mike Rutherford and
Tony Banks are again Joined by Daryl
Sturmcr on guitar and Chester Thomp
son on drums to produce a musical
extravaganza for the cars (with a few
liner notes giving glimpses of the
band’s video show, as with the first
volume). Collins and Thompson join
forces for a “Drum Duet" that should
please fans of percussion, hearkening
back to Collins’ solo work with “In
the Air Tonight.”
“Genesis Live: Volume Two” is,
like the first volume, available for a
limited lime only, through April 30,
— Sam Kepfield
Courtesy of Capitol Records
Paul McCartney
“Off the Ground”
Capitol Records
Any mention of Paul McCartney
having once been the sweetheart of
The Beatles is no longer necessary or
important, especially since his solo
career spans 20 post-Beatles albums.
By now he knows a lot about music
— which is especially evident in his
latest release, “Off the Ground.”
Besides being backed by a band
tighter than dried leather (Hamish
Stuart, Robbie McIntosh, Wix
Wickens, Blair Cunningham and
Linda, McCartney’s wife of 23 years),
McCartney recorded “OfT the Ground”
live in the studio, instead of layering
songs, track upon track.
The result is a kaleidoscopic of
fresh sound and compositions rang
ing from the MTV video single “Hope
of Deliverance" to “Peace in the
Neighborhood,” a track promoting
And what McCartney album would
be complete without love songs?
Enter, “I Owe it All to You, prov
ing that after about 30 yea(s of per
forming, McCartney’s boyish looks
and voice can still strike major chords
in the hearts of fans.
He’s not all mush, though.
Besides a smattering of love songs,
McCartney incorporates humor in his
A fast-paced ballad, “Biker Like
an Icon,” tells the tale of a girl “who
loves the biker like an icon_”
After said biker finally notices her,
he lakes advantage of her physically,
but in the end, love prevails and the
girl and her biker live happily ever
“Off the Ground,” rich in musical
textures and meaningful lyrics, has to
be one of McCartney’s best albums.
—Jill O’Brien
Tonight — Les Miscrables
at Lied; Def Leppard at Pershing
Auditorium; Lincoln Symphony
Orchestra with William Henry
' Curry at Kimball Hall; Garcd at
Red Sc Black Cafe; On the Fritz
at Royal Grove; Monkey Meet
at Zoo Blues Bar; All-Star Blues
Review at Howard Street Tav
ern in Omaha; All Good at Ranch
Bowl. '
Tuesday — Les Miserables
at Lied; Lincoln Symphony Or- •
chcstra with William Henry
Curry at Kimball; The Brave/
Masada, Christian hard-rock, at
Nebraska Union Ballroom; No
Left Stone CD Release Party at
Duffy’s Tavern; Monkey Meet
at Zoo; On the Fritz at Royal
Grove; Tommy Kecne/Revela
tion/Hopelcss Romeos at
Howard Street; White Zombie
at Ranch Bowl; Wynton
Marsalis at Omaha’s Orphcum
Yfniir. •
Wednesday — Les
Miscrables at Lied; On the Fritz
at Royal Grove; Hanna’s Porch
at Duffy’s; Leroy and the Liars
at Zoo; Jazz 3x’s at Coffee
House; The Brave at Ranch
Bowl; Monkey Meet at Howard
Thursday—Lcs Miscrables
at Lied; On the Fritz at Royal
Grove; The Whiskey Sour Notes
at The Edge; Mighty Jail Break- *
ers at 9th Street; Randy Mollner
at Red & Black Cafe; August
Red.allemativerock,at Rockin’
Robin; Not All There at Zoo;
Beyond the Pale at Howard
Friday — Lcs Miscrables at
Lied; On the Fritz at Royal
Grove; Mighty Jail Breakers at
9th Street; comedy and music
featuring One Straight Guy at
Panic!; Cheatin’ Snakes at The
Mountains; Epso Facto at
Rockin’ Robin; Lucky Peterson
at Zoo; Sideshow/Dr. John
Walker at Red & Black Cafe; '
Sandy Creek at Beatrice’s Get
away Club; Fish Heads at
Howard Street.
Saturday—Les Miserablcs
at Lied; On the Fritz at Royal
Grove; Mighty Jail Breakers at
9th Street; Owen Munch & the
DebtorsatThc Mountains; Epso
Facto at Rockin’ Robin; They
Came in Droves at The Edge;
Lucky Peterson at Zoo; Libera
tion Surrealist Duo at Red &
Black Cafe; Sandy Creek at
Getaway Club; Fish Heads at
Howard Street.
Sunday — Les Miserablcs
at Lied; Truck Slop Love/
Strawdog at Duffy’s; Aelia at
Howard Street.
Out-of-State — In Kansas
City, Kan.: Suicidal Tenden
cies at Memorial Hall on
In Kansas City, Mo.: Neil
Diamond at Kemper Arena on
Monday; Warrant at Lone Star
mi Thursday.
In Columbia, Mo.: Soul
Asylum/Goo Goo Dolls at the
Blue Note on Wednesday.
— Compiled by Jill O’Brien